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What’s it Like Raising a Large Family? – YMMP018

What’s it Like Raising a Large Family? Join Lynn and Bob as they discuss what it was like raising a large family. What they have to say might surprise you.


What’s it Like Growing Up in a Large Family? – YMMP017

What’s it Like Growing Up in a Large Family? Fun and fascinating - never a dull moment! Today Bob and I are joined by our six children who share their perspective on growing up in a large family. Our sons are 30 and 16, and we have four daughters in their twenties.


What Makes a Good Father? – YMMP016

What Makes a Good Father? Bob and I discuss key qualities for a fantastic father and vibrant family. What do you think is the #1 secret to a stellar father? Listen to today’s podcast and find out.


What Makes a Good Husband? – YMMP015

What Makes a Good Husband? Bob and I discuss key qualities for a fantastic husband and marriage. What do you think is the #1 secret to a stellar husband? Listen to today’s podcast and find out.


When Marriage Becomes Like Roommates – YMMP014

Are you stuck in a marriage that feels more like a roommate situation rather than a loving husband and wife relationship? Do you feel your relationship is headed in that direction? You’re just not as close as you’d like to be. Maybe you’re too busy. STOP RIGHT THERE! There’s so much you can do to halt the process and restore the love. Listen to today’s episode and discover at least 10 things you can do to turn around a marriage that’s going south.


Is Marriage Hard Work? – YMMP013

Is Marriage Hard Work? Ask your partner what he or she thinks. Is this a myth? Is there any truth to it? What exactly makes marriage hard? Join Lynn and Bob as they discuss this question: “Is marriage hard work?” What do you think?


Let’s Be Honest – YMMP012

Let’s Be Honest Are you being honest with yourself? Have you faced what causes you pain? Have you reconciled with it and found ways to cope? If you can become comfortable with the answers to these questions, you will be better equipped to express vulnerability. Expressing vulnerability is pivotal in becoming helpmates and forms a pathway to understanding each other. Today’s podcast will show why it’s important to be honest, how to be vulnerable and how to create a safe space in which to be...


Create Shared Meaning – YMMP011

What’s it like to be in a thriving marriage? Find out today as we discuss the final level of the Sound Relationship House, “Create Shared Meaning.” Your Marriage Matters has only been in existence for 11 weeks and we’ve shared a plethora of secrets, techniques and tips to get you to the highest level of a fully functioning marriage. Isn’t it exciting?! There’s much more to come. But, for today, sit back, relax and contemplate the important questions as to why you are married, what is the...


Make Life Dreams Come True – YMMP010

Have you ever felt like giving up during the same old arguments? WAIT!!! There’s hope! With almost every argument, there is a dream lurking beneath the surface. Today’s episode, “Make Life Dreams Come True,” sheds hope. Husband leaves the toilet seat up? Wife is defensive about spending money on trendy fashion items? Husband seems lazy around the house? Wife seems to spend more time talking with friends than her children? Hold on. It’s not the issue that needs to be corrected. There’s...


Self-Soothing – YMMP009

GO TO TIME OUT! We send our children to “time out” when they’re misbehaving. It’s a chance for them to think about what they did wrong. We need to take a voluntary time out when our arguments get heated. We need to disengage, walk away and regroup in the middle of a spat. Come back when we’ve calmed down. When we get “flooded,” the best thing we can do is to “self-soothe” for 20 or more minutes. Listen to today’s episode to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of a lose-lose argument....


Dialogue About Problems – YMMP008

Do you want more sex? Then you need to learn how to dialogue about problems. You read that right. Most people think fatigue, lack of libido or interest top the list of why people are not sexually interested. Think again. We don’t need to move to a quick resolution when we argue; we need to stop, slow down, listen, understand and show respect. This is the key to peace among spouses and peace in the bedroom. Stop being selfish and take time to listen. Learn how to dialogue and listen to this...


Accept Your Partner’s Influence – YMMP007

“What’s it like being married to me?” Ask your partner this question and listen to the reply. Accepting each other’s influence gives you a firm foundation for compromise when compromise is called for. You’re sharing power and decision making. There is mutual respect. There is a stronger bond and friendship. There is probably more play and more sex in your marriage too! What are the payoffs of accepting your partner’s influence? What are the risks of not accepting your partner’s influence?...


Inspirational Athlete Interview – YMMP006

50 Half Marathons in 50 states! My guest, 56 yr-old Olivia Story accomplished this amazing feat on 1/14 /18, when she crossed the finish line of the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon in Lahaina, Hawaii. From Florida to Alaska and all points in between, Olivia maintained a consistent training routine for 6 years, amidst a busy life as a full time CPA in the Sunshine State. Olivia is a wife, mother of a young adult, dog owner, and active in her community. How does one find the time to travel and...


Positive Perspective – Couple Friendship – YMMP005

Psst… Want to know the best ways to insure your marriage? No monthly or annual installments here. Can you guess what two simple ways are (in addition to daily hugs, of course)? You’d be right if you guessed the following: Create a stronger friendship with your spouse. Adopt a positive perspective to ensure a positive view of your spouse. When the going gets tough, you are equipped with good thoughts and can overcome disagreements more easily. Today’s episode centers on the “Positive...


Turn Towards Each Other – YMMP004

How can we insert more romance into our marriage without trying? In today’s episode, you’ll discover easy ways to keep your relationship traveling in the direction of comfort and closeness. This episode is short and to the point! Wipe out neglect by turning towards your partner rather than away from him or her. This is so simple, yet is one of those things that causes a slow erosion and distance between spouses. “Turn Towards Your Partner Instead of Away” is the third level of “The Sound...


Fondness and Admiration – YMMP003

Do you want to know how to eliminate the threat of an affair? Want to be in a relationship where the D-word won’t surface? (The D-word = divorce) Give me 12 minutes of your time and you’ll see what I mean. Do you like your spouse? How do you show it? Are you fond of your spouse? Do you admire your spouse? Today we will talk about why it’s important to honor, respect and be kind to your spouse. Some of us take it for granted, but did you know that if you are fond of your spouse and show...


Love Maps – The Key to Understanding – YMMP002

Did you know that couples get stuck in a cycle of conflict and miscommunication based in large part because they don’t understand each other? Does your spouse GET you? Does he or she know what’s going on with you? Do you GET your spouse? On today’s show, we talk about LOVE MAPS - what it means, why it’s important and how you can create an accurate love map. “Building Love Maps; Knowing One Another’s World” is at the foundation of the Sound Relationship House Theory (as proposed by John...


Let’s Build an Amazing Marriage – Welcome! – YMMP001

What does it take to make a great marriage? Find out by becoming a regular listener to this new, revolutionary podcast. No one else is talking about the things I will be revealing on Your Marriage Matters. On this debut episode, you’ll discover that creating a happy, lifelong, fulfilling relationship is not rocket science. I can’t wait to share all of the secrets that will help you grow in love and contentment. In fact, I’m giving all of my secrets away, as liberally as I can. In this...