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BONUS EP - Jonny Benjamin

The full-length interview with Jonny Benjamin from Episode 1: What Is Anxiety? In 2008, Jonny Benjamin arrived at Waterloo Bridge to take his own life. Incredibly, a passer-by was able to connect with Jonny, enabling him to continue his life today. Jonny shares the full story with HFM and we learn how important the dialogue about mental health can be. He expands on this and the work he is doing to promote a better understanding of mental health in his memoir The Stranger on the Bridge. You...


BONUS EP - Bruce Parry + Oliver Chittenden from Head Talks

In the first of our bonus episodes, we release the full interview with Ex-commando Bruce Parry. Bruce is an award-winning filmmaker and ambassador for Head Talks ( Whilst making his film Tawai, Bruce lived with a tribe in Borneo called the Penan, who are one of the last true egalitarian societies on the planet. Bruce shares what he learnt from this tribe about mental health, and how we can better our living conditions to accommodate positive mental wellbeing. Head Talks is...


EP 001 - What is Anxiety?

When does anxiety become a disorder? From the world of pro-wrestling, to the tribal people of Borneo, to an incredible incident on London Bridge, this HFM Podumentary explores the modern mental health epidemic like never before. We discover innovative ways to tackle anxiety disorders, and learn the difference between a healthy reaction to our environment, and a psychiatric diagnosis. Ex-commando Bruce Parry is an award-winning filmmaker and ambassador for Head Talks (


EP 000 - Trailer (with James Stewart)

The Healthy For Men Podumentary series explores the myths of the wellness world and reveals the truth behind controversial topics through expert opinion and fascinating personal stories. In this pre-season episode, TV host James Stewart interviews creators Tom Rowley and Andy Greening about what to expect in the coming months.