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In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.


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In How I Grew This, Mada Seghete dives into the stories behind the World’s top companies and the leaders driving their growth from campaigns, measurement and tests to their personal journeys becoming growth leaders.






[Greatest Hits] Head of Product at Cambly: Omar Seyal - Leveraging Retention and Expanding Distribution Channels for Exponential Product Growth

In this episode of How I Grew This, Omar Seyal, Head of Product at Cambly, joins Mada Seghete to dive into the realm of product growth, customer retention, SEO, user behavior, and personal growth in the tech industry. Cambly is an English learning marketplace where students can select tens of thousands of tutors to learn and practice English. Before Cambly, Omar was the Head of Core Product at Pinterest, Co-Founder of Egomotion, and Engineering Manager at Asurion.


[Greatest Hits] Co-CEO and Co-Founder of FabFitFun: Daniel Broukhim - Innovative Marketing and Content Creation for Enhanced Consumer Services

In this episode of How I Grew This, Mada Seghete is joined by Daniel Broukhim, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of FabFitFun. They explore the evolution of FabFitFun, including the company's approach to customer acquisition, influencer marketing, the importance of content creation, and the balance between mobile and web experiences. Daniel is a highly skilled Chief Executive Officer, boasting a remarkable track record in the internet industry. His visionary leadership has propelled his company, FabFitFun, to unprecedented heights, with an astounding membership base of over one million individuals worldwide. Beyond his influential role at FabFitFun, Daniel extends his expertise as an angel investor and philanthropist, actively supporting and guiding a diverse portfolio of companies. Notable among his investments and advisory roles are Cargomatic and MediaLab. For our valued listeners, we are pleased to offer a fantastic 20% discount on the FabFitFun box, featuring an exquisite selection of seasonal items. To avail of this great opportunity, simply apply the coupon code 'HOWIGREWTHIS' during the checkout process. Indulge in an assortment of premium beauty, wellness, fashion, and lifestyle products meticulously curated to elevate your experience.


[Greatest Hits] CEO of ZEDGE: Jonathan Reich - Personalizing Your Phone Through Featured Digital Content

In this episode of How I Grew This, Jonathan Reich joins Mada Seghete to discuss how ZEDGE builds innovative marketplaces and games around digital content, the company's growth strategy, and what it takes to set up a winning mindset for your team. With over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and financial and commercial operations, Jonathan is a creative and strategic thinker with a tremendous portfolio of scaling hi-tech, telecom, and media ventures.


[Greatest Hits] Senior Product Manager at Expedia Group: Mickey Noworyta - Powering Up Product Growth Through Data and Technology

In this episode of How I Grew This, Mickey Noworyta joins Mada Seghete to share his approach to driving product growth, testing new product features, and the difference between attribution and incrementality. Mickey is the Senior Product Manager at Expedia Group, where he and his team focus on exploring performance marketing ideas. While Mickey is a seasoned Product Manager, he has also worked as a drilling engineer for the oil and gas industry, a researcher, and a data engineer and developer.


[Greatest Hits] Growth Marketing Team Lead at Zalando: Mariana Kuiken - How to Leverage Disruptive Marketing Trends

In this episode of How I Grew This, Mariana Kuiken joins Amanda Vandiver to discuss how brands can leverage performance marketing and disruptive marketing trends to grow their businesses. Mariana is currently the Growth Marketing Lead at Zalando, where she works on developing new marketing opportunities through machine learning advertisements, user-automated content and augmented reality. Before that, she held various marketing roles at companies like Delivery Hero and LightInTheBox.


[Greatest Hits] Vice President of Marketing and Digital Products at Ultimate Fighting Championship: Kristen Banks - Connecting, Acquiring, and Growing Audiences: Lessons for Fan-Centric Entertainment Brands

In this episode of How I Grew This, Mada Seghete is joined by Kristen Banks, Vice President of Marketing and Digital Products at Ultimate Fighting Championship. They dive into the exciting world of fan-centric entertainment brands and explore the various marketing strategies involved in building a loyal fanbase. Kristen offers valuable insights into how to connect with fans, acquire audiences, and develop long-lasting relationships throughout the customer journey and funnel. Whether you're in the sports industry or any other fan-centric industry, this episode is a must-listen for marketers looking to grow and engage with their audiences. Kristen Banks is a data-driven marketing leader with more than fifteen years of experience. Her current position at UFC involves overseeing the digital licensing business, which encompasses the creation, promotion, and forecasting of video games, mobile games, digital objects, and NFTs. Before joining UFC, Kristen held senior positions at Universal Orlando Resort, NBCUniversal Media, and Landers & Partners.


[Greatest Hits] Director of Product, Mobile App for TechStyle Fashion Group: Heather Lind - Driving Business Innovation and Performance Through Mobile App Growth Initiatives

In this episode of How I Grew This, Heather Lind joins Mada Seghete to discuss what it takes to become a great product manager and leader, how a mobile app impacts business growth, and how to measure the success of your app and features. Heather is currently the Director of Product, Mobile App at TechStyle Fashion Group, leading the product team for the company’s trendsetting mobile applications. She has been operating in product and technology for eleven years, and her unique career trajectory includes working at every stage of the product life cycle.


[Greatest Hits] Senior Vice President and Head of Product for Amex Digital Labs at American Express: Lisa Yokoyama - Mastering the Arts of Product Leadership and Management

In this episode of How I Grew This, Lisa Yokoyama, Senior Vice President and Head of Product for Amex Digital Labs at American Express: Lisa Yokoyama - Mastering the Arts of Product Leadership and Management at American Express, joins Mada Seghete to discuss her career growth and experience at American Express, Lisa's work in the nonprofit space with Peace Corps and Population Services, and share advice for those early in their careers who want to move into product leadership. Lisa is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in product development and management. As the Head of Product within American Express' innovation lab, she drives the product vision, strategy, and roadmap for enterprise-wide digital solutions and oversees a team of sixty product leaders and managers focused on automation and digital consumer commerce, a business line she built from the ground up over the past ten years.


[Greatest Hits] Chief Medical Officer at Ovia Health: Leslie Saltzman - Driving Growth in the Healthcare Industry

In this episode of How I Grew This, Leslie Saltzman joins Mada Seghete to discuss digital and data-driven strategies to drive business development and patient experience in the healthcare industry. Leslie is the Chief Medical Officer at Ovia Health and a physician leader with expertise in devising and implementing data-driven strategies to improve clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and identify target patients. She received her D.O. from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and her MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.


[Greatest Hits] VP of Customer Experience at Resy: Eddie Christian - The 100% Commitment Approach to Building a Thriving Customer Success Career

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VP of Marketing and Communications at Ledger: Ariel Wengroff - When Marketing Meets Blockchain and Digital Security

In this episode of How I Grew This, Ariel Wengroff, VP of Marketing and Communications at Ledger, joins Mada Seghete to share thoughts on the intersection of blockchain, security, and marketing. They share how Ledger revolutionizes the digital asset security landscape, strategies for digital success, and the future of blockchain technology. In her role at Ledger, Ariel leads global marketing and communications, focusing on educating and culturally integrating people into the world of digital asset security. She is also the Founder of Culture's Last Stand, a strategic partner to businesses and individuals, putting the consumer at the center of their practice. Before that, Ariel was the Co-Founder and Chief Content and Community Officer at arfa and worked at VICE Media, where she was an Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated VICELAND show WOMAN with Gloria Steinem.


[Greatest Hits] Product Lead at ZipRecruiter: Akio Bandle - Mobile Product Management Foundations

In this episode of How I Grew This, Akio Bandle joins Mada Seghete to discuss ZipRecruiter's growth journey, the company's experience with user acquisition for mobile apps, transitioning to remote work and getting into product management. Akio is currently the Product Lead at ZipRecruiter. Before joining the company, he worked in various organizations, from small startups to large enterprises. Akio is an experienced product manager, product advisor, and marketing analyst.


CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of TodayTix Group: Brian Fenty - Mixing E-commerce and Culture

In this episode of How I Grew This, Brian Fenty, CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder of TodayTix Group, joins Mada Seghete to explore how the company disrupted the ticket-buying experience with their mobile-first platform. Brian also shares the importance of listening to their audience, constantly innovating, and his personal journey and love for theater. Brian stands at the forefront of integrating technology, commerce, and culture with a decade of expertise. As the visionary behind a suite of brands and platforms, he leads a global audience toward premier live entertainment experiences offered by TodayTix, Secret Cinema, and Goldstar, among others. Brian's contributions haven't gone unnoticed as he has earned a spot on Crain's "30 under 30," graced Variety's "Dealmakers List," has been honored on the Broadway Impact List, and has been further crowned by the Dramatists Guild Fund award. Moreover, under his leadership, TTG secured a place in The Andreessen Horowitz Marketplace 100.


Co-Founder and Chief Organizational Plumber of FlixBus: Daniel Krauss - How FlixBus Is Driving Sustainable Transportation While Expanding Internationally

In this episode of How I Grew This, Daniel Krauss, Founder and Chief Organizational Plumber of Flix, joins Mada Seghete to unveil the world's leading ground transportation platform growth strategy, future expansion plans, and commitment to sustainability by expanding a battery-powered electric fleet. Daniel Krauss has vast experience in IT, having worked with companies like Marquardt Group, IFS, and Siemens. Before starting FlixBus with his school friend, André Schwämmlein, Daniel worked as a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft for three years, where he gained valuable insights from the corporate world.


[Greatest Hits] Miguel Navarro - How to Build a Conversational AI for the Human Experience

Artificial Intelligence has become a game-changer for businesses and has opened new growth perspectives and possibilities. Today, customer success equals business success, so companies try leveraging AI features to deliver the best-in-class customer experience – for this, they need conversational AI. In this episode of How I Grew This, Miguel Navarro joins Mada Seghete to define conversational AI, discuss how it differs from classic chatbots, and the functional benefits of conversational AI for businesses. Miguel is currently SVP of Business Technology Executive at KeyBank, focusing on conversational AI enterprise delivery. He also has a plethora of experience building and growing mobile apps, voice platforms, chatbots, digital assistance, and more.


[Greatest Hits] VP of Growth at Acorns: Anthony Scarpaci - Testing, Measurement, and Incrementality: The Pillars of Marketing Growth

In this episode of How I Grew This, Anthony Scarpaci joins Mada Seghete to discuss the differences between attribution and incrementality when measuring marketing performance, "business significance" versus statistical significance, and the importance of testing in the growth context. Anthony is the VP of Growth at Acorns. He has been in growth and performance marketing for over ten years, driving efficient growth for businesses across telecom, financial services, food, and travel industries. Before joining Acorns, Anthony held various marketing roles at companies like NerdWallet, Rustic Pathways, PURE Group of Insurance Companies, Blue Apron, Betterment, and Dish Network.


[Greatest Hits] Head Of Marketing @ MediBuddy: Ashish Bajaj- Balancing Growth & Values

Ashish Bajaj is the Head of Marketing at MediBuddy, which joined forces with DocsApp in 2020 to become India’s largest digital healthcare platform. Previously, he held roles as the Head of Media and Brand Alliance at Ola and as a Channel Marketing Manager with Microsoft. In this episode, Ashish fondly shares warm anecdotes from his current and past work experience to highlight the positive impact those projects have had on the lives of their customers. Ashish believes that the impact their campaigns leave and the value they contribute to their customers’ lives provide a much greater high for marketers. Ashish opens up about his outdoor sales experience working for his family in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and how that contributed to his growth story. Finally, Ashish also shares potent advice for new startups who often get distracted by the hypergrowth of other startups in a race to achieve “unicorn” status.


[Greatest Hits] CMO @ Deliveroo: Inés Ures - Taking an Unconventional Path to CMO

Inés Ures, CMO at Deliveroo, shares her views on growth when it comes to product and retention and how marketing strategies have changed in a post-COVID world. More on Inés’ story, including her unconventional path to becoming a CMO, how Deliveroo pivoted their marketing plans to support restaurants and frontline workers, and the increasingly prevalent shift from paid to organic growth strategies, are featured on this episode of How I Grew This. Listen now on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and more.


[Greatest Hits] VP of Growth at Shopify: Morgan Brown - Shopify’s Greatest Secrets to Growth

Morgan Brown is the VP of Growth at Shopify and the author of the book “Hacking Growth: How Today's Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success”. Prior to Shopify, Morgan led the product team at Facebook and was the Chief Operating Officer for Inman News - the leading news source for real estate and technology. Given the size of the Shopify brand, they optimize metrics and data analytic processes from a “merchant-first” perspective. This helps guide them toward their mission of making online commerce easier and better for everyone. There's no value in a spiking lead conversion rate if they don’t become customers. Shopify relies on its growth marketing team (which Morgan is the VP of) for user acquisition. They also have a growth product side that focuses on activation signup, activation trials, and success retention. Internally, growth goals are divided into “missions” and mission teams include channel experts, product leaders, data scientists, engineers, and other cross-functional roles. This decentralized split of marketing teams helps these growth pillars move forward without friction as self-contained units. Commerce is no longer a discrete point where you drive customers from point A to point B, but it's really about being where that action is going to take place. Shopify recently partnered with TikTok to take their merchants where their customers are and bring the tools of giants like Instagram closer to their merchants.


Founder and CEO of Picsart: Hovhannes Avoyan - Empowering Creativity in the Age of AI

In this episode of How I Grew This, Hovhannes Avoyan, Founder and CEO of Picsart, joins Mada Seghete to share how his daughter's negative experience led to the creation of Picsart, the platform's growth and unique features, as well as how to use AI to drive more growth for their app or companies. Hovhannes is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, having founded several successful startups, including Sourcio, Monitis, and CEDIT. His extensive experience encompasses building enterprise software, SaaS web platforms, and consumer mobile products, showcasing his diverse expertise in these domains.