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CISN in the mornings with Chris, Jack, and Matt weekdays 5am -9am.

CISN in the mornings with Chris, Jack, and Matt weekdays 5am -9am.
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CISN in the mornings with Chris, Jack, and Matt weekdays 5am -9am.




It's Matt's "baby shower" day!

The day after Matt's big announcement that him and his wife are having their first child, we decided to have a baby shower for him... at a puddle! Let's just say madness ensued. We also chatted with Granger Smith, who's play Cook County that night!


Brett Kissel's HUGE news

We had Brett Kissel message us with some huge news... that really wasn't his. MATT IS HAVING A BABY! We took all your outpouring of love for Matt. We also got an email from a lady who has a big issue with her hubby in movie theaters.


Spending cash on your pets

Chris's dog is full on deaf now, and he's seriously considering dropping mad dough on some doggy hearing aids. That got the ball rolling on the most you've spent on your pet. We also talked your strange bucket list stuff, and had another round of "Don't Blow It For Everyone" for Luke Combs sound stage tickets!


Bad timing babies

Chris Stapleton won a bucket full of awards at last night’s ACM Awards, too bad he wasn't there. Why may you ask? He was welcoming his twin boys to the world! That got us thinking about your bad timing babies. We also reviewed Friday the 13th, and if it was actually lucky/unlucky for you. Plus another round of "Don't Blow It for Everyone" for Roadhammer's tix!


You pay HOW MUCH?

Jack dropped a bombshell on us, she's paying $22/hr for swimming lessons for a ONE AND A HALF YEAR OLD! That got everyone going on how much you pend for sports with your kids. We also got a chance to chat with Gord Bamford about his Birthday Bash this weekend, and Danitre Christensen about the big Global Edmonton wardrobe sale.


Bringing your kids to the liquor store

Dallas Smith's wife, Kristen Smith, found herself getting into a run in with a lady over bringing her daughter with her in the liquor store, so we took your thoughts on it. We also had our buddy from the Edmonton Eskimos, Justin Sorensen, in to chat about his wedding this weekend!


Pickles and PB

The New York Times tweeted out about their favorite sandwich, peanut butter and pickles, which sent the internet into a frenzy. We tried it, and took your favorite sandwich combo. And with our beloved Oilers out of the playoffs, we asked, "what's the one good thing about them being out?"


Happy Siblings Day!

It's National Sibling Day, so we celebrated them in the best way we knew how, by talking about the worst things you've done to them. And with the movie Blockers coming out about the parents trying to stop their daughters from doing naughty stuff at prom, we chatted about who your parents "blocked" you.


We remember those affected by the Humboldt tragedy

We didn't feel like it was going to be a normal show coming off the horrible accident that left 15 players, coaches, and support staff dead Saturday night. We talked about our connections to those affected, and take your thoughts on this terrible tragedy.


Dilly Dilly! But don't say it at the Masters...

The Master is going on this weekend, and they run a tight ship. You're not allowed the catchphrase "Dilly Dilly" or you're getting tossed. What got us going your least favorite words. We also talked to Dierks Bentley live from Nashville about te Tennessee Takeover and how pumped he is about playing for the winners.


No more paying the bills of your adult children

We had an email from a dad who is sick and tired of paying the bills of his adult daughter. We took your thoughts and safe to say people got fired up! And after we heard about the guy who woke his kids up with a taser, we took your waking kids up stories. Also had another round of "Don't blow It For Everyone" for BVJ Kickoff tickets!


April 2nd - The internet's newest challenge sounds terrible

How does snorting a condom into your nose and then pulling it out of your mouth sound? Terrible right? Well it's the latest internet fad since the whole tide pod eating thing. That got us going on the stuff you put in your nose. We also hit again on the fella that lost over 300lbs after taking up more than one seat on a bus evacuating from the Fort Mac fires.


How'd ya get bit?

Jack's daughter has a new habit, she likes to bite! That got us going on one of our favorite topic ever, "How'd You get Bit?" Matt also had quite the weekend, his furnace crapped out on him while his in-laws were visiting. That led to your stories about the stuff that ruined your family get together. We also share the story of the Fort Mac man that was inspired to lose weight due to the fires!


The Wheel of Misfortune strikes again

Jen has a problem with her mother in law coming in and taking over the kitchen, and that got EVERYONE fired up. We also spun the Wheel of Misfortune, and will Matt finally get chosen? We also had two more spins of thr Wheel of Country!


Good dads and bad mom problems

We got a listener emial from a mom who's having trouble playing bad cop with dad the good cop home all week for spring break. We also heard from all star Edmonton mommy blogger about some of the stuff you can do to fill some time this week. Plus, Dallas Smith and Terri Clark joined us for a chat and to debut their new single "One Drink Ago"


Halo Ice Cream is all the rage

The city has gone bonkers for Halo Ice Cream, and we get the "skinny" from you all about it. We also talked about Connor McDavid shaving his beard on his mother’s orders, and what your parents denied you cosmetically. We also gave away another seat on the Tennessee Takeover plane and had two spins of the Wheel of BVJ!


Mar 23rd - Live laugh love Sheetzbama

It's a big day in E-town, former first lady Michelle Obama is headed to Rogers Place for a Q and A, so we decided to get our own in house inspirational speaker, Sheetzbama to drop some knowledge on us. We also had a foot in mouth moment with Chris and Jack with the phrase, "live, laugh, love" which led to hilarious results.


Jingles all the way

Today was all about your favorite jingles. TV, radio or whatever, we had a ton of people call in with theirs. We also heard from Ryan who got himself into a dilly of a pickle on St Patrick's Day by kissing a girl his best friend was interested in. Plenty of hot takes on that one! We also spun the Wheel of BVJ twice!


Take this gross plate of food away from me

A recent survey claimed don't send their food back when out to eat. Of course in Chris, Jack & Matt fashion, we had to find out for ourselves. We also gave away another trip to Nashville with the Tennessee Takeover, and gave a shout out to all the amazing single parents out there on this single parent day!


Spring is sexy time

Studies have been coming out that spring time is THE time for... "love" for most women. We threw that out to the ladies of Edmonton and got back some suprising responses. And with a day to gather up all the #yegcommute responses, we talekd about the worst roads in Edmonton and mega pot holes!


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