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Episode 019: If you really knew our businesses…

This week we are talking all about the ins and outs of our business and what it’s REALLY like to be in our heads. Spoiler alert: we are a lot less organized than you might expect. We get honest and candid and share about our biggest “failures” and the moments when we were devastated in business. You’ll hear the pizza delivery guy show up at Nicole’s door and Rachel’s internet slow for a moment. It’s us in our natural habitat and we are so excited to welcome you a little more behind the...


Episode 018: Intentional Living: A Conversation with Shay Cochrane

We are delighted to welcome Shay Cochrane onto The Mompreneur Podcast! After eight years as a wedding and portrait photographer Shay felt her passion and creativity beginning to wane. After a light bulb moment in Home Goods (of all places!) she made the almost overnight decision to jump head first into the unknown world of styling and product photography. She deleted eight years of wedding photography off of her website, landed her first commercial client and has never looked back. In 2013...


Episode 017: Divorce and Single Parenting: A Conversation with Kelsey Baldwin

Today, Rachel and Nicole are lucky enough to welcome the strong and amazing, Kelsey Baldwin onto the Mompreneur podcast. We talk about how one day she woke up happily married, and by dinner time she was pregnant and her husband wanted a divorce. You will learn about her amazing daughter Poppy and what routine they adhere to right now. She shares about grief and how she managed it while being pregnant and recently divorced. Kelsey is also self-publishing the book Strong Girl, Brave Girl and...


Week-off Announcements

We had every intention of talking about maternity leave, too, but our stories went too long and we are saving our tips and tricks for another episode. BUT we do share our birth stories and all about the days and moments we each welcomed our baby boys into the world.


Episode 016: Welcoming Knox and Joey to the world | Birth Stories

We had every intention of talking about maternity leave, too, but our stories went too long and we are saving our tips and tricks for another episode. BUT we do share our birth stories and all about the days and moments we each welcomed our baby boys into the world.


Episode 015: Fertility Journeys Are Not All the Same | Nicole’s Journey Into Mommyhood

This week, Nicole is simply storytelling, with a raw and honest story about her health journey into motherhood. She begins by talking about a particular day she remembers in vivid details, and then dives into what led the doctors to tell her she probably would never have children of her own. Nicole’s health journey mostly relates to her reproductive health, a storyline that many moms can relate to. Her hope with this episode is to shed transparent light on the fertility subject, and how it...


Episode 014: Social Media Checkup + FAQ with Rachel

This week begins the two week series of solo episodes with Rachel and Nicole! This time of year has been pretty busy for us, so we were having a hard time finding time to get together to record. So we thought we would try something fun and see if y’all like it or not. Rachel begins the episode chatting about something she sees on social media and wants to challenge and question the way we sometimes approach comparison. If you often find yourself comparing your life or success to someone in...


Episode 013: Positivity + Gratitude: An Interview with Heather Crabtree

We are wildly excited to welcome Heather Crabtree to The Mompreneur Podcast this week! If you’ve come in contact with Heather in real life or online, you know that she exudes positivity, grace, and kindness. She is humble, kind, honest, and oh so smart. With a law degree in hand, she started her first post-law firm business hours at age 24, gained a business partner at 28, and sold the business 6 years later to start her current business. Now she mentors and speaks to lady entrepreneurs...


Episode 012: A candid conversation about health and wellness

There’s so much we could say about this episode. We attempted to have an episode dedicated to solely to practical tips and helpful insight about a certain topic. Which, we did. However, it was not without deep dives into our backgrounds and our own individual health journey’s; which is not simple. Rachel shares all about a new song she made up and how she hopes it hits the top charts, eventually turning her into an overnight YouTube sensation. And then immediately unearths her personal...


Episode 011: Shame, guilt and all things vulnerable | A conversation about isolating feelings in parenthood

Wow. This candid, super raw episode is a doozy for anyone going through a time of self-reflection, self-doubt or just plain hard momma times. Nicole starts the conversation with a topic and we dive into the struggle Nicole is currently navigating regarding mom shame, guilt and feelings of question. It’s hard not to listen to the critics, and after a few different triggers, Nicole finds herself falling victim to listening to the negative. Nicole and Rachel talk about the choices we make in...


Episode 010: Patio Date with Laura Foote : A Conversation About a Not-so-traditional Motherhood Journey

If you’ve ever come in contact with Laura in person or online, you know that she’s a special person. She’s kind, wise, generous, and always in pursuit of deep connections. It’s something we adore about her! Laura Foote is a branding + lifestyle photographer, and educator based in Tampa, Florida. Her work has been featured in Better Homes & Garden, Southwest Airlines, and Southern Weddings Magazine as well as by brands like Lauren Conrad, Emily Ley, and Glitter Guide. Additionally, Laura...


Episode 009: A coffee date with Megan Martin of Megan Martin Creative

If you know Megan, you know how incredible she is. Megan is a momma, a wife, a creator, a strategist, an entrepreneur, and most importantly, a loving and open soul that we adore. Megan Martin is a writer, speaker, graphic designer, and photo stylist at Megan Martin Creative, a design & lifestyle studio producing relevant educational and inspiring content for creatives and mompreneurs. She is on a mission to encourage and equip creative women with tools and community to do business well...


Episode 008: Is It Worth It? A conversation about wanting to give up

Okay, Mamas, this episode is a real, raw one. Rachel comes to the conversation with a question and we take a deep dive into our struggles with being a Mompreneur and whether or not the struggle is worth it. We are exhausted and tired and we are constantly trying to balance it all. We work hard to keep a schedule so we can work during naps, we work at night or on the weekends, we sacrifice time with friends, and we forego sleep. But, is it worth it? We wish we could say that we definitely...


Episode 007: Marriage, Mompreneurship, & How to Balance It All: Interview with Adrienne Rolon

Get ready for an amazing episode, Mamas! Adrienne Rolon is the wedding planner, designer, florist, and marriage encourager behind Heart’s Content Events & Design! She is passionate about she does, and takes joy in planning and designing stunning, heartfelt, and joy-filled wedding days, so couples can sit back, relax, and actively prepare for their marriage, and spend intentional time with the people who truly matter most in their lives. She married her college sweetheart, Josh, and they are...


Episode 006: A Patio Wine and Pizza Date with Adam and Nicole

Mr. Adam is on the podcast today, folks. And he’s probably the sweetest and most generous wealth of mompreneur knowledge I (Nicole) have ever known. Wink wink. As Adam and I sit on the patio and drink wine and eat pizza, we talk about the ups and downs of being married and loving a wild and free spirited entrepreneur, and some of his best tips and tricks for the other mompreneur spouses out there. Adam is such a candid, honest and loving soul, and I hope you all enjoy his unfiltered-ness...

Mompreneur - Episode 005

We are lucky enough to have one of the husbands on this week’s episode! Joel Heckmann (Rachel’s husband) joins Rachel to talk about Mompreneurship, their relationship, how they met, and what he’s learned about Rachel since adding a baby to their life. You will learn about his sassy side, dad jokes, and ridiculous humor. He shares about what he was first attracted to about Rachel, what he admires, how popping a blister was sexy, and so much more. He shares what he thinks the podcast should...


Mompreneur - Episode 004

We are so excited to welcome our first Mompreneur guest, Anelise Salvo! Anelise is a seasonal dweller, spending her summers in North Lake Tahoe with her boat captain husband, and son Costa (and baby girl on the way) down by the lake and balancing life, two careers, raising a toddler and adding a new baby into the mix this summer. She is a graphic and web designer working year-round at Anelise Salvo Design Co. helping entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses by crafting visual brand...


Mompreneur - Episode 002

Today’s episode we kick off the conversation while chatting about poop and the power of being different, not normal. We wish that as a teenager we would have known that there is nothing wrong with thinking differently than others. We also chat a little bit about being boy moms and how we both felt unprepared. The entire episode is dedicated to interviewing Nicole and learning about her background, love story, how Adam proposed, and why she didn’t tell Adam she was pregnant for 25...


Mompreneur - Episode 003

As always, we start the episode off topic and chatting about our babies, motherhood, and marriage. This episode is dedicated to interviewing Rachel and learning about her background. We learn about how she found out she was pregnant after coming home from Disneyland. You will learn how she told Joel she was pregnant, one word she would use to describe Mompreneurship, and how she deals with mom guilt. Mom guilt is something she struggles with and she’s learning how to let go of trying to be...


Mompreneur - Episode 001: The Trailer

Hooray! It’s the very first episode of The Mompreneur Podcast! We are clearly excited and nervous and totally new at this podcasting thing. But we are passionate and excited to show up in your life and encourage you in your passions of motherhood and entrepreneurship. What can you expect from these episodes? Lots of laughs, candid conversations, interviews with amazing mompreneurs, strategic advice, and everything in between. Links we refer to: We were eating these cookies and Nicole made...