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The Fusion of Sous Vide, Barbecue, Smoking, and Grilling

The Fusion of Sous Vide, Barbecue, Smoking, and Grilling
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The Fusion of Sous Vide, Barbecue, Smoking, and Grilling








Episode #8 - Join us in a BBQ discussion with Mark Ashby from Grill Mark Co.

In this episode Mark Ashby from Grill Mark Co. joins us for a discussion of barbecue equipment, gizmos, Youtube, Facebook, how the barbecue cuisine has changed over time, and many other things! Mark will be a semi-regular guest and join me on some future interview podcasts as well. Check out Grill Mark Co. on his Facebook Page HERE and his YouTube channel HERE Check out our sponsor InkBird BBQ products and their IBT-4XS 4 probe, bluetooth barbecue thermometer on Amazon right now for only...


Episode #7 - Clint Cantwell From, The Best Barbecue Website on the Planet!

In this episode we have a great discussion with Clint Cantwell, the Vice President of "Whatever" at Clint it the one who is in charge of developing new and unique recipes for the website, and also gets involved in developing new ideas and content. He is also the resident "Sous Vide Que" expert and is the person who has developed most of the sous vide and bbq recipes on the site. Clint has many years of experience in competitive bbq and many other cooking methods. He also...


Episode #6 - Guests are Jason Logsdon from Amazing Food Made Easy, and Mike La Charite from the International Sous Vide Association

In this episode we discuss Jason Logsdon's website, Facebook group, and many books that deal with sous vide and modernist cooking. Jason has one of the largest Facebook groups that deal with sous vide. His website also offers tons of information and guides on sous vide cooking. He has written 16 books on sous vide and modernist cooking. Jason is also the President of the "International Sous Vide Association" and Mike LaCharite is the CEO of that organization and we also discuss that group...


Troy Smith from T-Roy Cooks YouTube Channel, and Bob Healey from Grill Blazer

In this episode we have a conversation with Troy Smith from the T-Roy Cooks YouTube channel. We find out what inspired him to start his channel, and much more. We then meet Bob Healey from Grill Blazer to discuss his new product the "Grill Gun" that was showcased on Troy's channel last month. He Also announces a "New" Product that was inspired by some of us who contacted him after that video, the "Sous Vide Gun"! This is a Fire & Water PodCast EXCLUSIVE! This episode is sponsored by InkBird...


Sous Vide Barbecue discussion, What works best?

In this episode we discuss some of the most asked questions that come up in the sous vide and bbq groups on Facebook and other places. What equipment works best? Where do I find times and temps? Should I smoke before or after sous vide? Below are some of the reference articles and websites where you can find some good information on the topics addressed. Anova Recipe Site Serious Eats Sous Vide Recipes Amazing Food Made Easy Amazing Ribs Article on Smoke This episode is sponsored by...


Greg Mrvich from "Ballistic BBQ" YouTube Channel and Author of "Sous Vide BBQ"

Join us for a conversation with Greg Mrvich from Ballistic BBQ YouTube channel! Greg has been doing barbecue and sous vide que for many years. He has also written a book called "Sous Vide BBQ" that can be found on Amazon HERE and other outlets. Make sure you like and subscribe to Greg's channel HERE! This episode is sponsored by InkBird BBQ Products. Check out InkBirds IBT-4XP 4 probe, Water Proof, 150 foot range Bluetooth bbq thermometer HERE and get 20% off when you use the Code 6XPR8O36...


Future Guests and General Sous Vide discussion

In this episode we announce some upcoming guests and discuss sous vide and why it can work well with smoking and grilling. Make sure you subscribe!


Introduction of Fire & Water Cooking - The Fusion of Sous Vide and Barbecue!

Thanks for joining us! Fire & Water cooking started as just an idea for a Facebook group to help teach people how to use the cooking methods of Barbecue, Smoking, Grilling, and mixing them with Sous Vide to produce some amazing food! We now have a large group of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that love learning new ways to cook! Please make sure to Subscribe so you can follow along with us and learn just how simple Sous Vide can be and how it can make you a better cook! Learn...