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Empowering your kids! with Kylie Clayborne and Liz Rich

What does it mean to be...empowered? When we are empowered human beings we are permitted to go forward with the life we are supposed to live. Dannie talks about we must be in alignment with the life we seek. This is especially true with our kids. But how do we get to that place with all the issues we face on a daily basis? To help our kids, and in turn, ourselves, to be empowered? Plus Kylie Clayborne and Liz Rich from Wee Rascals Clothing join the show! They talk about their clothing line...


The Bad Mood Mommy Cycle

Dannie absolutely LOVES her daughter. There is no doubt that she is a loving mom. But there are days when it is tough! She talks about how being a parent is hard work and emotions play a major role in BOTH of their lives. How do you control the emotional rollercoaster that is inevitable and build the right mommy attitude? Plus Corey Kelly Proctor from the PGI Institute joins the show! She adds some insight into the daily activities needed to sustain a successful attitude while raising a...


You can't create from a state of negativity with Sara O'connor

We have been given a blank canvas in life to create whatever we choose. Dannie talks about how things do not just happen to us. We have control of the brush on that canvas. So how do we get to a place where there is always something to paint? What happens if you have a plan for that masterpiece that is your life only to discover it's not the one you desire after all? Plus artist Sara O'Connor joins the show to talk about her life change going from a Lawyer to a Painter. What brought on such...


You can be vulnerable and strong at the same time with Dylan Snyder

You can only go so far with any goal on your own. Dannie talks about how it has sometimes been difficult for her to allow others to help her achieve her goals. Are you letting a disappointment from the past stop you from reaching out to a coach or a mentor to help you get to that goal? If you are putting in, you will get something back. But, you have to ask for it. Plus Dylan Snyder from CrossFit Mt. Lebanon talks about coaching others and the patience needed to find your way to fitness...


How to drive and sustain your mood with Frankie Gallucci

How much time do you waste because of your mood? If your attitude dictates everything that's going on around you, then it dictates your life. Dannie talks about how important attitude is. Especially when you consider the fact that YOU control it! So how do you get in a good and stay there? She talks about habits that can achieve results you are looking for. Plus, Frankie Gallucci joins the show!. She is an actress who is suffering from Lyme Disease. How is she able to shift her focus away...


Success as Part of your Self Image with Kim Calvert

It's amazing how your self-image can get rattled when things are not going well. When outcomes are not going as planned. But what about when things ARE going well? Is it normal to feel shaken when you have a fair amount of success? Dannie talks about the different ways she tries to alleviate those issues? Is there a perfect path? Kim Calvert is a coach, mentor and an expert on shifting the concept of self-image. She talks about being able to craft your self-image to be what YOU want it to...


Make your life a Sustainable Model with Rebecca Whitman

Do you feel successful in one area of life but have a problem transferring that to other areas? You are not alone! Dannie talks about her struggles with finding that sustainable model that covers all areas of her life. The rat race is not sustainable if you want a happy life. So how can you get to that model? Rebecca Whitman is the author of the book " How to make a six-figure income working part-time". She talks about the different steps you can take to achieve your goals. Plus she asks...


Eating right shows you care...about yourself! with Lauren Lobley

In order to be a true help to others, you need to take care of YOURSELF! Dannie talks about the importance of carving out time to exercise, to meditate and to just spend time with yourself. What would she say to her daughter if she noticed her meeting others needs before her own? Plus Lauren Lobley of and the Author of "The Accidental Paleo" talks about the importance of diet and nutrition in everyday meals along with a critical tip that you can do every day for better...


Your Excuses Are No Longer Needed with Steve Maresca

Do you have excuses for the current results that are happening in your life? Soon these "reasons" become commonplace. It's hard to admit it, but sometimes the only person to blame is you. Dannie talks about how she knew she was smart, but she allowed failures in life to hold her back instead of making them teachable moments. So how did she make a change in her thinking? Plus Celebrity Trainer Steven Maresca joins the podcast to talk about the unbelievable challenges he has faced and how he...


Keeping yourself inspired with Brad T Gotterd

How is it that creative people are able to keep themselves inspired each day? Dannie's writing made her realize that inspiration doesn't just appear every day. What do others do to keep that inspiration going? How do you ignore the judgment that's put down on paper? Plus Writer, Actor, and Director Brad T Gottfred talks about his years writing books, screenplays and also Directing. What are the challenges he faces each day and how he is able to overcome the obstacles that can be a block to...


The Carrot and Stick Type Person with Freya Lund and Silvia Morigi

How do you do it? How do you keep going each and every day chasing your dreams when, some days, you don't have the motivation? Dannie talks about how even the best habits may not keep you going when your lofty goal is far away. So how do some people continue to persevere through all the rejection? Freya Lund and Silvia Morigi are actors in New York City.They left their homes and families to give their dreams a shot. They talk about the good, the bad, and sometimes the "crazy" that happens...


Moms helping other Moms with Lesley Pyle

There are so many ways for Moms to help each other and so many ways that won't take away from you in the process. Dannie talks about how the more you give the more you get back in the process. So why do we continue to have these "Mommy Wars"? She talks about the issues she has experienced raising her daughter, but the joy of helping out others knowing we all have struggled. Plus Lesley Pyle joins the show! She is the founder of She talks about how her company helps moms find...


A Strict Diet of Positive Self Image with Bill Banta

We often live our lives with the expectation of future events. But what about the here and now? Dannie talks about the importance that we put on future expectations instead of focusing on what is happening at the moment. She gives her 3 steps to begin stepping away from the attachment of a future outcome, and instead, look at the expectations of the moment. Bill Banta is a Coaching and Training Coordinator with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. He talks about the importance of belief,...


You get back what you put in/Guest Jen Slack

Nutrition is so critical to looking and feeling your best. What we eat is responsible for so much that's going on inside of us. So what is your nutrition like? Dannie talks about her experience as a child and her connection with her horses. The importance of fueling her animals properly made her look at her own nutrition, along with her families health. She shares the small changes she has made which have paid incredible dividends! Plus Jen Slack from CrossFit Lebanon talks about her...


The Jungle of Parenting and Family with Troy Dunn

How do you know if you're being a good parent? Mommy guilt may be the strongest forces out there! Dannie talks about her battles with parenting and the realization that she can't make decisions for her daughter. All she can do is give the tools to combat the world and then other days learn to embrace it. So what do we need to teach our kids to navigate through the jungles of life? Today's guest is Troy Dunn, an American television personality, producer, and public speaker best known as...


Living a truly authentic life/Guest Krystle Fanzo

What is it about failure that's so hard to take? From the embarrassment we suffer to the judgment of others, Dannie talks about her personal experience and tries to make sense of it all. She finally realized that it all comes down to one specific thing. Plus a listener joins the podcast to talk about how hearing one of Dannie's episodes showed him that there are challenges in life but to forge ahead!! Krystle Fanzo talks about her weightlifting career, working out at CrossFit Mt Lebanon,...


Defeating your self image doubts with Kim Mellor

Is it possible to be so secure in your own self-image that absolutely nothing will phase you? Dannie talks about how there are people who live this way every day! So how is this possible? What is it about these people that allows them to not worry what others think because they KNOW their true worth? She talks about the common thread. Plus Kim Mellor joins the podcast! She is a model and the Vice President of her own Network Marketing company. Kim has been able to create a life of...


The struggle to believe in you with Joanne Mosconi

It's about living the life that YOU want and not the life that others choose for you! Dannie asks the tough question: Are you struggling with believing in yourself? Well, you're not alone. Learn the 3 things that you need to recognize in yourself today so you can stop self-doubt. Why allow external forces to decide what will bring you joy when the choice is yours to make! Plus Joanne Mosconi joins the podcast! Joanne has been teaching and directing actors for over 17 years in both New York...


Turning Imagination into Success/Guest David Newman

Sometimes you need to look at things through a different lens! Dannie talks about how she likes to track her life success by her overall fitness success. So with all of its ups and downs, how do you stay focused on your goals when things don't appear to be happening for you? She explains how turning to imagination has helped her steer the right course! Plus David Newman from Rx Smart Gear talks about how the need for a better Jump Rope during his CrossFit workouts helped to spark his own...


Living life from tee to green-with Carmen Costa

In the middle of redefining herself, Dannie struggles with the terms of her divorce and how to describe being labeled a "single mom". She talks about her internal competition she has going on and how it has enabled her to not worry about what others think but to focus on her...and her daughter! Golf Pro Carmen Costa is the Director of Instruction at Frosty Valley Golf Links in Bethel Park, PA. He talks about how he instructs his students to not worry about the distractions around you while...