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Adam Singer: The Kids Aren't So Alright

Adam Singer of FutureBuzz and former Googler joins us to talk about the changes in culture and commerce that are making life harder. We traverse digital life, real estate, employment and education. This chat covers a lot of ground, so get your popcorn ready. Also, apologies to the transcription team who had to deal with two Adams. Transcript: [00:00:22] Adam Pierno: Up and running. Cool. All right. Welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. This is a very, very...


Eric S. Thomas: We are Wearing Our Creative People Out

Eric Thomas, Senior Partner at Detroit’s Saga MKTG, posted a thought to LinkedIn that we were killing our creative people. Though he and Adam had never met, Eric agreed to come on the podcast and discuss this issue. His perspective on the ever-tightening timelines and expectations placed on creative people and knowledge workers is stunning. Enjoy this conversation. Transcript: [00:00:27] Adam Pierno: All right. Welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. We got a...


Jay Baer: Talk Triggers

Jay Baer has been figuring out how to get people talking about brands for a long time. His book Talk Triggers dives deep into the psychology of what makes brands and products worth talking about and what makes people actually talk - and not just take note. This is a fun chat with an interesting guest. Also, Jay admits that host Adam Pierno is his-and we quote- “inspiration.” Transcript for you to talk about: [00:00:22] Adam Pierno: Let's do it. All right welcome back to another episode of...


Tim Leake Has Changed Everything

Former Creative Director has made a lot of changes as the industry has changed around him. He’s now the Chief Marketing Officer at RPA in LA - working with a new perspective. Tim and Adam sat down for a chat about how the ad world has changed since they both got started and what lessons Tim has learned about strategy. Enjoy! Here’s your stinking transcript: [00:00:28] Adam Pierno: Hi. Welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. We have a big show today, we have a...


Frank Speiser Knows Why Media is Broken

Frank Speiser Co-Founder of SocialFlow joins the podcast today to talk media. Working with brands and with publishers he’s seen the cross incentives different groups have for creating and publicizing content online. He’s got a plan to fix it. This is a real treat to get insider knowledge in plain English. Enjoy. Transcript: [00:00:26] Adam Pierno: All right, welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. We are taking a hard left turn. Today, I have a guest that I've...


Melanie Deziel Has Got a Story for You

Melanie Deziel, Founder of StoryFuel talks about her training in journalism and how she uses the tenets she learned in J school to solve problems for brands. She’s seen the change in media first hand, and come from the ever-shrinking newsrooms with some insights. [00:00:21] Adam Pierno: All right, very good. All right. Welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. I'm really glad to be back with you guys. It’s been a little bit of a hiatus in recording. Although the...


Professor David Carroll Cares About Your Data

Professor David Carroll of Parsons - yes, that Professor David Carroll comes on to discuss how he got embroiled in an international lawsuit with Cambridge Analytica that has far reaching implications for Facebook, marketers and our privacy. He sees all the facets to the issue as a former entrepreneur and professor of media design. [00:00:25] Adam Pierno: All right, welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. This should be a different kind of episode from what we...


Darien LaBeach Welcomes You to the Community

Darien LaBeach of Huge and Strtgst talks about the challenges of community. What do people want from one? What brings them together? What keeps them from sticking? He's done the research and now putting his efforts into building a strategy community - you're all welcome. This was our first conversation, and we'll be checking back in with Darien as Strtgst grows. [00:00:28] Adam Pierno: All right. Welcome back to another episode of the Strategy Inside Everything. This is an episode that's...


Richard Shotton and The Choice Factory

We were lucky enough to catch Richard Shotton just before his fantastic book The Choice Factory won BBH's World Cup of Advertising Books (well deserved, though I was pulling for Decoded). He's got so much information that our talk moves all over the board as it relates to decision making - but we sink our teeth into the pratfall effect and how we see it playing out in every day life; well beyond advertising. Adam Pierno: All right. Welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside...


Mike Monello Helps You Re-tell the Story

Mike Monello visits with Adam Pierno to talk about storytelling. Stop, don't leave. Not storytelling in the cliché marketing way. Mike and his team at Campfire have an approach that is more about getting a person who hears the story to want to learn more or retell it. He's been doing this for HBO and other crazy properties - going all the way back to the launch of the original Blair Witch Project which changed the way movies are promoted and even produced (see: modern found footage...


Kevin Holesh Makes a Habit of Understanding

Kevin Holesh is the founder of Moment, and app he created to help us see our habits around iPhone use. Which is astonishing. We took some time to talk about how habits set in, how they can change and what he's learned from tracking his own iPhone use. At the time of this chat, I had just started using Moment. I have about six weeks use under my belt now and have quite a picture of what I'm doing when - just trying to understand why. Moment: [00:00:25] Adam Pierno:...


3 Small Requests

Do you dig The Strategy Inside Everything? Do us a favor, we'll make it easy. Pick one of the following, whichever is easiest for you. 1. Rate and review the show. However you listen, add a star rating and some comments. This signals to your software that you are engaged and moves the show up in search. 2. Give us the feedback and validation we desperately crave. Twitter: @apierno, @santyintegrated or email apierno [at] santy [dot] com. Tell us what you love, what you hate, what you meh....


Rob Schwartz is a Creative in the C-Suite

I had the pleasure of sitting with Rob Schwartz, CEO or TBWA NY for a back-to-back pod session. We spoke on The Disruptor Series before switching sides of the microphone. He was interested in learning about what inspired me to write Under Think It, and made some time to tell me how his experience solving creative problems has equipped him to be a CEO in these wild times. [00:00:28] Adam Pierno: All right, welcome back to another episode of The Strategy Inside Everything. I'm here with Mr....


Tom Morton knows bias *is* your problem

I had a chance to visit Tom Morton at the New York office of RGA to dig into all he and his team have learned about biases through their work on the Ad Council's Love Has No Labels campaigns. I use the plural because the RGA team has continued to surprise people with new ways to get attention whether it be setting up life-sized x-ray machines to reveal true love, or hiring a pro-wrestler to remind us what makes America great. Special thanks to Pete Karam at RGA who bailed me out of a...


Kit Krugman Builds Teams Thoughtfully

Had the great fortune to speak with Kit Krugman, Chief Curator at co:collective and President and Chair of the Board at WIN: Women in Innovation (hat tip to Brian Dell for the intro). Kit walks me through how recruiting and team building has changed and how to build an organization with diversity and balance built into its core. Used the opportunities to take a lesson for future recruiting for guests on the show and talent at Santy. This is one of the best conversations I've had hosting this...

Tom Goodwin Didn't Want to Write a Book

We had an absolutely delightful conversation with Zenith Head of Innovation Tom Goodwin. If you're not familiar with his sense of humor, get ready. What if you were asked to write a book and genuinely had no intention to do so? As we discuss Tom's approach to the giant task of writing a book, you'll quickly learn that he has little to no filter, which makes his book a must read. Adam and Tom share insight on creativity and on getting things done. Important links: Digital Darwinism by Tom...


Ana Milicevic and the Future of Work

Founder of Sparrow Advisors and all around brilliant Ana Milicevic joins Adam today for a talk on the future of work. Ana's background around all different parts of the tech, entertainment and marketing complex gives her a unique perspective on what it's all building towards. Links: Sparrow Advisers The Gig Economy: [00:00:24] Adam Pierno: All right. Welcome back to another episode of The strategy inside everything. This is a big...


Eaon Pritchard - Psychology Hasn't Changed

We've got the Head of Strategy at UM all the way from Melbourne to discuss applied evolutionary psychology. How does everything come back to a basic desire or fear humans have always felt. Fun to learn about Eaon's unique pathway to strategy from life as a DJ. Eaon's also written a wonderful book called Where Did It All Go Wrong that we discuss a bit. Links: Where Did It All Go Wrong by Eaon Pritchard: Aberdeen FC:...


Mark Pollard: Depression in Context

We welcome Mark Pollard to the show to discuss how he thinks, solves problems and sometimes creates mischief. This is a good one. Important Note: In this conversation Adam Pierno and guest Mark Pollard discuss depression based on their own observations and experience. Neither is a doctor or medical professional. This is just a conversation, not medical advice. If you need help, we encourage you to call your medical provider. Links: The original post on Twitter....


Jeff Gibbard says Social is Miserable

Jeff Gibbard joins the show from the fighting city of Philadelphia to talk about why social media is such a tough place to enjoy oneself. Related links: Jeff's online dating consultancy is a real thing. True Voice: Trump's social guy: [00:00:30] Adam Pierno: Welcome back to...