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We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

An interview with author, world traveller and fellow Dad Blogger Ricky Shetty as we discuss his life, his new book series Exploring the Continents: A Family's Journey to Visit Every Country in the World, and what it's like to live a life so unconventional!


SEE Each Other.

It takes a while to switch my mind back on once it's gone into vacation mode, but I'm back (right before I'm out in the sticks again) with the second part of my conversation with the lovely Drekken Pownz! In this episode, you'll find the following: sosuch Drekken's a masterful storyteller whose narrative you won't find anywhere else, so I suggest you sit down, strap in, and get yourself ready for an excellent hour ahead, because this episode's one for the books!


Everybody Wants to be Fabulous

In what are some of my favourite interviews to date on Chatting with Casey, I chat it up with Jemmie Robles, a colleague of mine who's co-parenting her two daughters not with their father, but with his wife; and Drekken Pownz, in the first part of his 90-minute interview on a story about being Black and gay that I can only call inspiring. This episode is most definitely worth the listen!


Chatting with Casey 0005 — You Don't Want to be That Guy

With Father's Day just around the corner, I had the privilege of speaking with a Wish Dad whose son made a wish through the Children's Wish Foundation of Canada to go see Mickey in Disney World! I also spoke with Gloria Chik of ROGUESTORIES fame about the Flight Pack—a carry-on sized travel case that any stylish Dad would love to have! All this and more in the fifth episode!


It's Hard Out Here for a Dad

Fathers get a pretty bad rap. You don't hear too many stories of "Deadbeat Moms", and the idea that some women aren't meant to be mothers is one we've only recently started accepting. But in episode four we look at it all—that some men feel fatherhood's something you get "trapped" into and not a calling you learn to live up to. Or that you've got your bases covered as a parent if you give a child your money but not your time. It's hard out here for a Dad, and we're gonna talk about it on...


Give Me Some Room to Fail

The third Chatting with Casey episode is titled after an idea from a keynote I gave at the Parenting 101 conference called "The Dad Within". It's me asking for permission to learn and not be perfect so I can find my own answers my own way. It was a keynote covering my fatherhood journey, what I've learned from my Dad, and some of the things that helped others get a slightly better idea of what happens in the struggle as a Dad. Take the time to check it out and maybe even share it with a...


No Terrible People Allowed!

This episode features an interview with Tracy Molyneaux, who among the various other hats she wears, currently manages Coffee Public at Bay and College in downtown Toronto! It's worth listening to the podcast to hear Tracy's story! Amidst her side hustles/passions in makeup artistry and jewellery making and managing a ridiculous number of social media accounts, I'm glad she found time to talk to me! If you want to learn more about Tracy, you can check her out (sporadically) on social...


Am I Black Enough?

In this episode: Why I'm sometimes jealous of other parent bloggers. What compelled me to start a podcast in the first place. Whether I'm Black enough to even discuss Black issues, and the story of why I visited Fat Lamb Kouzina, a dope new Greek joint by Toronto's Yonge/Bloor intersection! Show Notes: littleisgo check it outreally As for me, you can find me at: Casey Palmer, Canadian DadTwitterFacebookInstagramYouTubeLinkedIn