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11: Gretchen & Diana (with Diana Martinez of Hollywood in Color)

Diana Martinez is the creator, host and producer of Hollywood In Color, a podcast telling the stories of the stars usually left out of entertainment history — the people of color in front of and behind the camera who have been representing for over a century. On episode 11 of Pop& Down, Diana discusses her experiences with anxiety and disordered eating, and about how she saw her own depression reflected in Gretchen Cutler's on the FXX series, You're The Worst. Diana touches on mental...


10: Sandra, George, Adrian& Erin (with Erin Williams of Totally Mental!)

Erin Williams, co-host of Totally Mental! joins Shaunna to discuss her struggles with OCD, stuttering, anxiety and depression, as well as her hospitalization. Erin shares what The King's Speech got right about speech impediments and what Monk got wrong about OCD. Erin also shares how her dog and surfing, as well as romantic comedies - especially the Sandra Bullock ones - are important parts of her self-care. Listen to Totally Mental! on your podcatcher of choice, and follow them on all...


9: Pete, Ariana& Olivia (with Currin)

Musician, artist& writer, Olivia, is a Grandson stan. Not only does she love Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson as a couple, but she relates to the two of them on a few levels. Olivia discusses her Borderline Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and CPTSD. Shaunna and Olivia touch on moving fast in relationships and finding common ground in trauma with a romantic partner. Olivia also sheds light on the problematic stereotypes that come with Borderline, as well as a few other TV&...


8: Freddie, Tom& Stephen (with Stephen Harvey of Bi Arts Festival, Toronto)

Stephen Harvey of Toronto's Bi Arts Festival joins Shaunna in the studio to discuss Persistent Depressive Disorder and suicidal ideation, and his work in Toronto's bisexual community. Shaunna and Stephen reveal their bisexual awakenings and journeys and celebrate bisexual anthems, from Tom Robinson's "Glad To Be Gay" to Queen's "I Want to Break Free" to Halsey and Lauren Jauregui's "Strangers." Stephen gives an overview of what to expect for Toronto's second annual Bi Arts Festival,...