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The Totality Of The Message with Erin Cumisky

How do you feel when people are not connected with what you are saying? When people fail to connect with you? Dannie talks about the many ways we seem to miss the totality of our communications. So how do we get to a place where we can just...listen? Plus, Erin "Newton" Cumisky joins the show. She's an Expert Mixologist and someone who knows a thing or two about listening! She talks about the importance of listening to others and how it enables you to build important relationships. It also...


A Girls Guide To A Good Mood

With the Holiday season in full swing, the question has to be asked...are you happy? How do you define happy? Dannie talks about how happiness is an individual thing. In order to be happy, you have to have a clear picture of what MAKES you happy. How do you make it a consistent thing? She talks about the decisions that need to be made and the choices that have to take place in order for you to find that place...that "happy place"...Find yours on today's episode of The Dannie Denovo Podcast!


A Discussion About Love

Love is... It's a question that you can answer in many different ways. Dannie dives into the topic of Love and it's many forms. If you have a better idea of what the word "love" is not, how can you use it to form a definition of it in a positive way for yourself? She reaches out to others in an attempt to come up with an answer from many different viewpoints and lifestyles. What she comes up with is some of the most amazing answers you find about Love anywhere! Get ready for an episode...


Thinking About The Good In Life

Life can really grate on you if you allow it to. The simple answer is "don't let it!". But is it that simple? Dannie talks about the importance of focusing on the good this Holiday season. Can you have gratitude in the face of all the obstacles in your world? Can you be giving without expecting compensation, and instead, live as if you have already received your gifts? Dannie opens up about her life and all she has to be thankful for on today's retrospective and emotional episode!


5 Steps to Help Start Forgiving

It's Season 2 of The Dannie Denovo Podcast! We start this season with forgiveness. Dannie talks about how it's time to clear the slate. You can't move forward and have healing take place unless you leave the the past! But where do you start? She gives you the 5 steps needed to help start forgiving. It's time to take the lessons learned from the past and move forward. Are you ready to let go? Get yourself on a new path today!


Creativity is a Thing of Beauty with Matthew Wolfhardt

How do you shift the focus from the anticipation, and thus the creation of the things you don't want to happen, to focusing on the present? This is the time when you truly have any real control over your life. Dannie talks about the 3 steps that she uses to shift herself away from times of lost control and into a place where she can control the here and now. What part does creativity play in all of this? Plus Matthew Wolfhardt joins the show. He has a men's and women's leather accessory...


Failure As A Challenge with Lewis Bailey

We see it all the time. Animals in nature failing. They never get embarrassed by it or challenge it. They realize it's all part of the process of life. So why is it that people don't react the same way? Failure is used to learn. Dannie talks about getting to a place where we can let go of the fear of failure and learn from it instead. Is it possible? Imagine how different life would be! Plus Lewis Bailey joins the show. He is a Fitness and Wellness expert in the U.K. Lewis talks about the...


The Motivation to Push Through with Carleen Mathews

You do not have to live your life in any way that you do not want to, no matter what the world throws at you. Bad repetitive thinking will have you trapped. So how do you change that? Dannie talks about the kind of work needed to get in a good mood and STAY there. She talks about the physical and mental training needed to get to a better place. Never lose sight of your "why"! PlusTwo-time CrossFit Games athlete Carleen Mathews joins the show! She talks about the rough times that she went...


Leaving your Life Lessons up to the Universe

The ability to make decisions is so crucial in our life, and yet we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. No one teaches how to make decisions. So how do we learn to make decisions for ourselves? Dannie talks about how, in order to make good decisions, you need to know your core values. She talks about the importance of finding that core and the steps needed to help find your core. Is it a mistake to "leave it up to the universe"? Find out how you can find your core on today's...


The Focus on Focus with Blake Boyd

What you focus on is what you will manifest. So where is YOUR focus? Dannie talks about if you have the will and the discipline to really focus on a thought or idea you will be able to manifest that idea in a much shorter period of time. So how do you find that kind of focus? To make your probabilities into possibilities? Plus Actor Blake Boyd joins the podcast. He talks about the kind of focus he needs in Hollywood every day and the steps you can take to begin harvesting from your passions...


Your mind is a powerful instrument

You possess one of the most creative forces in the universe within you. But are you using it all wrong? Dannie talks about the power of the mind and its healing abilities. So how do we unlock it? Plus Yoga and Wellness expert Gina Califano joins the podcast. She talks about how we can heal our bodies through our minds. How do you get to the level of belief using your mind to begin the physical and spiritual healing you deserve? Find out on this episode of the Dannie Denovo...


No Risk No Reward with Ryan Manuel

Where does risk fit into your life? Dannie talks about how she has learned to embrace the idea of taking risks even if failure lies on the other side. She embraces failure because she knows it only happens by taking that risk! How do you get to a place when taking risks becomes comfortable for you? Actor/Writer Ryan Manuel talks about finding that comfortable space in your personal life that allows you to see taking risks as the start to reaching your goals. Are you ready for your reward?...


The Not So Straight Line of Integrity

Life has a way of compounding stress like a loan. Sometimes that stress comes in the form of concern for others. Dannie opens up about a very difficult, personal experience that has rocked her to the core. She candidly shares this moment with the understanding that there are moments in life that call attention to your integrity, your core, your beliefs and your mindset of gratitude. It's a powerful reminder about life on today's episode.


The Swing Back To Center with Richard Butler

We as human beings are really bad at striking a healthy balance between pushing towards our goals and giving the time we need for ourselves. So how do we do it? Dannie talks about the reasons why people don't push hard enough. It's incredibly eye-opening! She talks about the steps necessary to let go of fear and strike your balance. Plus Life/Professional/Performance Coach Richard Butler joins the show! Learn how motivation and self-care can help you break through and achieve the goals you...


Breaking the Volcano Love Cycle with Sue Stone

Love is the most amazing and majestic force in the universe. And yet, it can be the most confounding. Dannie talks about what she calls the "Volcano Love Cycle". Why is it that love and relationships can be so volatile? Is there a way to break the cycle? Relationships CAN be better with more self-awareness. Plus Relationship Coach Sue Stone joins the podcast to discuss how to overcome relationship obstacles as well as ways to have a fulfilling life without having that special relationship in...


Empowering your kids! with Kylie Clayborne and Liz Rich

What does it mean to be...empowered? When we are empowered human beings we are permitted to go forward with the life we are supposed to live. Dannie talks about we must be in alignment with the life we seek. This is especially true with our kids. But how do we get to that place with all the issues we face on a daily basis? To help our kids, and in turn, ourselves, to be empowered? Plus Kylie Clayborne and Liz Rich from Wee Rascals Clothing join the show! They talk about their clothing line...


The Bad Mood Mommy Cycle with Corey Kelly Proctor

Dannie absolutely LOVES her daughter. There is no doubt that she is a loving mom. But there are days when it is tough! She talks about how being a parent is hard work and emotions play a major role in BOTH of their lives. How do you control the emotional rollercoaster that is inevitable and build the right mommy attitude? Plus Corey Kelly Proctor from the PGI Institute joins the show! She adds some insight into the daily activities needed to sustain a successful attitude while raising a...


You can't create from a state of negativity with Sara O'connor

We have been given a blank canvas in life to create whatever we choose. Dannie talks about how things do not just happen to us. We have control of the brush on that canvas. So how do we get to a place where there is always something to paint? What happens if you have a plan for that masterpiece that is your life only to discover it's not the one you desire after all? Plus artist Sara O'Connor joins the show to talk about her life change going from a Lawyer to a Painter. What brought on such...


You can be vulnerable and strong at the same time with Dylan Snyder

You can only go so far with any goal on your own. Dannie talks about how it has sometimes been difficult for her to allow others to help her achieve her goals. Are you letting a disappointment from the past stop you from reaching out to a coach or a mentor to help you get to that goal? If you are putting in, you will get something back. But, you have to ask for it. Plus Dylan Snyder from CrossFit Mt. Lebanon talks about coaching others and the patience needed to find your way to fitness...


How to drive and sustain your mood with Frankie Gallucci

How much time do you waste because of your mood? If your attitude dictates everything that's going on around you, then it dictates your life. Dannie talks about how important attitude is. Especially when you consider the fact that YOU control it! So how do you get in a good and stay there? She talks about habits that can achieve results you are looking for. Plus, Frankie Gallucci joins the show!. She is an actress who is suffering from Lyme Disease. How is she able to shift her focus away...