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In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.

In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.


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In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.






VP of Marketing @ Junglee Games: Bharat Bhatia- Growing Despite Saturation

The days of unsaturated channels and growth hacking, as we used to know it is over. Our guest today, Bharat Bhatia, dives deep into new strategies and the understanding of the product that has helped him achieve continued growth. Bharat comes from the gaming industry, an industry that he explains has one of the tightest bonds between product and marketing. He shares how he and his team approach that integration through in-app growth channels. In addition, with today’s growth channels like...


VP Digital @ El Pollo Loco: Andy Rebhun - Beanie Babies, McNuggets, and OH MY! How A Childhood Hustle Evolved into A Winning Mentality in Digital

Andy Rebhun is someone you just get excited to talk to. He’s an extrovert with opinions and vision. He is an accomplished Marketing Executive, who has delivered first-to-market products and profitable growth for billion-dollar brands across Fortune 50 companies like the McDonalds Corporation and Ford Motor Company. He is currently Vice President of Digital at El Pollo Loco, where he is responsible for CRM, E-Commerce, off premise delivery, loyalty program, and social media. Andy holds a...


Growth Advisor & Former Global Head of Digital Marketing @ Slack: Holly Chen- How An Inner Rebelliousness Led to A Career in Growth

Holly Chen is an award-winning marketing and growth advisor who credits her inner rebelliousness and overall questioning of conventional thinking for leading her into a career in Growth. And she’s been a standout from the beginning. In Beijing, Holly was one of the few Chinese nationals majoring in Italian in the entire country. After taking on her first role at the United Nations, she felt the need to move to something where she could better measure the impact of her work and joined an...


Chief Marketing Officer @ White Castle: Lynn Blashford- A Century Old Company With A Growth Mindset

Lynn Blashford, CMO of White Castle, has risen the ranks during her 10 years at the company. White Castle, known for pioneering the fast food industry, turns 100 years old in 2021 and operates with a long term vision which runs counter to today’s hypergrowth and short-term gains environment. Maybe unsurprisingly, this mindset has allowed them to weather the storm of 2020 both by taking care of their employees as well as how they’ve strategically diversified the business. White Castle was one...


SVP and Head of Product @ RentoMojo: Dharmesh Gandhi- Lowering Churn, Increasing NPS & Finding Unutilized Growth Opportunities

So much of learning how to drive meaningful growth is finding unsaturated and ripe growth channels and relentless focus on the actual end-user. This is our next guest's philosophy, Dharmesh Gandhi, the Senior Vice President and Head of Product at RentoMojo. Dharmesh shares how early in his career at Amazon, he learned how you could easily spot what seems like a popular growth option and not always get the return you’re looking for, especially when scaling. He adjusted his approach to play...


Co-Founder and Executive Chairman @ Mindbody: Rick Stollmeyer - Building One of The First SaaS Empires

Today, most SaaS companies were started in the last few years or at the beginning of Web 2.0. Our guest Rick Stollmeyer, Co-Founder and current Executive Chairman of Mindbody, however, saw an opportunity back in 2001, when he started the company out of his garage. In March, Mindbody saw 90% of their appointments disappear through the platform, which led the team to innovate and drive towards a virtual fitness platform. Fast forward to today, and they see this as their most significant growth...


Former Director of Growth @ Siddarth Jena- From Zero to 5M Installs in 4 Months

Our guest today, Siddarth Jena, has learned a lot about growth running the largest platform for fans of India’s most popular sport, Cricket. Siddarth came into at a time where they had to scale their marketing efforts from 0 to 100, he shares how they tested Google, Facebook, affiliates, and many other growth channels to capture the market. They were able to rapidly test then scaled their growth channels to drive 5 million installs in just 4 months. Hear more on Siddarth’s story...


Director of Product Design @ Coursera: Chetana Deorah - The Role of Design in Growth

Today’s guest, Chetana Deorah, talks about the role of design to drive business outcomes for some of the top companies in the world. Growing up in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Chetana’s curiosity and rebelliousness led her to dabble in the life sciences before finding her calling in UX design. She’s taken her success and translated it into not only hockey stick growth for profit-motivated companies but also inspiring the next generation of designers from under-resourced communities in...


VP of Digital Strategy & Product @ Chipotle: Nicole West - Taking the Risks That Can Accelerate You and Your Company

Today’s guest, Nicole West, isn’t afraid of raising her hand and taking a risk, especially when it’s a project no one has ever done before. She’s built a reputation over her 14-year career at Chipotle in taking those tough jobs and turning them into big opportunities. For instance, in 2013, the then CMO asked Nicole if she would start up the new Ecommerce division of the marketing team. Pushing fear aside, she took the job. Today, she’s been at the helm as Chipotle has gone through a digital...


CEO & Co-Founder @ Bulbul: Sachin Bhatia - Building World-Class Products From Scratch

Some people stop after creating their first successful company, but today’s guest, Sachin Bhatia, has created three products and companies that have flourished. Sachin shares how he got his parents' entrepreneurial spirit by selling water and other items as a child. He started his first company, MakeMyTrip, in 2000, and while they had a successful launch due to word of mouth, they weren’t able to keep up with demand. He learned his lesson, on the launch of his second company, TrulyMadly,...


Senior Director, Strategy & Product @ Adobe: Loni Stark - Digital Disruption & Tackling Decade Long Problems

As product leaders, you might be looking at road maps for 1-3 years from now, but our next guest is someone who seeks a challenge that takes a decade to solve. Loni Stark is the Senior Director of Strategy and Product at Adobe; fittingly, she works for Adobe; she is both a technical product leader and a creative artist with hobbies like a painting. She was inspired by her mother, who was the only woman in her job and pursued engineering, eventually landing at Stanford, where she focused on...


Head of Analytics & Mobile Marketing @ MakeMyTrip: Sachin Singla - Redefining Marketing & Growth for Travel Brands

Today's guest, Sachin Singla, is someone who didn't stick to one career or path but found his way to marketing via other paths like finance and consulting (not unlike our host Mada). Sachin talks about how marketing has adapted and how marketing teams have needed to pivot and become more agile in the age of COVID-19. Mainly looking at your customer segments, Sachin explains how the lockdown rules vary wildly in India and how brands need to make their messaging reflect their target market's...


Head of Marketing @ Ola Financial Services: Varun Dubey - Growth Through Empathy & Analytics

While he might not say it himself, our next guest Varun Dubey was able to have an extremely successful career leading the marketing for some of the fastest growing tech companies in India because of two things: being empathetic and analytical. In the early days of his career writing for “Digit” Magazine, he learned that many people only had a few hours of energy to use a day. Later at Qualcomm, he learned that many people had to choose between paying to charge their phones or eating that...


Chief Digital Officer @ PSG: Russell Stopford - Weaving Design, Story, and Sport into the Fabric of an App

Russell Stopford has led digital initiatives across everything from film to sports. He took his passions for the arts as well as his curiosity for emerging technologies and combined them to develop a powerful intersection between storytelling and digital product management. As both an award-winning documentary filmmaker and builder of mobile apps over the past decade, Russell is driven by a pursuit for perfection. As the sports industry transformed into an entertainment opportunity, Russell...


Senior VP, Global Mobile Strategy & Digital Marketing @ Citi: Dan Bishop - Having a Dynamic Career that Grows as much as your Product

Our guest on this episode of How I Grew This, Dan Bishop, is currently the Senior Vice President of Global Mobile and Digital Marketing at Citi. Most people that build a career in startups stay in the startup world and most who go to Fortune 500 brands stay in that world. Dan has built a career traversing through both. He got his start seeing innovations that would change the world years later, first at JumpTV creating Online TV deals before Netflix and then at UStream seeing the early days...


Former Group CTO @ Gojek: Ajey Gore - Simplifying Through Prioritization

Ajey Gore is on a mission to grow through simplification. As a serial entrepreneur who’s led technology teams for companies like ThoughtWorks, Hopper, and most recently as the CTO of Gojek, he takes a thoughtful approach to bringing balance both in work and in life. As a teenager he printed business cards but, after accidentally blowing up his brother’s computer, he signed up for the closest computer science class and was obsessed ever since. Fast forward to his time at Gojek where he...


Global Director of Digital Product Management @ Hyatt: Ben Weiss - Bridging the Gap Between the Physical & Digital

Ben Weiss has built a career with an attention to detail and quality specifically around the mobile customer journey from offline into digital. As an intern at Walgreens in 2007, he pitched the then CEO about creating a mobile app in the first place. Long story short, they listened. Over the course of the next decade, Ben rose the ranks, starting from the bottom as an intern and exiting at the top as the Director of Product Management for Mobile. Today, he oversees the global digital product...


CPO @ Canva: Cameron Adams - Canva’s Unconventional Product Approach That Disrupted the Design Industry

Canva belongs to a small group of products that change how people and brands completely shirt their approach to design. Our guest today, Cameron Adams, is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Canva, he shares how the product was built and how it was able to disrupt the design industry. He shares what he learned from building a product that would get massive adoption after working on Google Wave, a project which Google shut down because of low Monthly Active Users. He took the...


GM of eCommerce @ Square: David Rusenko- After An Acquisition, A Reinvention

David Rusenko is no stranger to creating world-class products. In 2007 he founded Weebly, a website builder, and watched it grow. Selling to Square in 2018, David now leads the eCommerce team which, as the pandemic surfaced, acted quickly to build new delivery products on their platform that has forever changed the business. More on David’s story including his time management techniques post-acquisition, how he found their killer feature at Weebly, and why Twitch and Amazon are models for...


CMO @ Deliveroo: Inés Ures - Taking an Unconventional Path to CMO

Inés Ures, CMO at Deliveroo, shares her views on growth when it comes to product and retention and how marketing strategies have changed in a post-COVID world. More on Inés’ story, including her unconventional path to becoming a CMO, how Deliveroo pivoted their marketing plans to support restaurants and frontline workers, and the increasingly prevalent shift from paid to organic growth strategies, are featured on this episode of How I Grew This. Listen now on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Google...