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Wise Women@ Work is a podcast devoted to showcasing successful women in business, law and finance; and to inspiring a new generation of female leaders. Hosted by Felicia Garland of Krietzberg Wealth Management.

Wise Women@ Work is a podcast devoted to showcasing successful women in business, law and finance; and to inspiring a new generation of female leaders. Hosted by Felicia Garland of Krietzberg Wealth Management.


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Wise Women@ Work is a podcast devoted to showcasing successful women in business, law and finance; and to inspiring a new generation of female leaders. Hosted by Felicia Garland of Krietzberg Wealth Management.






Kindness and Curiosity--- A Conversation with Tracy Fink Ep 53

Kindness and curiosity are the pillars of the Tortoise Institute, which offers a secular-based series of programs and services focused on developing emotional intelligence, decreasing stress, and increasing focus and resilience at work and in life. According to Tracy Fink, founder of the Tortoise Institute, these concepts, when practiced daily, can help you keep an open mind and challenge the assumptions and limiting beliefs that keep you on autopilot and hinder your success. Why the...


Less Stress Now! --- A Conversation with Jamie Sussel Turner Ep: 52

Jamie Sussel Turner’s life is one full of lessons learned: And the list goes on. Jamie now applies what she’s learned about coping with challenges and stress to help her clients live the best, less-stressed version of themselves. She is the Less Stress Coach. Jamie describes her life lessons in this episode and in her book, Less Stress Life—How I went from Crazed to Calm and You Can Too. She is also known for her work with corporate and business teams, facilitating innovative and engaging...


Remembering Your Roots While Spreading Your Wings --- A Conversation with Carmen Rivera Ep: 51

There is little in Carmen Rivera’s background that would lead you to believe she would become a successful banker and a real estate entrepreneur. In fact, in many ways the cards were stacked against her. She was raised in Paterson, New Jersey by her single mother along with seven brothers and sisters and six half siblings. Her mother did not speak English, and Carmen vividly remembers trips to the local welfare office. Carmen had no role model in business or entrepreneurship. These...


Mission Possible—A Conversation with Tracy Otsuka Ep: 50

Tracy Otsuka is one Smart A** Women. She should be; she’s the host of the podcast, ADHD for Smart Ass Women. She is also the creator of Coretography, her patent-pending brand-spankin’ new breed of self-development that organizes your brain and helps you discover who you are and what you’re meant to be doing with your life. Because for Tracy, “When you align who you are with what you do, life just automatically gets easier.” Tracy was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, eight months after...


THINK LIKE A MAN, WORK LIKE A DOG & ACT LIKE A LADY—A Conversation with Susan Ascher Ep: 49

Susan Ascher is a Futurist. She also happens to be the Founder of The Ascher Group, her executive and business coaching firm. But mostly, she’s a one-women think tank. She’s been thinking about the nature of work, careers and living a more fulfilling life for as long as she can remember. In this episode Susan shares her Five Ps for thriving in the “Next Normal,” as she calls it, when we finally emerge from our Covid-19 lockdown. Specifically, we chat about: NEWHOWWHEN Corporations,...


MOVING PEOPLE’S LIVES—A Conversation with Cindy Myer Ep: 48

Cindy Myer, CEO and President of Ridgewood Moving, is keenly aware that death, divorce and moving are the three biggest stressors a person can face. That’s why, after taking the helm of Ridgewood Moving upon the death of her husband, Rob, she developed the concept of building a “posse” to pull together the resources her clients need for a successful move. For Cindy, giving back has become a cornerstone of her business philosophy. Listen as she describes the importance of philanthropy...



Marie Raser, P.E., LSRP, is Senior Project Manager with Matrix New World Engineering, a women-owned, national environmental engineering firm headquartered in New Jersey. In this episode Marie shares her experiences working in the male-dominated field of engineering, the challenges she faced as a woman working in the Middle East, and the perspectives—both personal and professional-- she has gained as a certified scuba diver. We also chat about: Marie’s work has taken her around the...


LET YOUR PASSION BE YOUR GUIDE—A Conversation with Samantha Myer Ep: 46

Samantha Myer is a New York-based stylist and designer who specializes in personal, editorial and red-carpet styling. She has styled celebrities, including Alicia Keys, and Budweiser ad campaigns. In this podcast we discuss Sam’s work as a stylist and designer, and how she’s made it all happen on her own terms. We also chat about: LISTEN NOW Sam continues to expand her jewelry collection and develop new lines of clothing. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on her business, and...


From Layoff to Job Landing Ep: 45

Lisa started this business in 2009 after a career of recruiting. She found herself laid off, and the sole provider for her family. She began writing resumes as a way to gain some immediate income, which was the birth of what exists now. She helps job seekers from resume, to application, all the way through the salary negotiation portion of their job search. Corporate Recruiting While Linda and her company are happy to help professional and entry-level individuals, their bread and butter...


Your Business is Your Baby —A Conversation with Holly Hurd Ep: 44

Holly Hurd founded VentureMom.com to help moms from around the country start their own businesses. Do you have a product to sell? Do you provide a service? Do you need a web presence and shopping cart (and want it all in 2 days?). Then you are a VentureMom. Holly created VentureMom.com to provide mom entrepreneurs with a web presence, promotion, and distribution and marketing of their products in the VentureMom e-commerce marketplace. That marketplace currently attracts the affluent,...


Your Workplace Should Be Beautiful Ep 43

Do you feel inspired in your workplace? Supported? I don’t mean in your physical location (although that’s an important space given Covid-19 and the recent closing down of business sites), but by your manager and company employer? Alyson DeMaso, founder of Raising Beauty LLC, is on a mission to help business leaders and managers turn their organizations into beautiful places where employees thrive. By coincidence, Alyson is a former human resources and leadership-training executive at The...


Episode Redo_Lisa Marie Latino

AH, TO BE IN THE KNOW! Do you wanna know what’s hip and happening in and around the Garden State? Lisa Marie Latino knows. As the executive producer and host of the lifestyle program, Hip New Jersey, Lisa Marie keeps her audience up to date on the latest trends, what’s hot and what’s not. And yes, Virginia, New Jersey has a hip side! From early in her career, Lisa Marie saw the potential of digital media. She took the leap to produce her own content and formed Long Shot Productions...


Diane Simovich Shares the Origins of BW NICE EP: 41

Diane Simovich established BW NICE (Business Women Networking Involving Charity & Education) in 2009, with initial chapters in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Through its growing number of chapters, BW NICE gathers together business women and female professionals who seek to support each other, and to give back---in this case, to raise money for, and awareness of, domestic violence and sexual assault. In this episode, Diane speaks candidly about the abuse she personally experienced, first as...



Speak to any women with a successful career and the conversation will frequently become a discussion about “Work/Life Balance.” We’re either striving to find it, or if we already have it, are asked to advise others about how to achieve it. Sandra Fava, Esq., family-law partner at Fox Rothschild, appears to have found the magic formula. For Sandra, family law has provided an opportunity to help men and women through a most stressful and challenging time in their lives. In this podcast we...


Business Growth Strategies with Jennifer Glass EP: 39

YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT Jennifer Glass is a business coach on a mission. To Jennifer, success in business usually begin with a shift in mindset. She coaches her clients to first imagine and then feel their business success, and to hold that vision and emotion in their subconscious. “Believe you have already achieved it,” she says, “and you’re halfway there.” When first working with a client, Jennifer takes them through a visioning exercise. “See yourself at age 65; at 75; at...


The Art of Giving with Diana Polack EP: 38

Diana Polack is the Founder and Chief Change Officer of ArtWare for Good, the organization she started over 25 years ago to fulfill a need for fundraisers to support art departments in public schools. (If you have children, you may remember the mugs, T-shirts and note cards that proudly carried your child’s artwork and helped fund arts education in the school. I still cherish my kids’ mugs!!) ArtWare has grown into a unique assembly of art-based initiatives that tap into the creativity of...


Empowering Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs with Linda Albright EP: 37

EMPOWERING HEART-CENTERED ENTREPRNEURS “What’s a heart-centered entrepreneur?” you ask. Well, Linda Albright knows. And she says, “You know if you are one.” She wants them to make good money with their natural gifts and talents. She believes that when female entrepreneurs become financially and spiritually empowered, the world become a better place. CHIM-CHIM CHIMNEY A lifetime entrepreneur, Linda has a passion for starting things—like businesses. She has helped build successful...



You are not alone my worried parent. According to Beth Hendler-Grunt, President of Next Great Step, “Forty-three percent of recent college graduates are underemployed in their first job out of college.” “Of those, two-thirds are still underemployed after five years, and just over half remain so after 10 years,” she adds. BUT THERE IS HOPE To hear Beth tell it, “Navigating the post-college job world is all about developing and implementing the right strategies.” Next Great Step is her...


Living Full Out with Nancy Solari Ep: 35

What does it really mean? Nancy advises that “Living Full Out” is looking at your life and making sure you have balance, synergy, and are living your truth. Think of life as a pie – each piece is a slice of your life, and we want them to be balanced. You’re in it to Play it Nancy speaks about life as a game. There are challenges and areas of excitement. The whole goal in life, she shares, is to keep moving forward and making progress. Hear as Nancy shares her story and how her condition...


Leaving Corporate with Serial Entrepreneur Emily King EP: 34

“I HAD TO GET OUT OF THE CORPORATE BOX” Emily King began working in insurance and financial services right out of college. “It seemed most important at the time to have a stable job and a paycheck,” she says. Although she was successful in the large-company environment---rising to the executive ranks---in the long run, she admits, it wasn’t for her. “I had to get out of the corporate box, she says.” “I needed to create my own success.” In this interview she discusses the frustration she...