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Episode 78. Andrew Teague talks to a suicide survivor.

Sorry for the Late release of this weeks show, I've been having some computer problems. But this week, I'm presenting a short episode, featuring the audio of a discussion Andrew Teague with a suicide survivor. Andrew's words - Owing to the non-impact out there to the suicide rate connected to Family courts, I thought this short documentary could help some people. This was not pre-planned, we did this off the cuff in one take with a father that wished to stay anonymous but wanted to get his...


Episode 77. Stories Revisited. BACHome

In between recording new episodes I've put together some compilation episodes featuring highlights of previous interviews. This week I'm featuring Jeffery Morehouse, Paul Toland and Randy Collins from BACHome, as they talk about their children who were taken to Japan. Join the conversation

Episode 76. Alienation in the media.

Parental Alienation is started to be more spoken about and acknowledged in the media and thus more people are becoming aware of it. This week I play some audio from various reports in the mainstream in the U.S. and the U.K. Join the conversation on facebook

Episode 75. We need to talk about suicide.

With suicide affecting so many alienated parents and society at large, this week I wanted to look deeper at this issue. I go through the statistics, and reasons why people take their own lives, discuss survival strategies and hopefully help people who are struggling to find a reason to keep going. Join the conversation on Facebook If you are struggling below is a list of help lines around the world. Australia Lifeline. 131 114...

Episode 74. Operation Noetic and other news.

This week I discuss some recent developments in Australia. Firstly I discuss the Australian Federal Police cracking an organised International Parental Abduction ring 'Operation Noetic'. I also cover some media stories about changes to the family courts, and treating Parental Abduction as a crime. And due to the popularity of my Interview last week with Jennifer Harmann I present the audio from her TEDtalk....

Episode 73. Dr. Jennifer J. Harman

Jennifer Jill Harman, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Social Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 2005, and specializes in the study of intimate relationships. She also has two masters degrees from Teacher's College, Columbia University in psychological counseling, and served as a family and substance abuse counselor for several years prior to her entry into academia. She is currently an associate professor of psychology at Colorado State University. Dr. Harman is an accomplished...

Episode 72. Left behind Grandparents

I've spoken to alienated parents and children in this show but how does alienation affect grandparents? Grand parents have to deal with seeing their own child go through the pain of a break up and being alienated from their kids, whilst dealing with the double blow of also not being able to see their grand kids. For this episode I could think of no better guests than my own parents Terry and Brenda who have been cut out of the lives of 4 grandchildren from 2 of their sons. This is their...

Episode 71. To my son Liam on your 16th birthday.

October 19 is Liams birthday.This year as he turns 16 I wanted to do something special for him. I hope one day he hears this episode. Music credits. REM "Strange Currencies" Pearl Jam "I am mine" Stone Temple Pilots "Song for the sleeping" Pearl Jam "Come Back" Join the discussion on Facebook

Episode 70. News and updates.

This week I discuss the Discussions paper recently released by the Australian Law Reform Commission which addresses proposed changes to the Family Law System. Also in the US, representatives from iStand and BAChome were once again in Washington, this time with a large focus on Lebanon. In Australian news a local mother won a Sharia court case to have her son returned from Jordan. Music credit. "Alive" Written and performed by Pearl Jam Episode dedicated to the memory of Phil Diggle. Read the...

Episode 68. Michael Sanchez

In 2005, Emily Machado was born to Nigia Machado and Michael Sanchez. The couple broke up before Emily was born and it took two years to work out a parenting agreement. That agreement was shattered in 2008, when mother and daughter disappeared. Sanchez sought out the help of the U.S. State Department. Sanchez found out that Machado secretly got a passport for Emily before leaving the United States. He said he believes Machado, a Brazilian citizen, fled because she was afraid the U.S. court...

Episode 67. Mike Dejong Part 2.

PODCAST DOWNLOAD/STREAM ONLY EPISODE A couple of months ago I had a week where I was unable to release a new episode and thus fell a week behind. Since my conversation with Mike went over the hour mark and was so interesting I decided to release it as a double episode and thus bring me back up to schedule Mike DeJong is a Canadian left behind father who was alienated from his son Kai in Japan. In order to see Kai, Mike took permanent residency in Japan and tried to fight for access to his...

Episode 65. Tim TerStege

Tim TerStege is a Canadian left behind father, who's son Liefie has been kept from him in Japan. Despite having court approved visitation with his son, Tim is still being denied any contact.

Episode 64. Demetrius Grant

This week I talk to U.S. LBP Demetrius Grant about his alienation from his son Travis, and his battled against the Court system to try and see his son. Despite a long career in child care, Demetrius is unable to spend time caring for his own son. Join the conversation on Facebook

Episode 63. Stephen Meehan

This week I speak to Stephen Meehan of the National Parents organisation. Stephen, an alienated father himself, has become an advocate for raising awareness of Parental Alienation and Family Law reform. National Parents Organization - Stephen's articles and citations in the media

Episode 62. Jolly Bimbachi’s escape from Syria.

In October last year [episode 20] I first spoke to Canadian LBP Jolly Bimbachi about her 2 sons who were abducted by their father to Lebanon. A few weeks later she contacted me to let me know she was going to Lebanon in an attempt to see her boys. She was able to spend several weeks seeing them. Then I got a message from her to inform me that she was on the run with them, in an attempt to get to Turkey. The ensuing weeks became a life or death situation for Jolly as she was arrested and...

Episode 61. International Child Recovery.

When children have been abducted internationally, many parents take the extreme measure of attempting to recover children themselves with the help of Recovery agents. But often in the media we only hear of the stories that go horribly wrong, where parents are arrested with the recovery crews. So under what circumstances is it safe and plausible to attempt a child recovery? This week I talk to two recovery experts, Eric and Pat. We discuss the circumstances under which they will take on a...

Episode 60. Robert Franklin JD.

Robert Franklin has been an attorney in Texas since 1980, and a Men’s and Fathers’ Rights Activist since 1998. He has written the blogs for, Fathers & Families, and now the National Parents Organization. He’s contributed op-eds and essays to numerous online and hard-copy publications, including The Hill, the Toledo Blade, The Seattle Times, The Bakersfield Californian, the Manchester Union-Leader, A Voice for Men, Men’s E-News, Townhall, and many others. He works daily with...

Episode 59. Allan Freeman-Jones

Allan is the author of 'Parental Alienation - A loving father's lost years'. This is his story. In the space of four years Allan went from bachelor to alienated father. When it looked like Allan may have gained increased access to his son Timothy, Margaret played her trump card; the father was accused of sexually abusing his son. Upon the order of the Family Court, contact between father and son ceased. When re-established, contact was supervised. Investigations by the Department For Child...

Episode 58. Julian Lowe

This week I talk to Left Behind father Julian Lowe, a British father residing in France, who has been alienated from his son Maxx. Julian is facing the difficult situation of having 2 countries argue over court jurisdiction which is only delaying and complicating his efforts to be reunited with his son. Thank you for the hundreds of comments coming in on the website. I don't have time to reply to them all but I appreciated the stories, kind works and articles. Don't forget to promote the...

Episode 57 Hind Kettani

This week my guest is Hind Kettani, a U.S. based left behind mother, who's two sons were taken by their father from the U.S. to Morocco then Saudi Arabia. In what is a fascinated story involving multiple governments and one very strong and determined mother. Also in this episode audio from a TED talk on Parental Alienation by Dr Jennifer Harman. Join the discussion on Facebook -