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Episode 49. Michele Swensen

This week my guest is Michele Swensen, mother of 3 children being held by their Father, a member of Al Qaeda, in Yemen. We talk of the events leading to her children being taken and her brave attempt to rescue them. She also written 2 books about her story "Straight of Tears" and "Mommy Don't" I also discuss up coming event's in the U.S. and the recent U.S. Senate Judicial hearing into international parental child abduction. And previous show guest John LaDue's up coming movie. Join the...

Episode 48 ‘Blanche’

For several years after my son was taken in 2005 I thought I was alone, and that I'd married a 'bad egg'. Then thanks to social media I learned of thousands of other cases. Even more to my surprise, there was Blanche, a left behind mother who lived in the same town as me and who also had a son being retained in Japan. Her son however was being held in Japan by an Australian father. Here is her unique story. *sons name withheld for privacy reasons* Join the discussion on Facebook...

Episode 47 Alf Frisso.

Alf Frisso is a Norwegian/American and father of Henrik. In 2013 Henrik was taken by his mother from Norway to her home country of Nicaragua starting a heart wrenching, and legally complicated ordeal for Alf as he tries to be reunited with his son. Join the Conversation on Facebook

Episode 46. Anxiety and Mental Health with James Brown.

In Episode 8 of this show I spoke to Clinical Psychologist James Brown about depression. Obviously the issue of mental health is something my listeners and LBP's care about, because to date it has been my most down loaded episode. So I got James back to talk about another mental health issue that affects many parents and children going through divorce and separation. Anxiety. For more information on James, his work and support for dealing with mental health please go to the following links...

Episode 45. Richard Burton.

Richard Burton is a British National, who was living in Japan with his Japanese wife and daughter. When his marriage ended, his wife left with their daughter and Richard has been going through the Japanese courts to try and see his daughter. We've discussed international cases dealing with Japan, but for Richard he's dealing with the Japanese legal system domestically. This is his story. Join the discussion

Episode 44. Child Social Services Worker Alex Baxter.

Child social service workers are often disliked by divorced parents and organisations, especially when court proceedings are involved. But it's a very difficult and high stress job. Making decisions that affect people's lives, where no matter what you do someone is bound to hate you for it. So how do they make their decisions? What sort of evidence do they need? And are they aware of Parental Alienation syndrome, or even trained to deal with PAS? This week I address some of these questions...

Episode 43. P.A. in the U.K.

This week I focus on the Parental Alienation situation in the U.K. and dissect the recently released NAAP Report into Parental Alienation in the UK. Which is the most well researched and compiled report I have seen anywhere. I also feature Leigh G. Banks interview with Rodney Hearth (used with permission) Read the full 178 page report yourself here For more info on NAAP...

Episode 42. Andrew John Teague

This week I talk to Parental Alienation campaigner Andrew John Teague. A left behind parent himself, Andrew has done some amazing work in the U.K. raising awareness of P.A., through organisastions D.A.D.D.S (Dads Against Double Standards) and N.A.A.P. (National Association of Alienated Parents). He's also campaigned through "Walk for Change" and "Shirt off their backs". In this episode we talk about his work and organisations, as well as the N.A.A.P. Report "Parental Alienation in the...

Episode 41. Australian Family Law Reform.

Introduction Audio Mayim Bialik The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has released an Issues Paper for its Review of the Family Law System, and is calling for submissions from the public. The family law system is undergoing its first, independent comprehensive review since the inception of the Family Law Act 1975 more than forty years ago. Much has changed in Australian social and family life since then. For example, there are more people...

Episode 40. Tony Brown

When Tony Brown separated from his wife of 18 years, he thought it would be amicable, and that he would be able to continue his relationship with his 3 daughters. But the truth was anything but, in what was a classic example of Parental Alienation. This is a story that many will relate to. 9 warning signs of parental alienation The impact of parental alienation...

Episode 39. Randall L. Murphy

Randall L. Murphy's two children, Hannah and Ryan were taken by their mother to Canada under very unusual circumstances. Since then Randall has been fighting every legal battle he can to have them returned. He is also heavily involved in advocacy through iStand. Vote for LBP Stories in Australian Podcast Awards...


Episode 38. The Hague Convention with Carolina Marín Pedreño

The Hague convention is something that affects many LBP's who are trying to seek the return of abducted children. But What it it and how does it work? This Week I'm pleased to bring you my interview with Carolina Marin Pedreno. Carolina is a Spanish Abogado, who cross-qualified as a Solicitor in 2006. She is known as a “go-to practitioner for cross-border work involving both public and private children cases”.She specialises in international cases particularly child abduction, registration...

Episode 37. FAQ’s

Just me this week, discussing some LBP related news and stories. Then I go through some frequently asked questions I've been asked over the years. Ranging from how I choose my guests for the show, my own personal story and parental alienation as a whole. Vote for LBP Stories in the Australian Podcast awards Recent news...

Episode 36 Noelle Hunter

In 2011 Noelle Hunter's daughter Muna was taken by her father to the African nation of Mali. Noelle then fought an international tug of war to have Muna returned to her home in the U.S. Noelle is now very active in advocacy and lobbying the U.S. government through her work with iStand Parent Network. Join the conversation on Facebook...

Episode 35. Shelli Littleton

Michelle Littleton’s three children, ages 6, 13, 14, were taken to Lebanon by their father on Jan. 4, 2017. The father, Mazen Fawzi Matar, has refused to return the children, despite a federal kidnapping charge and a demand to return order from the Orange Co. Superior Court. Littleton hired an attorney in Lebanon, and has won two court judgements in favor of the children’s concern. Notably, the December 26, 2017 ruling in Sharia law court also affirmed the mother’s full custody status and...

Episode 34. Barbie Hise

One year ago this week, Barbie Hise's life changed, when her son Zander was abducted by his father to Malta. Barbie then fought and lobbied for her son's return, and now campaigns to try to raise awareness and prevent further children being abducted. I also discuss suicide rates in Australia. Is it true that 21 fathers a week take their own lives? There's more to this than just numbers.

Episode 33. Alec Baldwin (sort of) and Me.

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, is possibly the most high profile Parental Alienation awareness advocate, having personally been alienated from his daughter Ireland. I doubt I'll ever be able to actually be able to interview him for my show, but I still felt there was benefit in sharing his message. So this week I share audio of an interview he did on 'Larry King Live' in 2009, along with Micheal McCormack and Mark Tabb. After playing the interview, I dissect what they discuss and share my...

Episode 32. Brian Prager

Brian Pragers son Rui was taken by his mother from America to Japan in 2010. In this episode Brian discusses the circumstances under which Rui was taken, and his memories of his son. We also talk about his work with the LBP movement. Brian is also a musician and I end the show with a song he wrote and performed entitled 'A Reign Of Love' For more about Brian and his story go to - Join the Conversation -...

Episode 31. Amanda Sillars

As a child, Amanda Sillars was abducted from Australia to the U.S. by her father, alienating her from her mother. Then, as an adult her 2 children were taken by their father from Australia's west coast to the East coast, once again causing her to become alienated. Having experienced alienation as a child and a parent, Amanda has taken up the fight to raise awareness of Parental Alienation, through her foundations Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo, and parental alienation Australia. As well as her story...

++Bonus Episode++ My interview with ‘The Atheist Stories’ Podcast

Bonus Episode for podcast subscribers only. Early last year I did an interview for the short lived "Atheist Stories Podcast". It was the only episode broadcast so far. Although not strictly LBP related, I do go into detail about losing Liam and how the actions of his mother and her friends affected me, for better and for worse. And how I lost my faith in God and religion. As the show has not been made available for download, it's creator Josh Brogan gave me permission to share it here. I...

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