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The podcast that believes you can tell a lot about a person from the contents of their bag. Think Desert Island Discs but replace the island with handbags and the discs with raisins, lipsticks and unexplained dust.

The podcast that believes you can tell a lot about a person from the contents of their bag. Think Desert Island Discs but replace the island with handbags and the discs with raisins, lipsticks and unexplained dust.
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The podcast that believes you can tell a lot about a person from the contents of their bag. Think Desert Island Discs but replace the island with handbags and the discs with raisins, lipsticks and unexplained dust.




Handbags At Dawn Is On Holiday!

This week, my handbag is overflowing with factor 50, shades I'll sit on and books I'll never get a chance to read as I set forth with the rest of us sun-deprived Brits in search of a ray or five to keep the SAD at bay. Handbags at Dawn is on holiday but will be back, nosing through the bags of more fabulous guests, very soon - let's speak then, yes?


Handbags At Dawn - 27 - Olympic Mum

Olympic fever has hit Handbags At Dawn good and proper with the arrival of this week's fabulous guest, Winter Olympic Silver medallist, Shelley Rudman. We make like this World Champion Skeleton Bobsleigh athlete and dive head-first…not into a tunnel fashioned from ice, but instead into her rather lovely Ralph Lauren handbag, getting insight into a sporting lifestyle as we find a mobile phone, anti-bacterial hand gel and a bulging wallet within.


Handbags At Dawn - 26 - Family Business

This week, incredibly inspiring Dragon mother, Sonia Meaden OBE, shares her stories of life in the family business, making the most of every day and planning her 80th birthday performance with one of the 'Strictly' dancers as she pulls sweeteners, business cards and a Twirly Tube Delighter, (I know - you'll have to listen) from her glamorous bag.


Handbags At Dawn - 25 - Trends, Travel and Sequin Unicorns

Sequin unicorns take centre stage this week as our super- stylish guest, 'Kuccia' designer Soraya Goggin, takes us behind the scenes of a life lived on the fashion frontline through the medium of some fragrance, hoop earrings and an anti-vertigo inhaler found in her rather marvellous bag.


Handbags At Dawn - 24 - Mums and Mush

This week's handbag comes courtesy of fantastic new mothers' networking app 'Mush' co-founder, Katie Massie-Taylor. The bag-dive discovery of business cards, a Frozen hairbrush and turquoise laptop leads to discussions on what it takes to launch a successful start-up, the support you get from working with a friend and how children influence, well, everything.


Handbags At Dawn - 23 - Yvie Burnett

This week, vocal coach to the stars, Yvie Burnett shares with us her tips and tales from the TV talent-show top as we make the Louboutin-handbag-discoveries of some straws, flat shoes and an emergency vocal-rescue-remedy package.


Handbags At Dawn - 22 - Hurrah For Gin

This week's brilliant guest is the brains behind the exceptionally funny blog, 'Hurrah For Gin', Katie Kirby. We dig out lipstick, lollies and a lego loyalty card from her bag leading us nicely into discussions on motherhood, emojis and stick-men set to the soothing sounds of Hove’s finest seagulls.


Handbags At Dawn - 21 - Konnie Huq

She steered the Blue Peter ship for ten years and fronted The Xtra Factor...now Konnie Huq has shared with us the innards of her handbag(s). This week's bagspill involves a pair of 3D glasses, a lollipop stick and some necklaces, leading us to talk hosting highlights, the alarmingly drug-dealer-like qualities of ice cream vans and casual nights out at the BAFTAs with this perfectly marvellous presenter.


Handbags At Dawn - 20 - Mad Girl

This week, we get serious about serious mental health issues with a seriously good bestselling author and Telegraph columnist, Bryony Gordon. The discovery of prozac, a zoo membership card and diary in our guest's bag leads to discussions on changing attitudes to depression, finding balance in family life and staying on top of a hectic lifestyle.


Handbags At Dawn - 19 - Weddings (Royal Ones)

We delved into the bag of our Royal Wedding planner guest, Sophie Hare, finding a client’s party checklist, a Buckingham Palace keyring and a diet shake inside, leading to anecdotes about drinking Bollinger with the Queen, balancing working life with two families - The Royal Family and her own - and the ups and downs, shall we say, of swimwear.


Handbags At Dawn - 17 - The Unmumsy Mum

This week, brilliant blogger and author, The Unmumsy Mum, finds a laptop, tampon and raisins in her hybrid work/kids handbag, giving us reason to talk parenting plate-spinning, celebrate speaking the unspoken and bemoan the inexplicable temptation of teeny-tiny-child-food.


Handbags At Dawn - 16 - Smallish

This week, we talk toys, technology and tiredness with a magazine mega-mum - editor-in-chief of parenting magazine, Smallish - as we discover her quite staggeringly glamorous Celine handbag contains sticks, phone chargers and notebooks (presumably to make notes such as, 'To do - clear sticks out of Celine handbag').


Handbags At Dawn - 15 - Cherry Healey

TV presenter and every girl's imaginary best-friend, Cherry Healey joins us this week. We find lipstick, toys and workout gear in her handbag giving us reason to talk about the art of talking, embrace our finest lady-bits and celebrate the wonderfulness of being women with a simply fabulous female.


Handbags At Dawn - 14 - Kate Thornton

We talk talent shows, TV and TB Seen with our phenomenal guest, Kate Thornton, as the discovery of some perfume, a diary and sunglasses in Kate's handbag sparks chats about her print-journalism past, her showbiz present and her online future.


Handbags At Dawn - 13 - Mother Pukka

Our legend-of-Instagram guest, Mother Pukka, opened her stylish bag and fabulous mind to us this week, with findings of a clutch, nappy and superhero mask leading us to talk life-parent balance on the social media frontline, swimming pool etiquette and share our fondness for fancy-dress.


Handbags At Dawn - 12 - Leaps, Creeps and Sleeps

We’re on location this week at a completely ginormous indoor trampoline park, where a rummage through our guest’s bag reveals a plethora of socks, a diary and pregnancy to-do lists giving rise to us to discussing career leaps, airing our phobias and preparing for bouncing babies.


Handbags At Dawn - 11 - Pet Tales and Parenting Fails

In this episode, our handbag spills over with stickers, soft toys and business cards leading us to share our parenting discipline fails, debate the pros, cons and money-spinning opportunities of pet-ownership and put ourselves about a bit in the world of networking.


Handbags At Dawn - 10 - Beauty (Without) Sleep

This is the one where our TV make-up artist guest's handbag adds a touch of glamour to proceedings, with a bracelet, lip gloss and Smarties giving us cause to chat friendship fads, mum-face and the enduring appeal of a solitary sweet.


Handbags At Dawn - 9 - The Golden Years

This week, we find some hair dye, a CD and a watch in our bag of wonders, giving us cause to reflect on times gone by when hair wasn't grey, time didn't fly and Pato Banton ruled the airwaves...which we then recorded onto sellotaped-over cassettes. These, friends, were good years.


Handbags At Dawn - 8 - Cooks and Books

This is the one where we get all fired-up about festivals, textual stimulation and clubs - food and literary festivals, you understand...and children’s books...and after-school clubs. We are in our thirties after all folks.