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Bill Kelly has over 30 years of broadcast experience. He pushes beyond the headlines, and has a unique perspective on politics and daily stories making headlines.


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Bill Kelly has over 30 years of broadcast experience. He pushes beyond the headlines, and has a unique perspective on politics and daily stories making headlines.




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The world's most powerful democracies were built on the suffering of others

GUEST: Shaun Narine, Professor of International Relations and Political Science with St. Thomas University


Edmonton travels to Hamilton this Thursday!

GUEST: Rick Zamperin, Host of Good Morning Hamilton and CHML Sports Director


Robbie Robertson, Canadian music legend, dead at 80

GUEST: Lou Molinaro, Instructor at Durham College and the Harris Institute for Music


This Week in Canadian Politics: Housing Crisis, The Washington Report w/ Reggie Cecchini & It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Topics Include: · Trudeau under fire for housing crisis response · Poilievre aims to rebuild a ‘broken’ Canada · Poilievre’s party embracing language of mainstream conspiracy theories · And more GUEST: Dr. Lori Turnbull, Professor at the Faculty of Management with Dalhousie University - Topics Include: · What’s behind calls for a Biden impeachment inquiry? · Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump’s team is behind voting breach · And more… GUEST: Reggire Cecchini, Washington Correspondent for Global News - BILL’s FINAL COMMENTARY


The Bill Kelly Commentary: This Is Not Goodbye, It’s “Until Next Time”!



AG's Damning report

GUEST: Sabrina Nanji, Publisher of the Queen’s Park Observer


Ottawa simplifies temporary foreign worker process

GUEST: Moshe Lander, Senior Economics Lecturer with Concordia University


Implications of today’s AG report into the Greenbelt, Media groups ask Competition Bureau to stop Meta’s news blocking & Ending Forced Labour in China – Canada has little to show for it!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Ahead of the auditor general’s report on the greenbelt today – what are some of the implications of her announcement? GUEST: Phil Pothen, Ontario Environment Program Manager with Environmental Defense - The Competition Bureau is already looking into Meta’s removal of Canadian news from Facebook and Instagram, a spokesperson said the same day a group of news publishers and broadcasters asked for an investigation into the company’s news blocking. GUEST: Kevin Desjardins, President of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters - Canada has little to show for its promises to combat forced labour in China, critics say. In 2021, members of Parliament were among the first in the West to officially condemn Beijing’s repression of Uyghur and other Muslim minorities from China’s Xinjiang province – abuses that include forced labour. GUEST: Dr. Robert Huish, Associate Professor with the Department of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University


The Bill Kelly Commentary: Ford’s Greenbelt Decision, Under the Microscope!



This Week in Canadian Politics: What will Poilievre’s Foreign Policy be? How do Canadians view the military & The Washington Report with Reggie Cecchini!

The Bill Kelly Podcast: Topics Include: · Poilievre’s foreign policy · Some are livid with Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle · PM Trudeau’s new role as a single dad · And more… GUEST: Dr. Lori Turnbull, Professor at the Faculty of Management with Dalhousie University - More than half of Canadians (56 per cent) see the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as “old and antiquated,” according to a recent Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for Global News. GUEST: Darrell Bricker, CEO of IPSOS Polling - Topics Include: The decision regarding trump & the protective order the special counsel is seeking Trumps challengers are now stepping up and talking out against him (including DeSantis admitting Biden won) Polling shows trump is still on top And more… GUEST: Reggie Cecchini, Washington Correspondent for Global News


The Bill Kelly Commentary: Allies Want to Know Where Poilievre Stands on Key Issues!



Tech Talk - August 4, 2023



Doug Ford Bracing For Auditor General’s Report. Unemployment Rate Ticked Up Again. Half of Cdns Think “Speeding” Is A Big Problem On The Roads

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast with guest host Shiona Thompson: Doug Ford may not be too happy about a report that’s about to be released publicly; the auditor general’s report. It’s said to be a close look at the Greenbelt development plan. GUEST: Richard Brennan, Former Journalist with The Toronto Star covering both Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill. - The unemployment rate ticked up for a third month in a row. What’s that going to mean as far as the soft landing is concerned? How will it impact the coming Bank of Canada rate announcement? GUEST: Marvin Ryder, Professor with the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. - The CAA has a report saying about half of us think speeding is a big problem on our roads. Only half? GUEST: Michael Stewart, community relations consultant, Government and Community Relations for CAA SCO.


Could metal security tags soon be hiding in our food? The world’s most powerful democracies were built on suffering & New tool to fight Insomnia!

The Bill Kelly Podcast w/ Shiona Thompson: Walmart confirmed in an email to the Star that it has included security tags on items like fresh beef since 2019 to discourage theft. Could more metal security tags soon be hiding in our food? From self-checkout cameras to receipt-checking and off-duty police, increased theft prevention practices can be upsetting for customers, experts say. . Before 2020, rates of shoplifting had been increasing for six years, with larger increases in 2018 and 2019. From 2010 to 2019, the rate of shoplifting incidents jumped 39 per cent. GUEST: Bruce Winder, Retail Analyst & Author - United States President Joe Biden has cast the conflict between the western world and its competitors as a clash between “democracies and autocracies”. This masks the American desire for power and the complex realities of creating democracy. Democracy is supposed to base a state’s legitimacy in its accountability to its people. It supports people’s freedoms and human rights. What these ideals mean in practice and how to achieve them are difficult questions. But it’s clear the U.S. is no longer a credible champion for, or exemplar of, democracy. In fact, it has a long history of overthrowing and undermining democracies abroad. GUEST: Shaun Narine, Professor of International Relations and Political Science with St. Thomas University - There’s a theory backed by research that says our Western musical scale is tuned incorrectly. Middle A on a piano keyboard–and thus ever other standard middle A on every instrument–is standardized at 440 Hz. That’s wrong. Mathematical ratios related to tuning, something first discovered by Pythagoras, say that the “natural” frequency of middle A should be 432 Hz. That seems like a tiny difference–it’s almost an A-flat versus a contemporary natural A–but the effect on the human brain is apparently huge. GUEST: Alan Cross, Host, The Ongoing History of New Music, Canada’s longest running radio documentary


Is This the Summer of Strikes? Studies into possible treatments for Long COVID & Will there be an influx of reality TV due to Hollywood strike?

The Bill Kelly Podcast w/ Shiona Thompson: While a new tentative deal many have been reached between the two sides involved in a labour dispute impacting thousands of B.C. port workers, experts say Canada may not have seen the last of strikes this year. From the B.C. port strike to the recent Greater Toronto Area Metro workers’ strike to the writers’ strike in the U.S., rising costs of living, high corporate profits and dissatisfaction among workers may all be contributing to collective action across sectors. GUEST: Dr. Simon Black, Associate Professor of Labour Studies with Brock University - The National Institutes of Health is beginning a handful of studies to test possible treatments for long COVID, an anxiously awaited step in U.S. efforts against the mysterious condition that afflicts millions. Monday’s announcement from the NIH’s US$1.15 billion RECOVER project comes amid frustration from patients who’ve struggled for months or even years with sometimes-disabling health problems — with no proven treatments and only a smattering of rigorous studies to test potential ones. GUEST: Dr. Dawn Bowdish, Professor in the Department of Medicine with McMaster University and the Executive Director of the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health - Will there be an influx of reality TV because of the writers/actors strike? GUEST: Bill Brioux, television critic and author


Canadian fed bank regulator to impose a new cap on home equity lines of credit

GUEST: James Harrison, Broker with


Feds drop a multi-million dollar investment for affordable housing in Hamilton

GUEST: Alex Piccini Manager of Government Relations for the Ontario Home Builders Association


Latest from the Russia-Ukraine war!

GUEST: Aurel Braun, Professor of International Relations and a Senior Member of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto


Canada rolling out Individual cigarette warnings, Details on Ontario’s back-to-basics bill & Canada eliminated from Women’s World Cup!

The Bill Kelly Podcast w/ Shiona Thompson: A fresh set of Health Canada regulations that require warning labels on individual cigarettes is set to come into effect Tuesday. The move, announced earlier this year, makes Canada the first country in the world to take that step in the ongoing effort to help smokers kick the habit and deter potential puffers from picking it up. GUEST: Dr. Robert Schwartz, Executive Director of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit and Professor with the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto - School boards will soon be expected to do a lot more sharing — from exactly what teachers are learning on professional development days, to the number of students attending classes at least 90 per cent of the time. As part of Bill 98, the Better Schools and Students Outcomes Act, which passed before the summer break — and amid tense negotiations that continue with all of the province’s teacher unions — the government is mandating that boards post details of educators’ PD activities to the ministry as well as parents, starting this fall. GUEST: Karen Littlewood, President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation - Canada leaves the FIFA Women's World Cup early and shell-shocked. And, in some cases, in tears. The Olympic champion Canadians were put to the sword Monday in a shocking, lopsided 4-0 loss to Australia. GUEST: Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Co-Director of The National Research Network for Gender Equity in Sport


New cabinet committee called "the National Security Council"

GUEST: Michael Kempa, Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Ottawa