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Humble and Fred are back to wreck the Internet!

Humble and Fred are back to wreck the Internet!


Toronto, ON


Humble and Fred are back to wreck the Internet!






August 6, 2020: Paul Romanuk

Paul Romanuk is back, and he's got a Beatle's podcast / There are lots of rats in Toronto / The Leafs still have a lot to prove / Dan Duran weather / The Covid 19 ap / Trump can control his colour / No show next week.


August 5, 2020: Brent Sopel

Brent Sopel, former NHL player and Stanley Cup Winner talks about his documentary about dyslexia / Richard Syrett makes his monthly appearance and deals with UFO's / More mandatory mask locations / Dan Duran weather / The Retirement Sherpa / It's Obama's birthday / Trump's reckoning / Podcast extra - aging and farting


August 4, 2020: Bob Weeks

TSN golf analyst Bob Weeks talks Covid and the upcoming PGA Championship / August is here already / The Beatles are still significant on Spotify / Is Coldplay like Nickelback / Dan Duran weather / Hubbing works / Nothing changes for the Leafs / The Raptors are hot / Stan gets injured while playing in a pool / Barb from CDN Technologies / Podcast extra - painless ways to wipe your ass / Anti maskers are flat out stupid.


July 30, 2020: Jen Sakato

Comic Jen Sakato loves the Humble and Fred Show / Stan avoids a skunk / Trump wishes all the best to Jizz-lain / Rep. Louie Gohmert is an asshole / We don't remember songs and titles very well / Dan Duran weather / Andy Donald from / Neighbour John is moving away / Listener e-mail / Trudeau testifies on the WE scandal today / Intern Josh is leaving.


July 29, 2020: Lance Hornby

Lance Hornby of the Toronto Sun addressed hocky and Covid / Selfish pricks and Covid / Dan Duran weather / The Florida Marins are screwing up baseball / The Retirement Sherpa / Tim O'Connor of Swing Thoughts talks about Mike Weir joining the seniors tour / Podcast extra - David Bradfield, Vice-President, Marketing and Communication at Economical Insurance / Irish Cream in coffee


July 28, 2020: Mark Hebscher

Sports guy Mark Hebscher talks about baseballs Covid problems / The big dildo theft / We eat like animals / Dan Duran weather / The 28th Anniversary of Gordon / BNL hook up with Rough Trade / Fred's muscle problem / Fear City is worth a watch / Problems for Ellen / Podcast extra - Anti maskers are sickening / Trump moves to regulate social media.


July 27, 2020: Farley Flex

Canadian entertainment guy Farley Flex talks about Canadian Idol and Toronto Shines / Humble takes an cognitive test / Sports are back big time / Eddie Shack is dead / Dan Duran weather / Cornholing / Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac is dead / Lies the government tells us / Megan Henderson from MD Connected / Dealing with lyme disease / The Chinese are up to no good / Podcast extra - Covid numbers / Regis Philbin is dead


July 23, 2020: Nick Kypreos

Nick Kypreos returns to the Humble and Fred Show - he talks hockey, Sportsnet, his booze and his book / Radio is a precarious business / Anti maskers are tedious / Dan Duran weather / Pennsylvania says no to the Jays / Brett Tanner from the Chambers Plan / The BC government gives glory hole advice.


July 22, 2020: Laura Armstrong

Laura Armstrong is on the baseball beat for the Toronto Star / The show has a new brain / Frederica is not a nice name / The Eskimos are no more / Dan Duran weather / Radio names / There's an over load of sports coming / Trump tells more lies / The Retirement Sherpa / Winnipeg is the CFL's hub city / Bill Brioux makes his monthly visit / Podcast extra - Trump wishes the best for Jizz-lain / Winning a lottery


July 21, 2020: Tony Clement

Tony Clement explains the Trudeau WE controversy / Humble spots the Canadian Tire Limo / The Jays are forced out of Canada / Hugs Over Masks is stupid / Angelina Blessed, Founder of Blessed / Trumps cognitive test / Jeremy Roenick sues NBC / Humbles wins his second golf title in three weeks / Barb from CDN technologies / Podcast extra - Screwing with Covid numbers / Who flung poo.


July 16, 2020: Brian Mitchell, Jr.

Brian Mitchell, Jr. is a former police officer who has great insights on policing matters and LGBTQ2S+ / Truck of conspiracies / Rudra from GigSky / Florida's Governor / Andy Donald from The Health Depot / COVID-19 risk charts / Dr. Keith Thompson from iTeleMed.


July 15, 2020: Richard Syrett

Richard Syrett makes his monthly visit, but we skip politics and talk conspiracies / Comic John Hastings checks in from Montreal, last night he was on America's Got Talent / Dan Duran weather / We have a new show idea for Dan Duran / The Retirement Sherpa / The Blue Jays might have to leave the country / The Q-tip equation / Fire Fauci is gaining speed / Podcast extra - More on Covid and Bidens ability to debate.


July 14, 2020: Jeff Marek

Jeff Marek of Sportsnet talks about the NHL's return and the Washington Redskins / Melania Trump is no Einstein / Donald Trump retweets Chuck Woolery / Dan Duran weather / We call her Jizzlain / Ali Mohamad, President, CEO of Lyte Clinics / Howard likes non-alcholic beer / The problem with elevators in office towers / Another Mafia hit / Humble insults John Shannon / Intern Josh gets a job / Podcast extra - Produce bags / Not wearing a mask / Stage 3 in Ontario


July 13, 2020: When I'm 64

Fred turns 64 / Phil falls and can't get up / Too hot to function / Howard sees another dead body / Dr. Filza Naveed from MD Connected / Darryl and Steve from Sessions Cannabis / Hamilton sucks / CNN recognizes Canada's covid response / Trudeau and the WE controversey / Stories from the crazy mixed up US of A / Podcast extra - more on the Orange thing.


June 30, 2020: Kim Mitchell

Canadian music icon Kim Mithcell talks about his fascinating career / More about Humble's Milton Masters / Pickel Ball is a growing thing / Dan Duran likes to chase woodpeckers / A dog poop life hack / Andy Palalas from High Tide/Canna Cabana / Barb from CDN Technologies / Podcast extra - The virus is way too political in the States / Jose the intern is no longer an intern.


June 29, 2020: Alan Cross

Alan Cross announces the plans for a CFNY documentary / Some barbeque tips / Dan Duran weather / Humble wins the senior club golf championship / Trump hits a new low / Megan Henderson from / Changing times, changing names / Dr. Mike Hart from Rritual, the premium brand in the emerging functional mushroom market / Podcast extra - dumb dumb Floridians / Trump considers losing.


June 25, 2020: Richard Crouse

Movie critic Richard Crouse talks about the state of the industry / Thanks to front line workers / Brain surgery on Netflix / Ron Jeremy can't stop himself / Dan Duran weather / What is this tiktok / Chinese weed whackers / Jake Neiman, Co-Founder and CEO of POPCANN / Not noticing hair cuts / Problems in Brazil / Albert Nerenberg and Nik Sheehan, creators of Who Farted / Podcast extra - No where to go / Josh talks about angry Thai monkeys.


June 24, 2020: Hawksley Workman

Singer songwriter Hawksley Workman talks media, performing and adapting / Phase 2 in Toronto / Trump spits in the eye of Covid again / Dan Duran weather / Baseballs back / The Retirement Sherpa / The Mayor of Amaranth looks stupid / Rodrigo and Jessica, and Fred developers / Dairy Queen is loose with Covid.


June 23, 2020: Carla Collins

Carla talks about her Comedic Meditation Show, her MIX morning show and working with Dan Duran / Listener e-mail and more on Mr. Potter / Dan Duran weather / Ben Mulroney leaves E-talk / The inspiring story of Bubba Wallace / Chief Medical Officer Dr. Filza Naveed, MD Connected / Ranking sports difficulty / Barb fram CDN Technologies / Podcast extra - Trump stuff, the USA is covid insane.


June 22, 2020: Gord Stellick

Broadcaster and former Leaf GM Gord Stellick tells the fellas some very funny stories / Fathers Day stuff / Mr. Potter is upset wih Humble and Fred / Dan Duran weather / Driving with our kids / Whats the patio situation / Who looks good in pictures / Dr. Blake Pearson explains his Lockdown Learning Series / Podcast extra - Trump is crazy and intern Josh's story about a provocative fart.