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EP27: Did Semantic Search Kill the Need for Keyword Density?

In this SEO podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the growth of Semantic Search and the departure of keyword density. She breaks Semantic Search down into manageable pieces so marketers and webmasters can take advantage of this technology. Semantic search is defined as a search for information based on the intent of the searcher and contextual meaning of the search terms. What this really means: Google just got a whole lot smarter!


EP26: Do WordPress Developers Need to Learn SEO?

In this podcast episode, Rebecca reviews why WordPress developers and consultants need to learn SEO. She boils down this need into one simple statement: what developers don’t know can and will hurt their clients.


EP25: What's in Your Marketing Plan?

In this podcast episode, Rebecca follows up to her last episode and talks about creating a marketing plan for 2018. She discusses the need for multiple marketing channels and emphasizes the fact that marketers need to focus on a well planned, quality, and diverse marketing program. The best marketing efforts produce goodness and provide value to your target market. Focusing on what has worked and letting go of failures is imperative for marketing success.


EP24: A Facebook Page is Not Enough for Small Business Marketing

In this podcast episode, Rebecca talks about small business owners' false comfort level and reliance on Facebook Pages. She talks through the dangers of relying on third-party platforms for your marketing and communication.


EP23: Why Video Matters to You and SEO

In this podcast episode, Rebecca walks through some tips and techniques for using video marketing in your SEO strategy. She talks about why you should care about YouTube videos and she provides an overview of ranking videos in YouTube search. Episode Notes: https://www.seobits.fm/podcast/ep23-why-video-matters-to-seo/


EP22: Optimize Your Website Performance and SEO

In today’s podcast episode, Rebecca takes a deep dive into the steps you can take to optimize your website performance. She is joined by AJ Morris and together they navigate the world of website optimization, performance, and speed. Grab the show notes: https://www.seobits.fm/podcast/ep22-optimize-your-website-performance-and-seo/


EP21: Understanding Schema and Structured Data

In this podcast episode, Rebecca explores Schema and the use of Structured Data. She breaks Schema down into manageable pieces so listeners can understand what Schema is, how it is used by search engines, and why it matters to website owners and bloggers. Podcast notes and resources: https://www.seobits.fm/podcast/ep21-understanding-schema/


EP20: Blogging is Good for the SEO Soul

In this podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the importance of blogging and how it is good for SEO and the soul. She discusses the role blog posts have in marketing and why they are critical to website promotion efforts. She reiterates the fact that blogging is designed to positively impact not just business, but it should also help human readers. Focusing solely on revenue will not produce efforts, because the true magnitude of the blog is only reached when posts are written for...


EP19: Improve Your Website's SEO With Content Silos

In this podcast episode, Rebecca talks about content silos and how this technique can help with your search engine optimization. A content silo is simply a method of grouping related content together to establish the blog or website’s keyword-based topical areas or themes. View the show notes and resources listed at https://www.seobits.fm/podcast/ep19-improve-your-websites-seo-with-content-silos/


EP18: SEO for Developers & Expert Advice from Carrie Dils

In this week's podcast episode. Rebecca is joined by her good friend Carrie Dils. The two spend the session chatting about the importance of freelancers understanding the nuances of SEO for developers. Carrie and Rebecca have co-hosted two SEO Bootcamp workshops and Carrie also wrote four-part blog post series called 30 Days to Better SEO. Carrie utilizes her SEO knowledge and breaks it down into bite-size pieces for developers. Read the show notes:...


EP16: Building Backlinks

Do backlinks still matter? Yep, they do and in this week’s podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the important role backlinks still play in today’s world of SEO. She also covers the various methods of building backlinks and what you need to do to protect yourself from negative backlinks. Grab the show notes and free backlink checklist at: https://www.seobits.fm/podcast/ep16-building-backlinks/


EP15: Protecting Your Website's SEO in a Redesign

In this week’s podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the importance of protecting the existing SEO when a redesign is done for a website or blog. This is a common problem because many times, developers and DIY website owners forget entirely about SEO and completely lose existing search ranking when the new website or blog goes live. View show notes and grab the redesign check list on the SEObits.fm website.


EP14: Celebrating Featured Snippets Success With Sean Kerrigan

In this podcast episode, Rebecca brings on Sean Kerrigan so the two can discuss his recent success in dominating Google’s search page with Featured Snippets. Rebecca and Sean also discuss Sean’s background, his takeaways from SEO Summit, and how his agency brought SEO in-house so they could craft a strong SEO service offering for their client base. Podcast Resources Rebecca’s Facebook Group: SEO LaunchpadiThemes TrainingRebecca’s Free Course: Understanding the Google Knowledge GraphBlog...


EP13: Why SEO Masterminds Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

In this podcast episode, Rebecca talks about her experience with mastermind groups and how her perception of them changed once she participated in two groups as an attendee. She also announces two SEO masterminds that she is leading in October and November of this year. If you are unfamiliar with masterminds, they are small groups of like-minded people that meet regularly to promote learning, action plans, problem solving, execution, and accountability. Rebecca’s two SEO mastermind...


EP 12: Who Owns Your Digital Destiny?

In this podcast episode, Rebecca shares a real-world story about a recent client losing ownership of their digital properties. She talks about how it happened, the issues it caused, and the dangerous situation it has produced. More importantly, she discusses the long-term ramifications this change can have on SEO, the sales funnel, and revenue.


EP 11: The Most Important Lesson When Selecting Keywords

In this podcast episode, Rebecca shares her number one lesson and rule of thumb for selecting keywords. She walks through the core premise, how she learned it, and why it matters to you and your website. You can beat Goliath if you work smarter, harder, and with a whole lot more focus. You can carefully pick the right keywords that will translate into high-quality traffic, but you need to focus on your offering, your target market, existing competition, and search volumes. Visit...


EP 10: Key Takeaways for Buying and Selling SEO Services

In today’s podcast episode, Rebecca tells a real-world story about mismatched expectations in buying and selling SEO services. She walks you through a situation she recently encountered, explains why she takes complete ownership for the issue, and then closes with some key takeaways for anyone buying or selling SEO services.


EP 9: Celebrating SEO Success With Sara Dunn

In this week’s podcast episode Rebecca chats with Sara Dunn and performs a post SEO Bootcamp check-in. The two talk about Sara’s prior SEO knowledge, her experience at SEO Bootcamp, and how this SEO education shifted her web development business and the search traffic of her clients. Sara details her misperceptions about SEO prior to Bootcamp and how shifting these thoughts helped her make significant headway on her client’s website.


EP 8: The Evolution of SEO

In this podcast episode, Rebecca talks about the evolution of SEO and how these shifts in 2016 and 2017 have brought her back to loving SEO and wanting to teach the world about search engine optimization. She discusses the technology shifts that occurred in 2016 and the first half of 2017. In doing so she explains why these shifts mattered to her and her interaction with search engine optimization and clients. SEO is a moving target. To be successful at it, website developers and...


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