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Chatting with Casey Children's Mental Health Week 2019 Special — Episode 004: Get a Check Up from the Neck Up!

Our fourth episode in the Children's Mental Health Week podcast series is a conversation with Laurie McCann — mom, police officer, and anti-bullying advocate — on her experience with children's mental health and what we need to do to build a future that takes it seriously. Notes:!Laurie McCann on TwitterLaurie McCann on Instagram


Chatting with Casey Children's Mental Health Week 2019 Special — Episode 003: Toronto Isn't Everything: Mental Health Across the Province

In the third podcast in the Chatting with Casey Children's Mental Health Week Special, we chat with Patti Rantala from Thunder Bay who helps remind us that Ontario's more than just the Greater Toronto Area. Things can be very different in the north, and we need to understand where everyone's coming from if we want to find a solution. Courtesy of Children's Mental Health Ontario, it's episode three—Toronto Isn't Everything: Mental Health Across the Province! Make sure to visit my...


Chatting with Casey Children's Mental Health Week 2019 Special — Episode 002: Let's Not Take Mental Health for Granted!

For the second podcast in the Chatting with Casey Children's Mental Health Week Special, I'm chatting with Irwin Elman—the former Ontario Child Advocate—about the state of children's mental health services in our province, what he learned in more than a decade of service in the role, and the things we can do to build a future that our children can feel safe in. Courtesy of Children's Mental Health Ontario, it's episode two—Let's Not Take Mental Health for Granted! Make sure to visit my...


Chatting with Casey Children's Mental Health Week 2019 Special — Episode 001: Why Children's Mental Health Matters

It's Children's Mental Health Week, and I've partnered with Children's Mental Health Ontario to bring some additional exposure to some very real stories about children and the struggles they've endured in a world that's only growing more complicated. To kick the week off, I chatted with Kimberly Moran, Chief Executive Officer of Children's Mental Health Ontario about what CMHO does, why Children's Mental Health Week is important, and what we can all do to be part of the solution. Come...


Playing with People's Attention

In Chatting with Casey #17, I sit with Nelson Caetano, Toronto artist, husband and father to chat about our shared histories as comic book fans and creators and his upcoming project The Gathering Place! You can find Nelson on Twitter!


"Where You From?" — Why 'Black Canadian' isn't JUST ONE THING.

In Live from the 3.5's third chapter for 2019, we examine the question "Where are you from?"—one that every Canadian person of colour's been asked at one point or another. Not what block, not what city—what country your roots trace back to. In this episode, I got together with Sherley Joseph from the Black Canadian Content Creators Facebook group, who's Haitian-Canadian, familiar with podcasting, and has some things to say! Make sure to check this out! If you want to jump on one of...


Being Black in the Great White North

In the midst of interviewing all these guests for Live from the 3.5, I get to bounce bits of my story off of theirs, but I never really get to dive into my story itself. But in Chapter 2: "Being Black in the Great White North", we look back at a community talk I gave last year to give you some insights on what it's been like for me being Black in Canada! It's not always easy, but it doesn't need to be impossible—we talk about all that and more in this episode!


What IS Blackness, Exactly?

In 2019's Live from the 3.5 Episode 1, we chat with Asante Haughton, Dad, Black Canadian, and mental health advocate about his views on Blackness and some things we can do to better it. You can catch his work on Twitter or through one of his two TEDx Talks on YouTube. If you want to jump on one of these podcasts yourself, check out the list of topics and let me know that you're interested!


Of Flour, Fables, and Fleeing to the North

It's Chatting with Casey episode 16, where we connect with traveller and story strategist Christine Tremoulet, who tells us about her adventures, why she's cut flour from her life, and why she secretly wants to be a Canadian. There's a few things we cover in this one, like: thoughts I had on it afterwards


I'm Where I Need to be Right Now.

In Chatting with Casey 15, we wrap up my conversation with Errol Elumir, covering things like One Piece, Studio Ghibli, and how Korean dramas pack so much into a mere sixteen episodes of content! And that's not all—the second half of the episode brings out none other than Mr. Rick Campanelli, who spared some time to talk fatherhood, fun, and the insights you can have from places as far away as Bangladesh on the podcast! Show Notes: My Neighbor ErrolHallmark LG


I Don't Want to Talk to Anyone; Just Give Me the Puzzles!

It may be our nerdiest episode yet, but I don't think I've laughed harder on any Chatting with Casey to date! In Episode 14, I interview Errol Elumir, proud nerd and escape room enthusiast as he shares a number of stories about game design, puzzle culture, and the things that can go wrong when you plan events of your own. From killing text-based kittens to hoarding fake money and more, it's all here in Chatting with Casey 14 — I Don't Want to Talk to Anyone; Just Give Me the...


It Takes Two to Tango in Friendship

A great convo between Carlos Diaz, Rob Tinkler and myself on 8 Tiny Reindeer debuting Saturday, December 1st, their friendship of more than twenty years and fatherhood with all its foibles! 8 Tiny Reindeer will be released advent calendar style with episodes released every day from December 1st through 24th—I hope you're ready for it! Shout out to Robin Read Griffin for making this happen!


In a Nutshell, What Craft Chocolate's All About

There's a lot going on that so many of us never even think about when it comes to chocolate, like the allegations of modern slavery in West Africa linked to 95% of the world's chocolate production. Or that Canada's making chocolate that competes on an international level, with brands like Hummingbird and Sirene taking awards from European companies who've been at this for hundreds of years. Richard wants you to learn about one of Canada's best-kept secrets, and on Chatting with Casey's...


Don't be Afraid of the Doula

In episode 11, I chat with Rhiannon Langford, the doula behind Birth Boss Maternity Care about the need for doulas and her devotion to Toronto's art scene. You can check out her site, and she's also active on Instagram and Pinterest! Additional Notes: Live from the 3.5Tales from the 2.92016 version Rewatchability 316The Lion King episode 15 of Parenting Then and Now


Ain't No Parent Got Time for That!

What would it be like to take your six-person family and live in a 270-square foot school bus you converted into a mobile home? That's the question my longtime friend Kenna Côte can answer, having lived the bus life for a little over a year now! In episode ten, you get to hear Kendra and me have tons of fun talking soap, parenthood, and why no one loves working a job every. Waking. Moment. Of their lives.


The Life and Times of the Single Mom

In the months since I wrote my incendiary Father's Day post, I learned from the experience and the things we could all do better in a world that has but two days recognising the myriad of parenting situations out there. For this episode, I teamed up with Jennifer Tammy of Sugar, Spice and Glitter fame, who'd called me out on my views back when this all started. With her life as a single Mom, Jennifer helped me see things I took for granted in my two-parent household and learn some of the...


We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

An interview with author, world traveller and fellow Dad Blogger Ricky Shetty as we discuss his life, his new book series Exploring the Continents: A Family's Journey to Visit Every Country in the World, and what it's like to live a life so unconventional!


SEE Each Other.

It takes a while to switch my mind back on once it's gone into vacation mode, but I'm back (right before I'm out in the sticks again) with the second part of my conversation with the lovely Drekken Pownz! In this episode, you'll find the following: sosuch Drekken's a masterful storyteller whose narrative you won't find anywhere else, so I suggest you sit down, strap in, and get yourself ready for an excellent hour ahead, because this episode's one for the books!


Everybody Wants to be Fabulous

In what are some of my favourite interviews to date on Chatting with Casey, I chat it up with Jemmie Robles, a colleague of mine who's co-parenting her two daughters not with their father, but with his wife; and Drekken Pownz, in the first part of his 90-minute interview on a story about being Black and gay that I can only call inspiring. This episode is most definitely worth the listen!


You Don't Want to be That Guy

With Father's Day just around the corner, I had the privilege of speaking with a Wish Dad whose son made a wish through the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada to go see Mickey in Disney World! I also spoke with Gloria Chik of ROGUESTORIES fame about the Flight Pack—a carry-on sized travel case that any stylish Dad would love to have! All this and more in the fifth episode!