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Is How Long and Healthy We Live Really All in our Genes? New Science Says: Hogwogwash! Episode #92

For years we’ve been told how long we live is all about our genes. Startling New Research says, “Hogwash!” On this episode of Parents Are Hard To Raise... * Five things you can do to right now overcome your genes and live to a healthy, ripe old age. * Why learning Ballroom Dancing


What’s in Store for Season 3? Episode #91

In this special year-end episode of Parents Are Hard To Raise, Diane takes a look back at our most popular season ever, updates us on what’s happening, and gives us a glimpse of things to come. Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Here Are


Getting Through the Shock of a Devastating Diagnosis Dr. Lina Aldana #90

Getting Through the Shock of a Devastating Diagnosis It can feel like a punch in the gut— when the doctor delivers the life-altering news… All the plans and priorities you had just moments ago instantly turn to smoke when you’re confronted with a major cancer, serious disease or other life-threatening condition. There is


Life’s Challenges Episode #89

This week… a heartfelt thanks to the thousands of our listeners for their well wishes for Annette… In this special episode of Parents Are Hard To Raise, Diane speaks emotionally about her Mom’s devastating diagnosis. Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Here Are Some


A Message to Healthcare Providers Everywhere… “Get Your Act Together!” Episode #88

This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… A message to Healthcare Professionals everywhere … “Get your act together!” Diane shares her personal frustrations with a healthcare delivery system that is anything but elder-friendly. Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Here Are Some Handy


V.A. Benefits- First Changes Since Civil War- What you need to know now. Amos Goodall, Esq. #87

The U.S. Veterans Administration Benefits Plan Announces 1st Changes Since Civil War What does this mean for Veterans? Amos Goodall, Esq. President of the National Elder Law Foundation is back to discuss how these changes affect Veterans and their dependents. If you or your aging parent is a veteran, you're going to want to


Medical Kidnapping and “Death By Hospice” Two Dirty Little Secrets Uncovered- Marti Oakley #86

Medical Kidnap and "Death by Hospice" Two Dirty little secrets nobody’s willing to talk about… Until now! Radio talk show personality and activist Marti Oakley has dared to ask the question: are rules and regulations intentionally being written to encourage the Medical system to systematically "cull" the very sick and the old from


The Aging Gut – Disease or Wellness? It’s Your Choice. Felice Gersh, MD #85

The gut does more than just digest food... but as we age, it's Katy Bar the Door! Doctor Felice Gersh discusses the link between the aging gut and chronic disease, and how we as children of aging parents can choose between sickness and health as we age. Listen to this episode...


Live from Howell Senior Center #84

Diane and the crew are on the road this week... in front of a live and excited audience at the Senior Center in Howell Township, New Jersey. Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below We had a fantastic time at the Howell Senior Center,


Senior Bullying – Melanie Decker, MA, LPC #83

So, what happens to mean girls ? Some of them grow up to become... Mean Old Ladies Bullying is not just child’s play. For many in senior residences, communities and social groups, bullying may be an even bigger problem for our aging parents than it is for our kids. This week on Parents Are


Reversing Dementia- Kat Toups, MD Neurologist and Alzheimer’s Researcher #82

Psychiatrist and Alzheimer’s researcher, Dr. Kat Toups, MD says dementia is not some mysterious disease that just happens! It happens for reasons. And when we identify those reasons and contributing factors, we can stop or even reverse it. She knows this not only as a doctor, but also from her very own personal


Elder Scams Update- Slick New Ways Crooks Use to Separate You From Your Money – Detective Joe Roubicek #81

This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… our favorite crime fighter and elder-exploitation super sleuth, Detective Joe Roubicek, is back to give us some ARRESTING developments… on the current cons, scams and flim-flams targeting our seniors. Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Here


How AI is Changing the Face of Caregiving with a Simple Phone Call-Wolf Shlagman CEO, Care Angle #80

Our generation is known for valuing our independence. Our aging parents are no different. But for those with certain chronic medical conditions, remaining independent often means risking our physical health. By combining Artificial Intelligence with a simple phone call, Diane’s guest, Wolf Shlagman, CEO of Care Angel is changing all that.


Senior Living Options- What the Future Holds- Brenda Bacon, CEO Brandywine Living #79

Growing old means something entirely different today than it did in our grandparent’s day, and for us it will be far different again. Diane’s special Guest, Brenda Bacon, CEO of Brandywine Living has spent a career studying the changing needs of our aging society and is here to walk us through the maze


New: A Wearable Device That Can Predict Life-threatening Emergencies BEFORE They Happen – Satish Movva, CEO Care Predict #78

Technology is transforming the way we care for our aging parents, in some amazing ways. Diane’s special guest this week, Satish Movva founder of Care Predict is here to tell how Artificial Intelligence is being used not only to deliver better care and keep our aging parents safe now, but it can also


New Eldercare Options- The Good, The Bad & The Really Questionable- Diane’s 2018 Field Report #77

The American Retiree set is the wealthiest demographic in world history, a fact that does not go unnoticed by politicians, retirement community speculators, and eldercare facility operators. Today’s most popular eldercare options—some good, some bad, really questionable. This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise Diane shares some stories of her personal experiences in


A Totally New Twist on Senior Care Woes- Rent a Grandkid? Andrew Parker, CEO “Papa” #76

What do you get when you combine technology with a small army of college students eager to serve the needs of seniors in their community? This week on Parents Are Hard To Raise… Diane’s special guest, Andrew Parker, CEO of “Papa” -- an innovative new senior care solution, that’s poised to take the


Can Bladder Infections Lead to Death and Dementia? Dr. Felice Gersh, MD #75

Urinary Tract Infections... Can they lead to Death and Dementia? In the elderly, things like falls, confusion, agitation, loss of appetite or incontinence are often passed over as a normal part of aging. But they could be the silent symptoms of a very serious medical condition, which, left untreated, could be fatal. This


6 Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout- How many do you have? Dr. Lina Aldana #74

6 Symptoms of Caregiver Burnout... How many do you have? If you are one of the 44 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. caring for a loved one, no one has to tell you about the added stress it can add to your life. But there are some things you can do about


Elder Law- Amos Goodall, CLEA National Elder Law Foundation #73

Listen to this episode... just click play ▶️ on the player below Elder law is a complex affair—filled with twists and turns, pitfalls and loopholes that can have dire consequences. Which is why when it comes to matters that affect our aging parents, not just any lawyer will do. This week on Parents