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In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.

In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.


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In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.






Chief Product Officer at Getir: Emre Ertan - How to Achieve Innovative Viral Growth

Emre Ertan is the Chief Product Officer at Getir. Emre has previously directed growth at Slice Technologies and Zum. He also co-founded not one but two companies, Mobito and Soru. Get people to share their referral links on social media, specifically mass social media avenues like timelines posts and groups. The more people share about your product, the higher the chances of their posts being featured (or “going viral”) on Facebook. This strategy takes time, requires an experimental mindset,...


VP of Enterprise Digital Marketing at Canadian Tire: Greg Shelly - Pulling the Power of Enterprise Innovation & Loyalty Programs with Triangle Rewards

Greg Shelly is the VP of Enterprise Digital Marketing at Canadian Tire. Greg is, admittedly, obsessed with attribution and performance, and he cares about organizations needing to understand how their investments are driving customer outcomes. Before joining Canadian Tire, Greg led the business insights and marketing analytics organization at McDonald's and spent eight years at Dell in e-commerce and digital marketing. Being in sales and on the front lines of business lets you truly...


EVP & Chief Information Officer @ Dollar General: Carman Wenkoff - Simplified Secrets for Future-Proofing a Traditionally Brick-and-Mortar Retailer

Carman Wenkoff is the EVP & Chief Information Officer at Dollar General. In this role, Carman has led the company’s digital transformation, implementing technology advancements to enhance the brick-and-mortar retailer’s offerings and elevate the overall customer experience. Throughout Carman’s career—from working in construction to practicing law, founding a tech company and now as the CIO of a major retailer—he has always addressed challenges head-on. In this episode, Carman shares the...


Senior Product Manager, Mobile Growth at The New York Times: Patricia Martorana - Improving the Quality and Performance of Your App’s Subscription Plan

Patricia Martorana is the Senior Product Manager, Mobile Growth at The New York Times. Over the past four years, Patricia has grown extensively as a Product Manager. She led the cross-functional team in developing The New York Times subscription footprint and designed the customer journey within the news, cooking, and game sections. She previously had worked in marketing and editorial roles at companies such as the New Yorker and ESPN. Let your existing customers - who are friends with...


[Greatest Hits] Head of Product Running @ Runtastic: Robert Schenkenfelder- Putting Yourself in the Running Shoes of Your User

What are some lessons you learn after being with a company for almost a decade? How do you end up changing your life based on the products you build? This, the stories of being acquired by Adidas while maintaining the freedom to innovate and practicing what you preach, are featured in this episode of “How I Grew This” With Robert Schenkenfelder of Runtastic. Listen and subscribe on Apple/Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube!


[Greatest Hits] VP Global Growth & Business Development @ Flipboard: Claus Enevoldsen- Balancing Growth and Responsibility to the User

What does it take to drive growth responsibly in today’s world of constant notifications? What are the values of the people behind the news & entertainment experiences that we engage in everyday? This, the stories of the power of mentors, and what we can all do to strike a better balance between our connected and offline lives, are told in our second episode of “How I Grew This” With Claus Enevoldsen of Flipboard.


VP of Growth at Shopify: Morgan Brown - Shopify’s Greatest Secrets to Growth

Morgan Brown is the VP of Growth at Shopify and the author of the book “Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success”. Prior to Shopify, Morgan led the product team at Facebook and was the Chief Operating Officer for Inman News - the leading news source for real estate and technology. Given the size of the Shopify brand, they optimize metrics and data analytic processes from a “merchant-first” perspective. This helps guide them toward their mission of making...


[Greatest Hits] VP of US Marketing @ SmartNews: Fabien-Pierre Nicolas - Building for Latent Needs of Your Users

Today’s digital climate requires a focus on healthier long-term gains as opposed to easy-short term wins. But where does one start? Fabien shares how a keen act of listening and parsing of the data can inform where to take your digital product next to drive growth. At SmartNews he’s tripled the monthly active usership from when he started. Beyond this, Fabien shares how his feminism has defined everything from career choices to the way he manages his team. That story, running a French...


Senior Manager, Growth Product, and Mobile Marketing at Babbel: Sylvain Gauchet - Bet on Learning to Be A Better Marketer

Sylvain Gauchet is the Senior Manager, Growth Product and Mobile Marketing at Babbel, an internationally successful language learning app with millions of active subscribers and the #1 innovative education company in the world. At Babbel, Sylvain focuses on areas such as growth, early product adoption, and monetization. Before Babbel. he co-founded Apptamin, a creative agency that works with brands to produce creative video ad campaigns and app store content. Product-led growth is not just...


[Greatest Hits] Head of Marketing @ Ola Financial Services: Varun Dubey - Growth Through Empathy & Analytics

While he might not say it himself, our next guest Varun Dubey was able to have an extremely successful career leading the marketing for some of the fastest growing tech companies in India because of two things: being empathetic and analytical. In the early days of his career writing for “Digit” Magazine, he learned that many people only had a few hours of energy to use a day. Later at Qualcomm, he learned that many people had to choose between paying to charge their phones or eating that...


Managing Director, Marketing Channels Strategy, and Personalization at JPMorgan Chase: Erin McFarland - Growth Comes When You Focus on the Customer, Data, and Experimentation

Erin McFarland is the Managing Director, Marketing Channels Strategy, and Personalization at JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank in the U.S. She is responsible for the optimization of JPMorgan’s industry-leading digital assets and marketing channels that deliver communication to more than seventy million customers. She has spent the last twenty years creating customer-first marketing strategies for national and global brands across healthcare, luxury, hospitality, and finance industries. Erin...


[Greatest Hits] Mobile Product Director @ Allstate: Mike Antognoli - Adding Value During a Pandemic

During a time of crisis, it’s crucial for companies to focus on maintaining and driving growth. It’s, however, equally as important to continue to find ways to strategically add value to your customers. Mike Antognoli shares with us how he’s led the mobile product team at Allstate during the pandemic, in an industry whose customers typically have more of a hands-off approach. More on that story, how the Allstate app plays into the overall company strategy, Mike’s views on how a company...


[Greatest Hits] Product @ N26: Kristina Walcker-Mayer- How Mobile Banking is Taking Lessons From Fashion E-Commerce

Kristina had never imagined working for a bank but when the opportunity came along to innovate the mobile experience for N26 she took it. Coming from a background in fashion e-commerce, Kristina asked, "How could we transform the learnings about mobile UX from e-commerce and apply them to the financial world to make everything less painful?" This and stories of why you shouldn’t build what your customers ask for, and reasons to always speak your mind, are featured in this episode with...


SVP, Digital & Growth @ sweetgreen: Daniel Shlossman- The Incredible Velocity of Customer-Oriented Growth

Daniel Shlossman is the SVP, DIgital + Growth @ sweetgreen. He leads marketing, product, and digital channels. In his three years at sweetgreen, Daniel has been focused on enabling customer growth through channel expansion and improvement, including the launch of sweetgreen’s off-premise business, via Outpost and delivery. Daniel’s incredible background includes roles at Uber (as Head of West Coast Operations & Marketing) and at NFL (as their Director of Product for Fantasy Football)....


CEO @ AllTrails: Ron Schneidermann - Leading a Small Team to Enormous Growth

Ron Schneidermann is the CEO of Alltrails, where he spent the past six years helping grow the company, which is now one of the top five health and fitness apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Before joining Alltrails, Ron led growth teams at Yelp and co-founded Liftopia, the global leader of ski lift ticket bookings. Ron shares that the two most important things for any company are momentum and culture. If you lose either of them, they are impossible to rebuild. Have belief in...


[Greatest Hits] Growth Advisor & Former Global Head of Digital Marketing @ Slack: Holly Chen- How An Inner Rebelliousness Led to A Career in Growth

Holly Chen is an award-winning marketing and growth advisor who credits her inner rebelliousness and overall questioning of conventional thinking for leading her into a career in Growth. And she’s been a standout from the beginning. In Beijing, Holly was one of the few Chinese nationals majoring in Italian in the entire country. After taking on her first role at the United Nations, she felt the need to move to something where she could better measure the impact of her work and joined an...


CMO @ Fishbrain: Lisa Kennelly- Scaling as the Dominant Player in Your Niche

Lisa Kennelly has been the CMO at Fishbrain for over three years and oversees marketing operations, strategy, and vision. Since the fall of 2020, Lisa has been responsible for growing and managing Fishbrain’s eCommerce marketplace. Outside of Fishbrain, Lisa is an advisor and mentor of multiple early-stage founders and startups. Fishbrain is a mobile app and online platform with map-based tools, fishing forecasts, social networking features, and recommendations on fishing gear. Fishing is...


[Greatest Hits] Product @ Netflix: Michelle Parsons- How Tinkering in the Classroom Led to Innovating Kids & Family Product

How does a woman go from teacher to running Kids and Family content at Netflix? What happened along the way to lead Michelle, a pre-med student in college to a career building the experiences for the companies we know and love. That and stories of failed experiments, taking an unconventional path to product management and why empathy is your most powerful tool are featured with Michelle Parsons of Netflix.


[Greatest Hits] VP of Digital Strategy & Product @ Chipotle: Nicole West - Taking the Risks That Can Accelerate You and Your Company

Today’s guest, Nicole West, isn’t afraid of raising her hand and taking a risk, especially when it’s a project no one has ever done before. She’s built a reputation over her 14-year career at Chipotle in taking those tough jobs and turning them into big opportunities. For instance, in 2013, the then CMO asked Nicole if she would start up the new Ecommerce division of the marketing team. Pushing fear aside, she took the job. Today, she’s been at the helm as Chipotle has gone through a digital...


[Greatest Hits] SVP and Head of Product @ RentoMojo: Dharmesh Gandhi- Lowering Churn, Increasing NPS & Finding Unutilized Growth Opportunities

So much of learning how to drive meaningful growth is finding unsaturated and ripe growth channels and relentless focus on the actual end-user. This is our next guest's philosophy, Dharmesh Gandhi, the Senior Vice President and Head of Product at RentoMojo. Dharmesh shares how early in his career at Amazon, he learned how you could easily spot what seems like a popular growth option and not always get the return you’re looking for, especially when scaling. He adjusted his approach to play...