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26: Don't Get Head from the DemiGorgon

In Episode 26, Kysmet is back for some in-depth toy discussion. We talk about the kGoal Kegel Exerciser from Minna Life, including discussing whether there's a market for kegel exercise games that let you shoot aliens with your vagina. We think there is. Then we talk about the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, a magnificent toy that is both adorable and orgasmic.


24: Tie me up, tie me down, but don't chew next to me

In episode 24, I talk about a couple of interesting syndromes: misophonia and synesthesia, plus a whole bunch of stuff about bondage. I talk about different materials for bondage as well as safety concerns. Go tie up a consensual partner and have fun!


23: Hygge and the Violet Wand

In episode 23, I talk about Hygge, the Danish art of creating coziness and intimacy. I discuss Slime Rancher, a fun and adorable game I've been playing. I review the Tantus Echo Super Soft, a fun squishy dildo, and then talk for a while about the violet wand and electricity play.


22: Bisexual Talk, Atomic Blonde, and Scavenger Hunts

In Episode 22, I'm a bit hoarse, but not for fun reasons. I talk about a giant scavenger hunt called Gishwhes that I've participated in for the last five years, and then move on to some brief discussion of the horrible stuff happening in our country and the importance of rising against that but also taking care of our mental health. Then, a discussion of the awesome glory of Atomic Blonde. Finally, I talk about my bisexuality, and how I eventually came to terms with it after years of denial.


21: Astronomy and Anal August

Episode 21 is a bit of a grab bag with a few big themes. First off, I talk about my recent trip to Michigan, historical geekiness, and some thoughts on TV shows like Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and Silicon Valley. Then it's a deep dive into astronomy with meteor showers: where they come from, who's searching for meteorites in Antarctica, and why Mark Twain was a stubborn badass. A bit about the upcoming solar eclipse, too. But then it's a different kind of deep dive into Anal August...


17: Guest Kysmet, Part I: Body Positivity and Kickstarter Stabbing Games

Episode 17 is the first part of my interview with Kysmet, a local kinky geek. In this episode, we talk about some new games, including the Friday the 13th Kickstarter game, and the difficulties of body positivity for all genders during bathing suit season. Bonus: listen to how a Japanese TV show inspired Kysmet to throw out all her underwear.


16: Remote Vibrators and Puzzle Games

In episode 16, I talk about some puzzle games like Fez and Weffriddles. Then, I give my history with remote control vibrators, including the shitty ones before the days of Bluetooth and a few that actually work, like the Lovense Lush and the We-Vibe Wish. Plus, a listener letter answering all my questions about the Prince Albert piercing!


15: Guest Anne Gaston, Part II: There's No Crying In Basements!

In the second half of this interview with Anne Gaston, we get into the kinky side of things. Hear about her intro to kink and her current interests, as well as some book recommendations and a revealing this-or-that session.


14: Guest Anne Gaston, Part 1 - Anime, Geeky Origins, and Cheesecake

Episode 14 is the first half of a two-part interview with my guest Anne Gaston! Anne is an erotic romance novelist, like me, and a geeky kinkster, too. In part 1, we talk about how we met, Anne's writing career and her geekiness, which includes a bunch about anime. Other topics include the possible demonic connections of Power Rangers, a Sailor Moon dildo, the bathing habits of Lord of the Rings characters, and wine mom subculture.


13: Geeky Grab-Bag and Orgasm Control

Episode 13 starts with a geeky grab bag: some spoiler-free discussion of the movie Get Out, a flashback to that great 80s movie Wargames, and talk about the new Diablo 3 patch. The rest is all kink, specifically orgasm control. I share my own experiences having my orgasms controlled for these last few years, why I like this kink, and why fantasy and reality don't always work well together.


12: Anal Sex and New Games

In episode 12, I talk about the fun of sticking things up your butt! Safely, of course. This includes anal sex, anal play, rimming, pegging, and some really terrible metaphors including something about a baby deer and one about an oil warning light. I also chat about some new-to-me games, like Castle Crashers, Fez, and Johann Sebastian Joust.


11: Polyamory and My Real Story of F-ing Others While Married

In Episode 11, I get real honest with my story of polyamory, open relationships, and threesomes. My husband and I have and do fuck other people together, and here's how we've arrived at that place. I talk about what's been scary, what's been surprising, and what's been amazing.


9: Fanfiction, Rumble, and Tentacle Porn

In episode 9, I talk about fanfiction: my loves and hates about the form as well as my personal history with it. I also share my review of the Tantus Rumble wand vibrator. Finally, I talk about tentacle porn, because of course I do.


8: Hood Piercings and PAX East

In Episode 8, I talk about genital piercings, specifically my hood piercing and stuff you might not know about hood piercings. It's almost March, too, so I'm talking about PAX East, the upcoming gaming convention with Boston, and a bit about my love for Boston itself, as long as i don't have to drive in it.


6: Astronomy and Wanking

In episode 6, I talk about Hidden Figures, Contact, and my own love of Astronomy and its big questions. From there, talk about masturbation and why it shouldn't be seen as a poor substitute for partner sex, and a review of my favorite Angry Bird: the Tenga Iroha Mini vibrator. Replacement track to cut the accidental five minutes of blank time at the end.


5: Nipple Toys and Carmen Sandiego Nostalgia

In episode five, I talk all about nipples, including my recent nipple piercings and the vast variety of nipple toys. I also discuss Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? And the formative impact of Carmen Sandiego on my sexuality.


4: Pulsators and the Oregon Trail

In this episode, I discuss my philosophy of sex toys, review the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion pulsator, flash back to the evolution of media storage, and discuss the glory of the Oregon Trail computer game. Tune in for info about how to win a Stronic Fusion pulsator of your own!


3: My Kink Origin Story

My kink origin story: how I realized I was kinky and what that means for me now. Also includes a brief rant about the Nintendo Classic debacle and some info about the Geeky Kink Event.


2: Not the Roleplay You're Looking For

This episode discusses Star Wars - no Rogue One spoilers because I still haven't seen it yet - Dungeons and Dragons and its potential connection to sex, the joys of the Eroscillator, and why I don't love the Hitachi Magic Wand.


1: Toys, Pants and Thermoses

In the first episode of "Come and Play," I discuss the nJoy fun wand, Carrie Fisher, the Klei game Don't Starve, the status of my pants, and the unlikelihood of my fucking a Thermos. For more information, visit, or email me at Theme music is "So Easy" by Jahzzar and is used under a Creative Commons attribution-share alike license. Check out more about Jahzzar on


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