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CISN in the mornings with Chris, Jack, and Matt weekdays 5am -9am.

CISN in the mornings with Chris, Jack, and Matt weekdays 5am -9am.
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CISN in the mornings with Chris, Jack, and Matt weekdays 5am -9am.




Hudson Strong - Dec 11th

It's time for another CISN Christmas Wish morning! this time around we hear about 8 year old Hudson and the terrible time he's been going through. But thankfully we heard their story, and were able to make this Christmas special for him and his family.


Youtube university - Nov 29th

Jack hit up youtube to fix a tail light, now she fancy's herself an expert. What did you learn thanks to youtube? Ladies, sounds like you dog sleeping on the bed is more benifical than you think. And how high has your cell phone gotten?


What you hit? - Nov 28th

Accidents with other cars is gonna happen, but with days like today on the road nothing is safe. What weird things have you hit driving? the U of A put out a new study about the funniest words to say. Get ready for Matt to say "boobs" a lot. We also replay the amazing Christmas Wish from yesterday!


The return of CISN Christmas Wish! - Nov 27th

CISN Country's Christmas Wish is back! To kick off this year, you'll hear the story of Trista as told by her friend, Penny. Get the tissues ready, it a tear jerker for sure. We also chat about getting back together with your ex and baby names you'll never hear again!


Grey Cup recap & cyber Monday - Nov 26th

It's the day after the evil Calgary Stampeders won the Grey Cup. What did Jack think of the game? She'll give us her recap. Cyber Monday today, so of course we had to talk about your best deals. And we end the age old debate "online vs retail" shopping.


All hail the Reklaws! - Nov 23rd

Just before their big day playing at the Grey Cup, our pals Jenna and Stu from the Reklaws join us in studio to get everyone jazzed up for the big game this weekend. they also played us an updated version Matt made of "Long Live the Night". And we had to finally ask Edmontonians once and for all, who are you cheering for?


Matt hits up the Grey Cup Festival - Nov 22nd

Swept up in the Grey Cup fever, we send Matt downtown to check out the Festival, which produced interesting results. And with so many out of towners coming in for the game, we asked what's that must see thing in Edmonton someone has to check out?


The great turkey microwave cook-off - Nov 21st

Most of the morning the microwave turkey was capturing the imagination of Edmonton. We put it in there and the drama started. We also chatted with our Buddy Bryan Hall about his Grey Cup memories, and Chris regales us with a tale of the Spirit of Edmonton.


Wedding awkwardness - Nov 20th

A bride in the states dropped a bombshell on her fiance, reading off all his cheating texts to the crowd. That lead to your awkward wedding tales and we got some doozies. We also talk about the expensive stuff your pets have destroyed and the 25 pound mom prank that seems to be leading to something VERY interesting


Calgary or no Calgary? - Nov 19th

Well the Grey Cup final has been set, with the Calgary Stampeders taking on the Ottawa Red Blacks. The real question is do us Edmontonians bite the bullet and cheer for Alberta and Calgary to win? Chris is thinking about getting another dog, but is it a bad idea to get a rebound dog? And with it also being International Men's Day, Matt tells us why it's so hard to be a man.


Just throw it out! - Nov 16th

It's a sad day for Chris, he finally threw out his old ratty Christmas tree and replaced it with a new one. That got us going with the things you refuse to throw out. Traffic was TERRIBLE, so we gave all the drivers a place to air their grievances about the horrid driving habits they see all the time. And we end things off with a little clean joke Friday!


Smokers vs non smokers - Nov 15th

There's a company in Japan that has adopted a new policy giving non smokers 6 extra days off a year to make up for the extra smoke breaks smokers get. This got people on both sides FIRED UP. The "too early for a question, question" talked about babysitting, so after that we set out to find out that babysitters really make. And of course we wrap up last night’s CMA Awards!


The boy who cried Fleetwood Mac - Nov 14th

Chris' brother-in-law, Jerry, didn't believe Chris when he told him Fleetwood Mac was cancelled for a very "Chris" reason. Parents are now demanding a new kind of gift and we get your take. The oil derrick on QE2 just out of town is moving, so Matt speaks passionately about his favorite landmark. And the whole show we find out who your choice for Entertainer of the Year for the CMA's would be!


Back from Disney - Nov 13th

We're back from a whirlwind trip to Disneyland, ready to go. It was a close call with us almost missing our plane on the way back so we had to talk about times you missed your flight. And we remember Stan Lee, Marvel creator with a bit of a weird question. Big day in Calgary with the Olympic vote, but no one asked us Edmontonians about what WE think.


Remembering Lacy - Nov 8th

Matt was fired up about photo shoots, we had a top notch Too Early For a Question, Question, but the big story of the morning was Chris and his dog. Unfortunately he had to put her down last night. He talks about their lives together, and we heard from the incredible outpouring of support from our listeners.


Paper cut vs burn mouth - Nov 7th

We do a different kind of bracket today, the WORST EVER bracket. He's coming to play two shows later in the week, so it was perfect timing to chat with our buddy George Canyon on today's show. And inspired by George's "dangler" we quiz Jack with more hockey terms. To cap it off we chat about blow all your cash on stupid stuff!


Matt goes political - Nov 6th

Inspired by all the attack ads leading up the mid term elections down in the states, Matt took out his own smear ad against Chris & Jack. the Ottawa Senators are in somehow water after a video of them ripping the coach and management surfaced late yesterday. That got us going about being caught talking behind someone's back. And Chris did something very productive and can't wait to share it.


early vs late people - Nov 5th

With time change over the weekend, we opened up the great debate - early vs late people. There was a landmark show of The Walking Dead with one of the main dudes leaving, that got Chris FIRED up about biggest TV shockers. And what's your pet name for your significant other?


Parking lot party! - Nov 2nd

It's pure chaos at the Nordstrom Rack that just opened. That inspired all your glorious parking lot mayhem stories. It's day 2 of rifle hunting season, so we chatted with a bunch of "fired" up huners. We we're also joined by Justin Sorensen of the Edmonton Eskimos to chat about their last game of the season.


We're all halloween hungover - Nov 1st

It's the day after halloween, and we all have a little candy hangover. We chat about how many kids you got, and hear from a lady who may have set an Edmonton record. There's a new video game out that might make a billion dollars, so Jack faces off against the gamers. We also kick off the hunting season, have yet another Cash Cow winner, and give you the first 10 BVJ acts!