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Has modern working mom life left your life out of balance? Are you re-thinking your career and what it means to be working mom? The Mom’s Career Guide is for working moms at every stage in the game who are navigating career transitions, work-life balance, and all things at the intersection of where work-life meets mom-life. We’re encouraging women to re-think work and to choose a career based on their passions, their family's needs, and on their own terms. In addition, we’re also offering up stories of inspiration and helpful tips to help all working moms create the lives and careers that work best for them and their families.


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Has modern working mom life left your life out of balance? Are you re-thinking your career and what it means to be working mom? The Mom’s Career Guide is for working moms at every stage in the game who are navigating career transitions, work-life balance, and all things at the intersection of where work-life meets mom-life. We’re encouraging women to re-think work and to choose a career based on their passions, their family's needs, and on their own terms. In addition, we’re also offering up stories of inspiration and helpful tips to help all working moms create the lives and careers that work best for them and their families.




Consultancy 101, with Consulting Expert and Founder of The Upside, Erin Halper

Have you ever considered starting your own consultancy business? Are you clueless about how to get started? If you answered yes, this is the episode for you! Carla chats with consultancy expert and founder of The Upside, Erin Halper about all things consulting. Not sure how to launch? Unsure how to set your pricing? Struggling with imposter syndrome? This episode has got you covered, as Erin and Carla truly chat about all things consulting. Erin's knowledge and expertise of the industry are 2nd to none, and she's answering all of Carla's questions about the consulting industry while encouraging others to launch their own consultancy using their unique special sauce and skill-set. Produced by TheMamaCollective. Check us out and our job board at @themamacollective @betheupside Join The Upside Botox Your Bio Sign up for our job alerts! New job board launching October 15th!


Managing Uncertainty in a Messy World, with LMFT and Author of "A Little Less of a Hot Mess," Kaitlin Soule

Join Carla and Kaitlin as they discuss the 2021 #backtoschool transition in a time of uncertainty. Kaitlin Soule is a LMFT, a mom, wife, business owner, podcast host, and author who is offering up her favorite tips on managing anxiety in this very messy world. She's also talking about her new book, A Little Less of a Hot Mess, and the mom-revolution "mom-e-lu-tion," and how moms have created new ways to work and connect with each other during 2020 and 2021. @themomscareerguide @kaitlin.soule @thecollectivebookstudio Post a job and look for jobs on


Season 2 Launch Party with Carla Jallo

Carla is kicking off Season 2 with a little back story and a lot of love. She walks you through how Season 1 went and how The Mom's Career Guide is evolving both as a podcast and website. Tune in to hear her big plans for this season, and her upcoming plans for the year to come! @themomscareerguide


Back to School Organization with Bonnie Barrios

Join Carla, founder and CEO of The Mom' s Career Guide, as she chats with Professional Organizer, Bonnie Barrios, about all the things #backtoschool organization. Bonnie is helping Carla get her ducks in a row, and she's sharing all her best tips on how to get and stay organized this fall. Bonnie shares her insight on how to tighten up your morning routine, and on what to do with all that pesky school paperwork at the end of the day. This is also the perfect time of year to tackle projects like the garage and your closet, and Bonnie shares her favorite hacks on how to get started on these larger projects. Like us on Instagram! @themomscareerguide @bonniebarrios


Talking Entrepreneurship and Managing Motherhood with Photographer and Branding Expert, Sarah Keenan

Hang with Carla and her friend Sarah Keenan as they discuss the many stages of life with SEVEN kiddos and a booming photography business. Sarah gives us some deep insight into her journey to entrepreneurship, and what that currently looks like for Sarah and her large family with big goals. Between managing her successful photography business across three states, raising four children and three step-children, keeping fit, and being a wife, Sarah seems to make it all look easy. However, she's here to let us know that the journey is rocky at times but the rewards are well worth it. In Sarah's world, balance means adaption. She strikes that relative balance by letting go of what she can't control, and by serving her family and her business where its needed on that particular day. Somehow, she always seems to get the job done and makes it look easy along the way. @themomscareerguide @sarahkeenanstudios


Leaps of Faith with Angela Engel, Founder of The Collective Book Studio

Meet Angela Engel. Founder of The Collective Book Studio and Mom of three! On this week's episode, Angela shares her amazing story of how she built a successful career in the corporate publishing world. She then discusses how she transitioned into entrepreneurship after the birth of her third child to eventually found The Collective Book Studio. Her story is real, inspirational, and fun to listen to. Chatting with Angela is like sharing stories with an old friend, and she offers up so many nuggets of wisdom that all moms can learn from and be inspired by. If you've ever considered taking a leap of faith in your own career towards entrepreneurship, this week's episode will have you jumping in with both feet! @themomscareerguide @thecollectivebookstudio


Great Expectations - How to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment.

@themomscareerguide This week, after a very disappointing Mother's Day, Carla is discussing expectations and how we can all learn to manage ours more effectively. Carla highlights advice from an article published in Psychology Today, and openly shares her ongoing struggle with setting the bar too high, and with harboring resentments due to unmet expectations.


Getting Spring Ready with Professional Organizer, Bonnie Barrios

@themomscareerguide Are you Spring ready or feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Personally, I was feeling overwhelmed, so I brought in the big guns and consulted the help of Bonnie Barrios. @bonniebarrios Bonnie is a mom of two and a professional organizer of over 10 years. She offers up some of her expert advice, and shares how she keeps her family organized during seasonal transitions.


Mama Mental Health Check, with Kaitlin Soule, LMFT

@themomscareerguide In this week's episode, Carla chats with Kaitlin Soule. Kaitlin is a LMFT, and they discuss a variety of topics related to motherhood and mental health, and also the mental health of our kids after a very strange year. Kaitlin and Carla dive into topics such as equity in the home, mitigating anxiety and overwhelm, and also the mental health of our children as it relates to the pandemic effect. You can find Kaitlin on Instagram @wellnotesbykaitlin, and on her podcast titled Living Well with Kaitlin Soule.


From Individual to Empire - A conversation with author and branding expert, Laura Bull

@themomscareerguide Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a brand that becomes a household name? On this week's episode, Carla is chatting with music industry veteran and branding expert, Laura Bull, about her new book, From Individual to Empire. Laura, a branding expert and mom of two, shares her top tips and insider knowledge so that we too can create a memorable brand strategy for ourselves as individuals and as entrepreneurs. Find Laura on Instagram and on the web. @thelaurabull


A Working Mom’s Journey to Become Whole, with Erin Erenburg, Founder of Totum Women and Totum Talks

@totum @themomscareerguide In this episode, Carla is chatting with the founder and CEO of Totum Women, Erin Erenburg. Erin is an Attorney turned entrepreneur, and started Totum after her own postpartum journey revealed a lack of resources for women after they become mothers. In this episode we're discussing some of the challenges of modern motherhood the many ways the pandemic has effected working mothers and families. Also, Erin is sharing information about her newest venture, TotumTalks, and what Totum Women is doing to help moms feel whole as they move through motherhood in their new post-pandemic reality and beyond.


The Inspiration File with Cinda Boomershine. How she built a global brand and then stepped away to focus on motherhood.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a national or global brand? If you did, would you be willing to step away from it all to spend time with your kids? In this episode, I'm speaking with Cinda Boomershine, the founder of Cinda B. and the real life Mom behind @theboomershines, and she did just that. Her story is inspiring and she's filling us in on how she got started, and why she stepped away from it all to focus on motherhood and her two beautiful kiddos. @themomscareerguide


Getting Organized with professional organizer, Liz Oliver

Instagram - @themomscareerguide Website - Has your house ever needed an organization intervention? Are you overwhelmed with the task of getting organized and struggling with where to start? I have been all of the above, and 2021 is the year for getting organized in our household. If you're like me you can get a system of organization in place, but then have trouble getting other members of the household to adopt the new organized life you have created. Not only is this frustrating, but often feels like a huge waste of time. This week, I'm speaking with professional organizer Liz Oliver of Norzanized (@norzanized), and she's offering up some amazing tips to get us on the right track. While we're at it, she's also dishing up helpful advice on how we get our partners and children to "buy in" to all the organizing fun.


Real Mom Talk and All the Things, with Meredith Huck

Follow me on insta @themomscareerguide. Are you curious about how some moms are managing it all while making it all look easy? On this week's episode, Carla chats with real-life mom Meredith Huck, who happens to be one of the moms making it all look easy, and learns what she's doing behind the scenes to find work-life balance in a very organized and strategic way. Meredith has two very young kids, an amazing job with The Mom Project, and also manages a very busy home with lots of construction projects, and a husband. Together, we talk about several topics including mom-shaming and releasing the stigma of other people's expectations while leaning into discovering your own parenting style. Website :


"It takes a Villyge" with Founder and CEO of Villyge, Debi Yadegari

Debi Yadegari is the founder and CEO of Villyge, an employer benefit program that empowers mothers and families in the workplace. Villyge's programs help create parent friendly policies in the workplace that support working parents, while positively impacting company bottom lines. A few of their most notable clients include: -The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -Forbes -MLB In this episode we discuss the "she-cession" and the state of remote work, along with how employers can play a positive role moving forward in the lives of working parents. Check out The Mom's Career Guide and Villyge online and on Instagram!


Job Search 101 for 2021

Are you in the midst of a job search in 2021? Was your New Years Resolution to find a new job? On this week’s episode, Carla is helping mamas properly execute and accelerate their job searches and move their resumes to the top of the stack. Job search 101 is her wheelhouse, and if you're in the middle of a job search this episode is an audio workshop that will help you land a new job in the New Year. Yes, even during a pandemic! Be prepared to take notes, and save this episode so that you can listen to it at a later time. Episode Notes Join the Mom's Career Guide Community Get my FREE Guide - Top 5 Tips for a Successful Job Search Follow me on Instagram Check out the website: THEMOMSCAREERGUIDE.COM


2021 Goals Y'all!

Connect with me on Instagram: @themomscareerguide. If 2020 was a year of surprises and moving targets, 2021 is a year of thoughtful contemplation and a shift in priorities. In this episode, Carla gets real and personal with what her goals look like in 2021, and how 2020 rearranged her mindset and revealed a few areas she needs to focus on in the New Year. Vulnerable and real, she's leaving her career consultant hat at home and simply offering up some girl talk as she reflects on her goals for the new year. Woman to woman. Mama to mama.


The Pandemic Effect + The Silver Linings of 2020

In episode 2, Carla goes over the real numbers and statistics which demonstrate how women have been impacted professionally by the Covid-19 pandemic. She's delivering real talk and helpful insight, and also showcasing some positive silver linings ushered in during this odd time in history that she hopes will stick around for years to come.


The Introduction: The juggle is real and work isn't what it used to be.

Meet Carla, a career consultant and entrepreneur, and journey with her down the rabbit hole of where work-life meets mom-life and societal expectations. She's blowing the lid off of what it means to be a working mom, and talking about real issues and solutions. In doing so, she hopes to shed a little light on a brighter path forward for career-minded mamas everywhere.