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Music Medley - A Pirate’s High C’s

Ahoy!!!! Welcome to Confetti Park, a magical place full of music and stories for children. Aye, You’ll hear lots of songs from the Mississippi delta and beyond as we hear an amazing variety of American music for scurvy buccaneers! This week we are celebrating International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s held on September 19... avast… that’s right around the corner! Here are some songs of the piratical nature for ye to enjoy: First we have that grand kids band, the Imagination Movers of New...


Panorama of South Louisiana, by Gypsy Damaris Boston

This is a road trip from North Louisiana to South Louisiana, represented in an essay called “Panorama” by Gypsy Damaris Boston, and narrated by her granddaughter, Katy Hobgood Ray. The essay is from her collection of published nature observations, Dear Louisiana, Love Gypsy. Gypsy's mantra has always been, "Stop, look and listen.... Nature is at work for you." Some excerpts from this essay: From the pine-covered red clay hills of north Louisiana, to the moss-draped live oaks of the black...


Storytime: Lafitte's Restless Ghost

You’ve heard of Pirate Jean Lafitte, a French pirate who gained infamy in the bays and swamps off the Gulf of Mexico. He lived from 1780-1823. He is often featured in tales of treasure hunters and is part of many legends from Louisiana and Texas. Here is one that takes place in Laport, off the coast of Galveston Bay… in the 1800s, many years after Lafitte;s death. We learn thatt he ghost of the smuggler continually wanders the earth searching for a worthy inheritor. Only when he finds a...


Storytime: The Adventure of House Mouse by Iran & Henryelle Martin

In this episode of Confetti Park Storytime, we hear an original fable created by husband and wife team Iran and Henryelle Martin of Bossier City, La. "There once lived a family of mice in the city of New Orleans, on Upperline Street, in a house abandoned of people. There were three of them...Mother Yum-Yum, Father Boom-Boom, and House-Mouse, their daughter." Iran, as narrator, introduces us to this cute family of mice, and gives us the background on their story. Yum Yum as a child...


Music Medley: Cows Go Moo

Welcome to Confetti Park, a radio show out of New Orleans, Louisiana. We play lots of songs and stories from the Bayou State and from the Mississippi Delta region. This is a music medley of songs, poems, and jump rope jingles featured on a recent episode. Louisiana’s Alphabet SongPh FredJeremy LyonsJohnette Downing Confetti Park Players Children’s ChorusJudy Caplan GinsburghKermit Ruffins The Princess & the FrogImagination Movers This episode, “Cows Go Moo,” the show begins with a song...


Music Medley: 7-8-9

Welcome to Confetti Park, a place where you can listen to kids music and hear stories, poems, jumprope jingles, and learn about the culture of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta. I’m Katy Hobgood Ray, your host. In New Orleans we are celebrating our 300th birthday this year. New Orleans was founded in 1718 by Bienville, and the city and Louisiana are known for having unique mix of cultural influences: French, Spanish, African, German, Native America, and many other peoples … that is why...


Storytime - Fair Weather Friend

Summertime in New Orleans brings a hyper awareness of storm season. In this episode of Confetti Park, we hear Fair Weather Friend: A Story of Hurricane Katrina, narrated by the author Marcus Page. Marcus is a poet and a New Orleans native. He was inspired to write a story of the power of friendship after the experience of Hurricane Katrina. Two children, who are the best of friends, are separated from each other during the hurricane evacuation. While their families face different...


Charlie Bush recalls the earliest days of his lifelong relationship with music

Charlie Bush is a guitar player, drummer, and a retired chef from Shreveport, Louisiana. His childhood was imbued with music, as he had an incredibly wonderfully large musical family, with all the siblings having particular instruments they played and a personal repertoire of songs they were known for singing in their family ranks. Charlie’s brother Bill Bush is a Louisiana legend who led a musical combo for fifty years. (Learn about the Bill Bush Combo) He operated a club in Shreveport...


Music Medley of Kids Music: Grizzly & Harp

Welcome to Confetti Park, a magical show featuring stories and music for children of all ages. I’ve been gathering songs from across my home state of Louisiana and from places around the Mississippi Delta. I just love the variety or music—blues, jazz, country, rock n roll, rap and church music and Cajun, and brass band… there’s a lot to learn and I am still listening and learning every day. I hope you like what I share with you. This is a music medley of songs featured on the show this...


Storytime: Little Orphan Annie Ledbetter, the Laughing Dog

It was hot. VERY hot. Dave, Ted and I finally remembered this fact about the day that we rescued Annie Ledbetter off the side of a country highway, because we recalled that the little pads of her paws were burned off by the heat of the asphalt. Little Orphan Annie Ledbetter, the Laughing Dog, was a medium sized solid black mutt who had been abandoned on the Blanchard Latex Road in rural Caddo Parish in northwest Louisiana. We know she was abandoned because she was running back and forth...


Storytime: The Adventures Of The Swamp Kids – A Dog Named Cat By Leif Pedersen

There is something special about a Catahoula Leopard Dog! What strange and magical breed...It’s the state dog of Louisiana. And it’s celebrated in the cute children’s book by Leif Pedersen. The author himself narrates the fun-filled adventure in A Dog Named Cat, the fourth book in The Adventures of The Swamp Kids series. The Swamp Kids travel to a nearby animal shelter in hopes of finding a new pet they can adopt and bring home. They find a Louisiana Catahoula Cur puppy and learn all...


Music Medley: Ice Cream Scream!

This is Confetti Park, a magical playground of music and stories for kids everywhere. What’s unique about these songs, and these stories, is that they all come from Louisiana. Today you’re going to hear songs from all corners of the state, and across a century of time. This is music that has touched generations of children…. I’m talking about songs that were popular when your grandparents were kids, that are sung by children today. Like "Skip to My Lou," a song that has stood the test of...


Music Medley: Okra Man

Hi everyone, Here is another music medley from Confetti Park. And in this episode, you will hear lots of songs about fresh fruits and vegetables. In the radio version of this program, we listen to a story about our recently departed dear Mr. Okra. (You can listen to the story here: Mr. Okra Sells Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by Lashon Daley) Mr. Okra passed away this week, and he was one of the last of the New Orleans street vendors. Mr. Okra sold fresh fruits and vegetables from a...


Music Medley: Milk Dud

Confetti Park HOMEABOUT CONFETTI PARKRADIO & PODCASTSHOPBOOKSMUSICNEWSEVENTSSUBSCRIBE Music Medley: Milk Dud HomeUncategorizedMusic Medley: Milk Dud 0 Music Medley: Milk Dud Hi kids! Welcome to another episode of Confetti Park, a radio show featuring songs and stories from Louisiana. I am so excited that Confetti Park is available in states from Alaska to Maine. Thank you to all the stations carrying the show, and I hope you all enjoy the music and stories. Don’t...


Confetti Park: Mardi Gras Indians, Brass Bands, Piano Profs!

Confetti Park: Mardi Gras Indians, Brass Bands, Piano Profs! Hi kids! It’s Mardi Gras time in Louisiana! Confetti Park is a kids radio show out of New Orleans. In my city the kids are out of school while we celebrate the end of the Epiphany season with parades, lots of good food, and music. Brass bands, marching bands, Indian chants, and sweet rock n roll. I’d like to bring you along for the carnival ride today… Every city that celebrates Mardi Gras has its own special customs, and in...


Music Medley: Gummy Bears (A Mardi Gras Mix)

Confetti Park: A Mardi Gras music medley! Hello from Confetti Park in New Orleans where we are celebrating Mardi Gras ! The most magical time of the year. If you listen to this show regularly, you know that at Confetti Park we celebrate the magic you find in everyday, in the beats on the street, the clapping of children, and the laughter and musical sounds of life! But Mardi Gras… it’s something special. There is a feeling in the air of joie de vivre… We’re going to celebrate with some of...


Music Medley: Time Flies

Happy New Year! Enjoy this new medley of family friendly songs created by Louisiana artists. This episode of Confetti Park, which airs in its entirety on the lucky radio stations listed below, has songs that appeal to children of all ages that reach back through generations. The music reflects the variety of sounds that come from our fertile Mississippi valley. Also featured in this episode, the storytime feature Swamp Kids: The Lost Chord, narrated by author by Leif Pedersen, and a music...


Music Medley: Mississippi Fishing

Hi everybody! Enjoy this new medley of family friendly songs created in Louisiana. This episode of Confetti Park, which airs in its entirety on the lucky radio stations listed below, has songs that kids and the grownups will love, that reflect the unique culture of Louisiana and the American South. Today's special episode features songs celebrating the great river that courses through our lives: the Mississippi River. The very ground beneath our feet was created by this river, over...


Storytime: Louis Lion – When It Gets Dark, I May Start Cryin’ by Cindy Foust

In this episode of Confetti Park Storytime, we hear Louis Lion – When It Gets Dark, I May Start Cryin’. This book is narrated by the author, Cindy Foust, creator of the Alpha-kidZ book series. Each letter of the alphabet gets a feature story and a feature creature who has an adventure and learns a lesson. Louis Lion – When It Gets Dark, I May Start Cryin’ is the “L” book in the series, of course! And little Louis has a problem that many children share…. fear of the dark and being alone in...


Animator Deborah A. Anderson discusses black hair, illustrations, and animations

In this episode of Confetti Park, we meet Deborah A. Anderson, New Orleans based animator and creator of The Black Hair Alphabet, a children’s book that explores different African-American hairstyles from A-Z. In this interview, Deborah discusses why and how she created the book, and shares insight into the interesting worlds of video game avatars, 3D illustration, and the animation industry. Says Deborah, “The idea behind the book came from a conversation with some colleagues in...