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Going For 2: Episode 20

We're officially going to title this episode #ItsMay. The show starts off with us lamenting the fact that there is no more Penguins hocket to watch, but we take solace and look back at the last two season to help us through it. Next, we move on to highlight and discuss the two series still happening. Will the Capitals prove they have what it takes, or will they be a bunch of choking dogs yet again? Sticking with the #ItsMay theme, we overreact and discuss some of the hottest topics in...


Going For 2: Episode 19

We unpack a lot of sports stories in a short amount of time in this episode. The NFL Draft took center stage in sports world last week, and it takes center stage in the episode. We talk about the Browns blunders, the Giants' bold move, and who we think is the most improved after this year's draft. Do you agree with us? For the second episode in a row, we spend a considerable amount of time on the NBA. The Sixers are down, but we don't think they're out. Listen to see who we think will...


Going For 2: Episode 18

This is the Harrisburg Beer Week edition. No, we aren't talking beer. There are other places for that. But since it's such a crazy time for us this episode is a little light, but you're still going to get our takes on the hottest sports topics. As the draft quickly approaches we take one final look at the top of the draft board. We discuss who will go where, which quarterbacks we like, and where we think Saquan Barkley will end up. Listen to see who we have as locks of this incoming...


Going For 2: Episode 17

You want sports opinions? We've got sports opinions. We kick off our show by breaking down the thrilling NCAA Women's Basketball Championship game and make our predictions on the Men's game right before it tips off. Were we right? Next, we move on to the NFL and discuss the two new huge rules changes. Find out what we think of the new "catch rule." We quickly touch on the NFL draft but you can expect a more in-depth look at that in the next episode. We give you a quick update on the...


Going For 2 Episode 16

It's a crazy time in sports, and we attempt to give you all of our opinions on the current sports landscape. We start with what might be the craziest start to an NCAA Tournament we've ever seen and discuss our picks on who we think will end up cutting down the nets in a few weeks. Next up is NCAA Wrestling. Again, this tournament was extremely entertaining, and we saw Penn State hoist another national championship after a thrilling finals round. Be sure to see what Andy has to say about...


Going For 2 Episode 15

Who knew so much could happen in just two weeks? It's a good thing we're back to break down everything that is happening in the world of sports just for you. The Olympics ended, and we saw the U.S.A. take home two huge medals in curling and women's hockey. Is Amanda Kessel the best Kessel? Staying on the ice, we discuss the NHL trade deadline's implication in the Eastern Conference. The three top teams got a whole lot strong. Find out which ones we think are the scariest in the...


Going For 2: Episode 14

We have another packed episode for you guys this week. As the Olympics come to a close, we take a look at our favorite moments so far and discuss our thoughts on the Winter Games as a whole. Okay, yes, football is done, but we couldn't go through this episode without talking about the draft and combine. Find out what we expect to see at the NFL Combine, and who we think should be the number one pick in the draft in April. Austin Dillon won the Daytona 500, but Andy wasn't too far off...


Going For 2: Episode 13

We start out in the most logical place with a full recap of the Philadelphia Eagles win over the Evil Empire in Super Bowl 52. We then put a wrap on the NFL season by covering some of the big news from the league. Where do we think Kirk Cousins will end up next season? College football recruiting is pretty much done, and we take a look at the top classes from 2018. Listen to see who we think were the biggest winners in this class. We move onto hockey briefly and talk about Marc-Andre...


Going For 2: Episode 12

We cover it all in this episode, and Andy finally gets to talk about his frustration with the Pirates. Get ready. Now that the Steelers are out of the playoffs we take a look back on the Divisional loss to the Jaguars and explain how frustrated we were with the playcalling. Sticking with the Steelers the discussion shifts to what the Steelers should do in the offseason, including who we would draft in the first round. Next, Andy finally gets on his soapbox to tell you all how he's...


Going For 2: Episode 11

Going For 2: Episode 11 is LIVE! We start with college football and discuss the crazy game we witnessed in the National Championship between Alabama and Georgia. Jimi thinks it was one of the best games in a while, but Andy doesn't necessarily agree. Next, we look at the bowl season as a whole and how these final games could carry over to 2018. Who are the teams to watch next out for next year? After closing the book on this college football season, we move on to our hockey talk. It...


Going For 2: Episode 10

With the premier bowls games on the horizon, and the NFL Playoffs starting next week, this episode is heavy on the pigskin with just a dash of hockey talk. We start with college football and talk about the new early signing day and how it has impacted the landscape of college football already for the 2018 season. The National Championship game is right around the corner and we solidify who we think will be crowned the champs come January 8. We shift our football focus to the upcoming NFL...


Going For 2: Episode 9

It's one of the most exciting times of the year in sports. College football bowl season is upon us, the NFL playoffs are starting to take shape, and fantasy football playoffs are in full swing. Don't worry; we've got an opinion on all of it. With the college football playoffs just around the corner, we make our picks and predict who we think will be playing in the National Championship game. Then, we break down some of the more high-profile bowl games and how we see them shaking...


Going For 2: Episode 8

It's another football focused episode. We get into the College Football rankings, and who we think will come out on top on Championship weekend. Plus, we give our final picks for who's in and who's out of the Final Four. (I hedge a bit on my picks, oh well.) Next, we talk about the current college coaching vacancies, and how we think will fill them. Do we think the backlash against Greg Schiano was warranted? With certain NFL teams distancing themselves from the pack we talk about who...


Going For 2: Episode 7

We got a little carried away with football talk in the last episode, so we spend some time catching up on what we missed, but there's still a good bit of football. Mainly, what we missed was the World Series. Get our take on what we thought of the craziness that was this year's Fall Classic. Next, we look at the NFL and talk about winning teams who will be out of the playoffs, and those with losing records that could find their way in the postseason at the end of the season. The College...


Going For 2: Episode 6

Football is on our mind. We take a look at the first College Football Playoff rankings and give our opinions on the committee's initial rankings. Andy thinks they got it wrong. We have a couple of "final thoughts." In NFL talk, we try to make sense of the crazy day that was the 2017 NFL Trade Deadline. Then, we talk about how we see the rest of the season playing out, and what the Steelers need to do to get back to the Super Bowl once again. We wrap up by talking about the players and...


Going For 2: Episode 5

With the MLB getting close to the World Series, we talk about the remaining teams, but also throw some shots at the Washington Nationals. In NFL talk, we try to make sense of this season right now. See how we think the MVP race stacks up without Aaron Rodgers. Plus, we try to help you make some fantasy football moves to improve your season. We quickly give our two cents on the USMNT not making the World Cup in 2018, and how that affects the future of soccer in America. College football...


Going For 2: Episode 4

In this episode, we start with a brief preview of the NHL season that is just now getting underway. Then, we take a look at the top ten in college football and how we see this season potentially shaking out with the College Football Playoff. With the MLB postseason in full-swing, we do our best to make a few early picks on the Divisional Series and tell you who we think will be playing for pennants in a few weeks. Finally, we wrap up with NFL talk both "real" and fantasy. We take a look...


Going For 2: Episode 3

This time around we talk the pros and cons of college football non-conference schedules. We break down the first two weeks of the NFL season and give some wild predictions about we see the season playing out. If you have questions about how to replace David Johnson on your fantasy rosters, Andy has some answers. Plus, get our take on how we think the MLB postseason shakes out. (Listen to see if you can hear Sara chime in from her office with a comment on this topic.) Of course, it...


Going For 2: Episode 2

In this episode, we talk college football reactions from the weekend and give our NFC locks, sleepers, and duds along with our Super Bowl predictions. We then delve into our fantasy drafts and talk about who we like this season in fantasy. Andy finishes the show by giving us a recap of the 2017 World Wrestling Championships.


Going For 2: Episode 1

Welcome to Going For 2! -- Throughout the year we're going to be talking about all things sports. You can expect everything from NFL to amateur wrestling. In this first episode we talk about the upcoming NFL and College Football season, we take a look back at the Penguins second-straight Stanley Cup Championship, and give you some solid Fantasy advice. The first episode runs a little long because we wanted to give you a taste of what we're all about. It's a lot of football, but that's...


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