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Communication: What Are We Talking About? – YMMP043

This is part 1 in a 4-part series on communication. Today’s episode will explore why we have breakdowns and what we can do about it. There are many ways we can ensure effective communication.


Recovering from the Shock of Infidelity – YMMP042

In this final part of our 6-part series on Emotional Fidelity, we discuss what you can do to repair and rebuild a relationship that has been rocked by a sexual and emotional affair. It will take time, vulnerability and reconnection to start anew. What else? Listen to today’s episode for guidance and suggestions.


Monogamy: Who Are We Kidding? – YMMP041

Monogamy. Are We Kidding Ourselves? Find out why cheating is common, the 3 main reasons we cheat, and what we can do to prevent against it happening to us.


Pornography: The Breakdown in Human Love – YMMP040

Pornography is contributing to a breakdown in love and marriage. People who regularly view pornography have a 300% increase in having an affair or hookup outside marriage. It is negatively influencing the way humans perceive and relate to each other. Pornography isn’t just an art form or harmless individual freedom, it’s the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement and erotic satisfaction, minus love or mature relationships. Porn is disrespectful of...


How to Guard Against Emotional Infidelity – YMMP039

Emotional Infidelity is a silent killer. How can you guard against Emotional Infidelity? There are at least 8 ways. Can you name some? Here are 2: (1) Commit to love as a decision, not a feeling. (2) Don’t put energy into the past. You must continuously tend to the garden of your relationship lest it become overwrought with weeds. There are many ways in which to ensure the emotional health of your marriage. Find out on today’s episode. This is episode 3 of 6 in the Emotional Fidelity Series....


Emotional Health and Marriage -YMMP038

Secrets to mastering emotional well-being. Emotional health in marriage means developing a high degree of self-awareness. It means seeking a balance or control when emotions are strong. Emotional health means taking responsibility and not blaming or burdening others. What else can we do to increase emotional health in marriage? Today is Part 2 of a 6-Part Series.


Meeting Emotional Needs in Marriage – YMMP037

What are the most common emotional needs we all have and how do we go about fulfilling those needs? Find out the 10 secrets to a great relationship and see how you measure up.


Radical Honesty – YMMP036

More marriages are ruined by dishonesty than honesty. What is the policy of “Radical Honesty?” According to Dr. Willard Harley, “Reveal to your spouse as much information about yourself as you know: your thoughts, feelings, habits, likes, dislikes, personal history, daily activities, and plans for the future.” Today’s episode will make you think twice if you conceal things from your spouse. Do you want an authentic relationship where your spouse understands you or are you building a “false...


Honesty – YMMP035

EVERYONE LIES! Today’s podcast reveals why we lie and examines the detrimental effects of dishonesty. If you’re not honest with yourself or your partner, you’re shortchanging yourself. Discover why you’re at risk if you have too many little lies circulating and what you can do to get back on track.


Honoring Your Spouse – YMMP034

DO YOU HONOR YOUR SPOUSE? Do you place your spouse on a pedestal? Listen to today’s episode and discover why listening, patience and trust are part of honor. We’ll talk about everything from creating a safe environment so that honor can flourish. We’ll talk about fidelity, openness and how to create more honor in your marriage. In four words: Be consistent, not conditional.


Friendship – YMMP033

Today we will discuss friendship in marriage. Aristotle says there are 3 reasons for friendship: pleasure, utility and perfected friendship. Find out why you probably don’t have a perfected friendship on your wedding day and how to attain it through the years. Partners who are good friends with each other are likely to have long-lasting marriages that thrive.


Forgiveness – YMMP032

THE BIG 4: Perfect these and your marriage will be highly satisfying. The Big 4 are forgiveness, friendship, honor and honesty. We’ll start the series with FORGIVENESS. Why is forgiveness important? What does it require? What blocks us from forgiving? What happens if we refuse to forgive? Listen to today’s episode and discover why forgiveness is important for marriage - and not just forgiving the big things. Make forgiveness an ongoing process in your marriage. Continue to forgive yourself...


Tips for Marriage While Raising Young Children – YMMP031

This concludes the series “How Babies Impact Marriage.” Episodes: #28 - So, You're Having a Baby! How to Have the Pregnancy and Birth of Your Dreams #29 - Infancy and Postpartum Challenges for Couples #30 - And Baby Makes 3: How to Transition to a New Family Unit #31 - Tips for Marriage When Raising Young Children Get enough rest; be a planner; make your marriage relationship a priority. Find out the top 7 tips you need to know when raising a family.


And Baby Makes 3 – YMMP030

And Baby Makes 3: How to Transition to a New Family Unit The birth of a child means changes for marriage. Who will do the chores? How can I get enough sleep in order to function? How do we balance home life and work life? What will our vacations look like? What will our life look like? We’ll talk about expectations and the many changes that happen in marriage when a baby is welcomed into the family.


Infancy and Postpartum Challenges – YMMP029

Infancy and postpartum recovery pose different challenges for different couples. How will you adjust to your new life? What are some of the challenges that arise when a new baby joins the family? Today’s episode explores the adjustments that couples face when starting a family.


How to Have the Pregnancy and Birth of Your Dreams – YMMP028

So, You're Having a Baby! How to Have the Pregnancy and Birth of Your Dreams Your first pregnancy and baby are not only life-changing events, but add a whole new dimension to your marriage. How, exactly does this change your life? Today’s podcast explores ways of having a satisfying pregnancy and birth and how to navigate through the physical and emotional changes taking place. This is Part 1 in a Series of 4 on "How Babies Impact Marriage." Subscribe to Your Marriage Matters Podcast and...


4 Gifts of Love – YMMP027

Give the 4 Gifts of Love and watch your intimacy soar! The Gift of Care, Protection, Honesty and Time. What is most important to you? Your partner? Here’s a phrase that can change your life: “Honesty is the only way that you and your spouse will ever come to understand each other.” - Dr. Willard Harley. Inspired by Dr. Harley’s book titled “The Four Gifts of Love: Preparing for Marriage that Will Last a Lifetime,” today’s episode is bound to reveal something new to you. Listen and write down...


Secrets to Creating an AWEsome Marriage – YMMP026

Do you want an AWEsome marriage? Affection, Warmth and Encouragement are the secrets! They are responsible for building physical and emotional intimacy.


Secrets for Newlywed Bliss – YMMP025

Want to find out everything a newlywed needs to know? Here’s a list of the top 12 things to set you on the right path.


Help! I Married a Narcissist! – YMMP024

“What do I do if I married a Narcissist?!” This is not an unusual question. Today’s episode explains narcissism and some helpful techniques to consider if you live with a narcissist. Important resources are listed on website and on youtube channel “marriagecoachlynn” during the last few minutes of the 7/30/18 video episode of Podcast #24.