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Super Bowl Picks, Top Fantasy WRs, and NCAA Wrestling

Going For 2: Episode 39 is LIVE! We're mixing it up and getting off of full football episodes for a while. Our episode starts with us going through a quick recap of the shocking College Football National Championship, and taking a look at who we think could show up in the National Championship game next year. Andy gets his time to shine with our first real deep dive into NCAA Wrestling and gives you his takes on all 10 weight classes. Who does he see as the favorites? Who does he think...


Going For 2: Episode 38

We're back, people! It's our last football-heavy episode for the season, and we know you missed us so this one is packed with all the football opinions you could never ask for. With the start of a new year, we give our 2019 sports resolutions, and they might surprise you a bit. The college football bowl season has been a disappointment, but we're here to break down the top games and look forward to the National Championship between Alabama and Clemson. We also take a look at Trace...


Going For 2: Episode 36

We're here to give you what you need to prep you for the end of the football season. The holiday season means college bowl season, and we're excited to watch the unconventional matchups all month long. Check out which non-New Year's Six bowl games we're interested, and see who we pick to win. We couldn't talk about the bowl games without making our picks in the College Football Playoffs. Do we give either Notre Dame or Oklahoma a shot to get to the title game? We quickly move on to the MLB...


Going For 2: Episode 35

We're winding down the football season, and this episode is packed with more football opinions than you can handle. Our episode starts with a look at the College Football Playoff rankings and how this weeken's conference championship games will affect the final rankings. Do we think Ohio State can jump Oklahoma or does an OU win automatically lock up theiir spot? What do we think the committee should do with a potential one-loss Alabama team? The AAF is almost here! Yes, that new football...


Going For 2: Episode 33

Our episode kicks off with college football. The College Football Rankings are in their third week, and even though this weekend is a bit of a snoozer when it comes to influential matchups, we still thing chaos is about to come. We also look ahead and preview Ohio State and Michigan next week as well as potential conference championship games. We also get our first dose of college wrestling talk as Andy breaks down a few key matchups at the beginning of the season, and the teams to watch...


Going For 2: Episode 32

Football is in full swing, and we're back in our element. Before we get to the pigskin, we need to put a bow on the MLB Postseason. The Boston Redsox were the best team all regular season and continued their dominance throughout the postseason on their way to a title. We talk about their historic run and the special story that is Steve Pearce. The College Football Playoff rankings came out an hour before the show, and we're here with our first reactions. Listen to see who we agree on and...


Going For 2: Episode 31

With the College Football Playoff rankings coming out in just a few weeks, we wanted to preempt the initial rankings with a set of our top-eight teams. Listen to hear who we have in our top spots and why. Do we have Bama at the top? Yes, because ... Bama. How do we differ from the current AP rankings? The NFL is in continuous flux this season. There are only a few teams leading the pack, but there have been risers and fallers all around the league. Check out to see who we think the risers,...


Going For 2: Episode 30

We currently find ourselves in the best time of the sports calendar. The MLB Postseason is just getting started with essentially four play-in games before we even get to the Division Series. We give our thoughts on the upcoming series and throw in a few series picks in there as well. Last week was a huge week in College Football. Penn State fell to Ohio State in a big top-ten matchup, and we have some thoughts on the game. Plus, Notre Dame might have shown they are good enough to play with...


Going For 2: Episode 29

Andy is back from Alaska and we have a few thoughts to share with you on the first few weeks of football. Sorry, baseball, we promise we'll get to you next time around. We kick off the show by highlighting the top stories throughout the NFL. Which current 2-0 teams do we believe in? Who do we think is just a fad? Can Fitzmagic keep up his recent tear? Plus, you'll want to hear our take on the start to the Steelers season and how we think they can fix it going forward. We move out talk...


Going For 2: Episode 28

Football. Is. Back. Our show is a little different this time around. Andy is in Alaska so we had to go to the waiver wire for my co-host this week. Sean Purcell was the man for the job. Sean works for GK Visual and has been a friend for a while, and is one of our league-mates in the Going For 2 fantasy league. With the first weekend of college football in the books, we take a look back at the surprises and big storylines from the week. Plus we give our good, bad, and ugly takes from the...


Going For 2: Episode 27

Football is here! Well, almost, but we're still excited. The baseball talk is going to have to wait another few weeks because we're here to prep you for the start of the NFL and college season. Our NFL divisional breakdown continues as we take a look at the AFC West and the NFC East. Do we believe the Eagles have what it takes to repeat? Who do we like in the wild wild AFC West? We put a bow on our fantasy football positional breakdowns with our talk about defense and special teams. Do we...


Going For 2: Episode 26

We've made it a year! We've made it through the summer. We've made it to football season. Congrats to yourself and us. For our first anniversary show we've got something special for all you "Going For 2ers." The Boss, Sara Bozich, joins us for the first half of the show as we talk fantasy quarterbacks, her personal draft strategies, and get a little in-depth about kickers. Don't miss her starting off the show with a "hot take" about people who call into fantasy football radio shows. Last...


Going For 2: Episode 25

It's our first football heavy episode since February, but we don't ignore the highlights in baseball, either. Our episode starts off by talking about the heated races throughout the MLB. We also discuss recent trades, trade rumors, and, of course, Andy gets in his opinions about the Pirates. Next, we continue our fantasy football position breakdowns with a look at the tight end position. We talk about our tight end strategies and give you a few pointers on how you should go about drafting...


Going For 2: Episode 24

We're back with a whole episode full of all the sports opinions you never asked for, but we give them to you anyway. We start off with MLB's mid-summer classic, the All-Star Game. We have a few strong opinions about the makeup of the all-star game and what they should do with the Home Run Derby. Next, we continue to work our way through our fantasy football previews with our breakdown of wide receivers. Listen to see who we like in this upcoming draft, including a few of the players we...


Going For 2: Episode 23

You may think this is a slow time in the sports world, but we found a way to fill a whole podcast. Surprised? This episode starts with our first deep dive into baseball, and first up is the National League. Jimi talks about how he's excited about the way the Phillies have been playing, but admits they still have a lot of work to do. Andy finally gets to give his pitch to Mark Cuban to buy the Pirates after going on a rant for a bit. We wrap up the baseball portion by shedding light on just...


Going For 2: Episode 22

Within the last week, we've seen a series of historic moments. To start, we talk about the Washing Capitals and Alex Ovechkin hoisting the Stanley Cup. It was an important moment for hockey, no doubt, and we agree to a certain point. Listen to hear our reaction to the Stanley Cup Final as a whole, plus what we expect from Pittsburgh next year. Next, we saw the Golden State Warriors win the Larry O'Bryant trophy. This showed the this Warriors team is one of the best in NBA history. We take...


Going For 2: Episode 21

We're into the finals of both the NBA and NHL now. In the NHL we discuss game one of the Stanley Cup Final and debate what type of play we will see going forward. It's amazing that Las Vegas is where they are, find out if we think they can go all the way. Does Andy get back on a hot streak in predicting series? Well, what do you know, the NBA is the same as the last four years. Listen to hear our take on the Conference Finals and how we see the NBA Finals shaking out. Who do we think will...


Going For 2: Episode 20

We're officially going to title this episode #ItsMay. The show starts off with us lamenting the fact that there is no more Penguins hocket to watch, but we take solace and look back at the last two season to help us through it. Next, we move on to highlight and discuss the two series still happening. Will the Capitals prove they have what it takes, or will they be a bunch of choking dogs yet again? Sticking with the #ItsMay theme, we overreact and discuss some of the hottest topics in...


Going For 2: Episode 19

We unpack a lot of sports stories in a short amount of time in this episode. The NFL Draft took center stage in sports world last week, and it takes center stage in the episode. We talk about the Browns blunders, the Giants' bold move, and who we think is the most improved after this year's draft. Do you agree with us? For the second episode in a row, we spend a considerable amount of time on the NBA. The Sixers are down, but we don't think they're out. Listen to see who we think will be...


Going For 2: Episode 18

This is the Harrisburg Beer Week edition. No, we aren't talking beer. There are other places for that. But since it's such a crazy time for us this episode is a little light, but you're still going to get our takes on the hottest sports topics. As the draft quickly approaches we take one final look at the top of the draft board. We discuss who will go where, which quarterbacks we like, and where we think Saquan Barkley will end up. Listen to see who we have as locks of this incoming draft...