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Inspiration for parents in world of media screens.

Inspiration for parents in world of media screens.
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Inspiration for parents in world of media screens.




Top 7 tech rules kids wish parents would follow



4 ways to give your family The Advantage

For years I secretly hated the relational dynamics in my family. While I felt like Glenda and I related well, the way we related to our kids and the ways they related to each other were troublesome to me. What’s worse, I felt both responsible for it and powerless to change it. Often during my drive home from work I would resolve to walk in the door and be a blessing to my family. I would think, “I’m going to be different today. I’m going to change things.” But the second I walked in the...


Minecraft: 5 more things parents should know

Jordan Fenster’s article, Minecaft: 5 things parents should know, provides a helpful initial parent orientation to Minecraft. While he may paint a little rosier picture than I would, the article does contain several key points that parents of Minecrafters should know about. In addition to his five I would add a few more…There is craftingWhile the every element in the game is available to players in creative mode, much more effort is required of players in the other game modes. For...


Boundaries: Harness screen time to create sanity

“There is a way to harness the addictive nature of technology on the side of effective parenting: Parents should own the technology in their homes. Game stations, video screens, TVs, computers and the like should come under the total control and ownership of the parents, and should be offered on parental terms.” -Ray Messer, How to control your kid’s screen timeGlenda and I were fed up with the chaos, craziness, and dysfunction of the relationship between our boys. Our sons could sense it...


Boundaries: How to use DNS settings to grow your kids

Years ago my dad and I were flying a kite in the backyard. We’d found that as we worked the kite into the sky we sometimes had to reel it back a bit in order to stabilize it. With some finesse we got that kite about 200 feet in the air. It was so stable at that height that when my mother called us for dinner we just tied it to the clothesline and went in to eat. When we returned half an hour later it was right where we left it.There are a lot of similarities between flying a kite and...


4 ways to tell if Minecraft is bad for your kid

Our family recently used the Screen&Life Discussion Matrix during one of our family meetings. We took different example videos and games and put them on the matrix using sticky notes. I was surprised to find some things landed in multiple spots depending on who would be watching or playing. This led me to the realization that while some things are clearly in or out of bounds for our entire family, there are a few things that depend on the person. As the week went on a real life example...

Introducing the Screen & Life Discussion Matrix“Dad, can we...

Introducing the Screen & Life Discussion Matrix“Dad, can we watch Guardians of the Galaxy? Can we get Call of Duty? Can I play on the OPBlocks Minecraft server?”These questions seem to come daily. But I don’t just want to be a black box giving yes/no answers, especially as my sons get older. I want them to be able to think critically and apply our values. I want them to learn to make these decisions on their own. It’s my job to raise them to be young men who will be responsible for leading...


A blog about screens and life?

You know those times when your 10 year old son walks up and says, “Dad I’d like to spend time learning from your life experiences. Can we sit and talk for a little while?” Yeah, me neither. (But if this is your life, would you please stop reading this blog and start writing your own so I can read it?) In our house it’s more like, “It’s time. Get off the computer son.“ To which he says, “Dad, I’m in the middle of mining obsidian so I can level up to triple whip-dee-do and get a gazillian...