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How to publish a #1 bestselling book… without writing a word – in Just 7 Minutes with Doug Crowe

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why you have to have a really powerful positioning statement about why your book is about.Why 81% of people think about it, or been told to write a book less than 1% actually pull it off.How you can simply talk to a ghostwriter who is able to capture your unique essence and style and repurpose it in a best selling book.Related Links and Resources:Over 2,000,000 Entrepreneurs will Publish a Book in 2023Over 98% of them will Fail... HARDWeird Fact: 100% of...

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Personal Story To Yourself – in Just 7 Minutes with Natasha Miller

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:What do to if you think no one wants to hear your story.Why you should create a timeline of the top five highs and lows in your life.Why publishing your life story could bring pleasant surprises that surpass anything you could dream of.Related Links and Resources:Natasha is gifting you a memoir discovery worksheet that will really open your mind to why you should do this, how you should do this and what benefit you'll get as well as your readers will get...


Remove Your Revenue Roadblocks – in Just 7 Minutes with Tim Fitzpatrick

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:What do to before you hire a marketing person or a marketing firm.Who you need to talk to who will tell you exactly what your customer wants.Why your revenue is not growing anywhere near as fast as it could.Related Links and Resources:Tim is gifting you his Revenue Roadblock Scorecard and a complimentary strategy session. You can get yours here: is an entrepreneur/business owner with...


How To Find Your Purpose – in Just 7 Minutes with Kevin Palmieri

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How to create new habits for health, wealth, and relationships to get you to the next level.Why low self-esteem is holding you back.How you can get on the path to continuous improvement.Related Links and Resources:Kevin is gifting his signature course - NEXT LEVEL 5 TO THRIVE. You can get yours right here: is the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University, a Global Top...

How to Turn Your Podcast Into a Daily Leads and Sales Machine – in Just 7 Minutes with Evans Putman

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How your podcast can be converted into a lead generation funnel.The key mistakes nearly every podcaster makes over and over again.How you can get others to promote your podcast for you.Related Links and Resources:Get your free ticket to the Podcast Sales Funnel Secrets Masterclass and Learn Exactly How to Cash-In on the Hidden Funnel that Turns Your Podcast Into a Daily Leads and Sales Machine (Without Needing Paid Ads or a Large...

Internet and Digital Marketing: A Three Prong Attack on a Seven Figure Income – in Just 7 Minutes with Tom Antion

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How most business owners over-complicate what they need to do to succeed wildly.The two key skills you must master first.How you get your online business set up for a few hundred dollars.Related Links and Resources:Tom is gifting you the keys to how to get started fast in his new ebook: "How Tom automates his business, saves millions of keystrokes, and handles customers and prospects lightning fast.

The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell – in Just 7 Minutes with Kurian Tharakan

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why story-telling is essential to being a great leader.What your core story needs to be.Why you must have all 7 stories perfected to consistently demonstrate your leadership abilities.Related Links and Resources:Kurian is giving you a copy of his next book "Leadership Parables". You can get on the waiting list right here: is the founder of the...

Empowering Retail Business Owners To Create More Time & Freedom By Increasing Their CASH FLOW & PROFIT – in Just 7 Minutes with Alvin Narsey

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why your revenue is growing, but there's no money left over.How you overcomplicate the whole process of understanding the numbers in your business.Why you need to start tracking your cash flow manually yourself for a few weeks.Related Links and Resources:Alvin is offering a free 15 minute cash flow and profit audit with him personally. Simply go to his Linkedin page and tell you heard this offer on Bill Prater's podcast:...


Conversation vs Confrontation – in Just 7 Minutes with Jay Williams

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How to get people to follow you and love to do so.How to communicate from the other person's perspective.How to recognize and deal with the quiet quitters in your company.Related Links and Resources:Jay is gifting you several complimentary gifts. You will find them right here: helps leaders from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies achieve desired outcomes through his leadership philosophy and...


How Podcasting Can Accelerate Your Revenue – in Just 7 Minutes with Michael Harris

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Why entrepreneurs who really have messages and stories to tell about their business and really want to exponentially grow their business, but are stuck. How the lack of self-esteem can hold you back from getting the message inside you out to those who need it. How blackberry pies relate to podcasting. Related Links and Resources: Michael created a complete guide to Podcasting for Your Business. Get yours at: Summary: Michael...


How To Gain Visibility For Your Business & Attract Your Ideal Clients Without Paid Ads – in Just 7 Minutes with Tracy Beavers

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to attract new clients consistently without paid advertising. The importance of creating outstanding content on a consistent basis. Why having great social media profiles factor into your visibility and attracting your ideal clients. Related Links and Resources: Tracy is gifting a course and guide titled, "You really can create social media content with ease!". Get yours at: Summary: Tracy Beavers is a Business and Sales...


The Secret to building a Scale-Proof Business – in Just 7 Minutes with Yvonne Heimann

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to take your business systems, workflows and processes from chaos to clarity. How to determine the system you are using now and what to keep and what to change. Why you need to take a strategic approach to designing, maintaining and upgrading your business systems. Related Links and Resources: Yvonne is gifting a step by step guide to how to use Clickup, her favorite project management system for business owners.


Secrets to Positioning Yourself for Success as an Expert – in Just 7 Minutes with Debbie Allen

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:You are an expert, you are just not monetizing it enough.How to define your niche that loves your expertise.Why you need to take action and stop getting ready.Related Links and Resources:Debbie is gifting you a literal blueprint detailing how to become an expert in your niche in just a few simple steps. You will find it right here: Summary:Debbie is the World’s #1 Authority on Expert Positioning. She is an internationally...


Are Google Ads right for your Business? – in Just 7 Minutes with Andy Janaitis

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The value of paid ads Know how to be strategic in your approach to marketing Why you need to clearly define your goal before you ever place an ad anywhere Related Links and Resources: Simply go to where you will find tons of resources to pick from. About our guest: Andy Janaitis is the founder and chief strategist of PPC Pitbulls, an e-commerce digital marketing agency, supporting craft food, beverage, and clothing brands with...


How to Build a Culture Where Top Talent Loves to Work – Pam Boney

What you need to know about our guest:Personality is important, but it’s your strength of character that determines your destiny.Pam is an innovator in the leadership and team assessments domain. After two decades of experience as a senior leader in the hospitality industry with Embassy Suites and later Hilton, she formed an original leadership theory and framework based on 12 character strengths that grow positive influence in people, teams and culture. She observed that there was ONE...


Reinventing Insurance for Travelers and Expats – Andrew Jernigan

What you need to know about our guest:Andrew Jernigan has lived/worked across five continents over the last twenty-five years, as single, married, and with his family. Serving as CEO of Insured Nomads, he leads the direction and vision for insurance as a service (IaaS) through a hybrid fintech/insurtech/traveltech platform for the globally mobile – whether vacationing, able to work from anywhere short term or long term, digital nomad, retiree, student or expat – they’ve got the coverage that...


How to Improve Your Business – Fast! – in Just 7 Minutes with David Deane-spread

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:'Deadly Quad' - biggest risk in the businessApplying the 5CsEffects of high level of stress in the businessRelated Links and Resources:David is giving a free diagnostic so that you will get that clarity around your business. Go to Deane-Spread is a 25-year veteran CEO coach and founder of Metattude. His clients range across federal and state government, public and private companies to small & medium...


How to Create Time, Reduce Errors And Scale Your Profits With Proven Business Systems – in Just 7 Minutes with David Jenyns

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Removing 'key person' dependency Applying 'critical client' flow Systemizing business if you don't like systems Related Links and Resources: If you go to, they'll find there a bunch of resources and one of them is the 'client flow template'. It's a PDF with the empty spaces for you to fill in. Summary: In 2016, David Jenyns successfully systemised himself out of his business, one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies,...


Jumpstart Your ‘Someday When’ Project – in Just 7 Minutes with Kristin Swanson

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Learning to take consistent action Handling productivity shame Taking that messy, small, action! Related Links and Resources: If you go to you can download the free "Make it Happen Planner." Make a plan to start taking action, breaking it down into your quarters and months and make this happen. Summary: Kristin Swanson helps people execute their “someday when” procrastinated projects with ease. As a completion expert,...


How To Set Aggressive But Realistic Growth Goals – in Just 7 Minutes with Darrell Amy

What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Creating a realistic growth goals Knowing what a 'ruler method' is Importance of having the right goal and clients Related Links and Resources: Darrell wrote a book called "Revenue Growth Engine", you can get that on Amazon or you can text the word 'revenue' to 21,000 and get instant access to the audio. You'll get access to our toolkit and also the opportunity to get access to a book full of ideas and strategies to help you accelerate your growth. Go to...