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Living Your Life with Purpose with Sarah and Julia

Do you ever feel like you’re running in circles? I certainly do! So today’s theme is living with purpose. I am excited to have Sarah and Julia from All Things with Purpose We talk about great things in today’s episode, like balancing confidence with knowing that you have a lot to learn as a mom, making the switch from working mom to staying at home, and playing to your strengths. Finally, we talk about the pressure to involve your kids in all the right activities. Listen To This Podcast...

How to Road Trip without Movies

To watch or not to watch… Do you believe in road trip movies? With new cars, we are surrounded by constant temptation. There are multiple screens in every car… and even if you don’t have a “cool” car like me, you probably have a tablet that can play movies. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes So we just survived a road trip with zero movies. I am incredibly proud! Over 24 hours in the car and not one ounce of TV… I feel like I should...

Shark Tank & Making Money as a Mom

I’m short on two things right now, time and money. I got barely 5 hours of sleep last night, and have a hefty pile of debt that is really beginning to annoy me. As mom’s, I think we can get trapped sometimes with our time going in a million directions and a simple lack of money. Or our money isn’t really going where it should be. In light of my exhaustion, we decided to break family tradition, and eat dinner while watching a show, Shark Tank It was so refreshing! I feel in love with one...


Just one week ago I had the phenomenal opportunity to attend EntreLeadership! It is basically a day packed with entrepreneurial and leadership lessons led by Dave Ramsey and his team. I’ve been a fan of Dave Ramsey for a long time… When I got my first job I took his Financial Peace University Class which gave me the knowledge and tools to kick butt at paying off my school loans, house and car!! I feel like I know what I’m doing with money now… yes we’re in the final stretch for paying off...

Papa's Job: Teaching Your Boys to Be Brave

There are some areas where papa truly is best! We have recently been trying to conquer sleeping in the big boy bed all night. I am the worst at encouraging this. Every time my poor little guy whimpers, I want to fly in and rescue him. I’m truly not giving him an opportunity to see that everything will be ok because at the slightest tear, I pick him up. This is where papa comes up. He does a great job of talking with Charlie and keeping him in bed. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right...

Balancing Confidence and Imperfection with Carrie from Carrie This Home

Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a mom? It is way too easy to look around and see the “perfect moms”… That is why I was thrilled to have Carrie from Carrie this Home on for today’s podcast episode. From the first moment you go to Carrie’s site, you get to see the real Carrie! ”Jesus follower, wife, mommy of 2, Doesn’t have it all together. The last part was what truly stood out to me. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes We all want to...

How to Publish Your Own Book on Amazon

Last year my hubby and I wrote, illustrated, and published our own book on Amazon! It was an absolutely incredible experience. Since then I’ve had several friends ask me to help them publish their own books. So I decided to record Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes How to Publish A Book with Amazon Confession: I don’t know everything. But these were the questions I have been getting as well as things that were important to us. Write...

Healthy and Delicious Cooking for Moms - with Chelsea from Chelsea's Messy Apron

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between healthy and delicious cooking? Your healthy option… plain oatmeal… Or the yummy category… cheesecake! Our interview today with Chelsea from Chelsea’s messy apron shows us how we can have incredible meals that are amazing to eat and healthy. What is her secret? Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes Plan Your Meals in Advance! As someone who despises planning, this was a major kick in the...

Finding Balance with Eating and Working Out

As moms, we can way too easily bounce between two extremes in life. “I’m fat! I don’t look beautiful!” and ”I am incredible!” “I don’t have time to work out… but I look great!” As moms, we want to be beautiful, happy, healthy, and in shape. But how do we find the balance between the two extremes? You are beautiful! Right now. Today as a mom! But we should always be striving to be better. Sometimes, I get stuck, but I know I should always be pressing forward. So I talked with some other...

Fashion 101 Followup

Last week I shared my thoughts on How to Be Hip and Modest but it was severely lacking in pics. I finally got to take some pics of all the outfits I was talking about. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes Here’s my... Fashion 101 Followup Ever since my interview with Molly I’ve been dying to get out and go shopping. The perfect opportunity arose when both of my sisters came to visit. Target, here we come!! I felt like I finally...

Can Your Kids Listen to Too Much Music?

I love silence! Ok, not awkward silences… but just quiet, maybe a few crickets in the background or corn growing in a field. Oh yeah, that's “just silence”. But, babies are supposed to learn about and love music. This definitely wasn’t my strength when my son was little. If he was quiet, I wanted quiet. Why would I add background noise to my already cluttered mind? Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes Things started to changed once I...

Teaching Your Kids to Love Cleaning

I hate cleaning! But I’m told that kids learn order in their first few years of life. So, if you teach them to clean when they are young they will love it. Let’s be honest, this sounds totally fake, but I don’t want to do all the cleaning myself so I’m willing to take the risk. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes 5 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Love Cleaning Involve Your Kids in Cleaning I used to think little Charlie was too small to...

How to Be Hip and Modest

As moms, we all want to be beautiful. But sometimes I feel like there is a war between cute/stylish and modest. It can be depressing to walk into the store and feel like you have to choose one extreme or the other. I was so excited about the podcast episode with Molly from Still Being Molly on Fashion 101 Molly had some incredible advice for dressing stylishly. But they were all things you could do while still being modest. We also recorded a great video too if you missed it! Listen To...

What Stay at Home Moms Can Learn from Working Moms (and Vice Versa)

I feel like I’m stuck in pickle… I am a working mom, but a lot of my besties are stay at home moms. What does that make me? I’ve never really felt like I fit under that “working mom” label, but that is in reality what I am. I always try to guess if you are stay at home or working moms. ps It would be super fun if you’d leave a simple comment SAHM or working. When I did my podcast How to Be Joyful as a Working Mom It was one of my popular podcasts! So, I wanted to look at that topic with a...

Weaning Advice That Saved My Life

Weaning was a bear, for our whole family! I know I’ve blogged a lot about it before when I was in the heat of things, but I never went back after the dust settled to reflect. In those tear filled moments trying to wean, it seemed like my life would remain trapped in that moment forever! As if we would never move on… but we did, and quite happily I might say. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes Are there times when I miss nursing, or...

Dreaming of Renovations

Do you love your house right now? Or are you itching to renovate? I love to dream about renovating! I was inspired while reading Marie’s blog, Family House and a Cat, and checking out the transformation that was going on in her house. Our house right now actually has a really nice floor plan… So I feel like it could be magical! However when we bought our house, it was purposefully an inexpensive house to be placeholder while we paid off a lot of debt. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right...

How I made $1,000 in One Day

As moms, it seems like we always trying to do two things, save money and make money. While listening to The Eventural Millionaire I heard a millionaire sadly I cannot remember who talking about how he didn’t want to be stuck constantly pinching pennies… instead he would just make more money! I wanted to share how I made $1000 in One Day! Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes If you feel like this is a greedy or odd post I’m not...

Fashion 101 with Still Being Molly

When it comes to fashion I often feel lost. I have the best of intentions… but some how I will just miss. I remember when people would come up and say, “That is just the best outfit!”… and I’d say, “Yeah that one was a gift…” Then, I met Molly from Still Being Molly at Brand Market earlier this year. Not only was she incredibly nice, she was super stylist. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes I checked out her blog… all her outfits were...

Surviving with Sick Kids

Have your kids gotten sick yet? It seems that everywhere we go we’re surrounded by germs and sickness. Ahhhh! Currently, my family is among the lucky masses who have hand foot and mouth… I can’t even believe I’m writing this, I just want to image it isn’t so. Talking with other moms, I know we’re not the only ones at war with sickness so I wanted to share. Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on iTunes Survival Tips for Sick Kids Change the...

How's Your Bucket List? with Becky from Tales of Beauty for Ashes

Are you reaching your goals? As moms we can have 100s of great ideas but are we actually achieving them? Yes, the most important thing we need to do is keep our kiddos alive and well. But what about after that? I was really inspired when I met Becky from Tales of Beauty for Ashes She was busy mom just like all of us, but she has her bucket list on her blog, and is actively accomplishing her dream! Listen To This Podcast Episode Right click to download this episode Or Listen on...