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Kool DJ Red Alert celebrates 35 yrs in the game (@KoolDJRedAlert)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert(@KoolDJRedAlert). Red talked about the respect factor, how he got started in the business, his proudest moments during his 35 years in the game, the film he's working on, the Kool connection, when creativity died, some radio history, what the young Bizmarkie was like, how he connected with Boogie Down Productions, the Harlem Roots, what's next for him and more. Listen right now. Then log on to:...


Producer/ writer/ athlete Dorian Graham (@theystillgotit)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with producer, writer, athlete Dorian Graham of They’ve still got it. and more. Dorian talked about his early work at HBO, setting groundwork at ESPN Classic & Hollywood, creating Martin Luther King Day national ad at the NBA, being part of an ACE award team, running the street ball section of Hoops TV, going to Magic Johnson celebrity weekends, pitching his video game idea to Midway/Acclaim, connecting with Nick Cannon, producing: Son of a...


entrepreneur Thembisa Mshaka drops #LipGame and other business tips (@putyrdreams1st)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked to entertainment business veteran Thembisa Mshaka (@putyrdreams1st). Thembisa opened up about the launch of her exclusive net-worthing event #LipGame live, her advertising/campaign work with: Lauryn Hill, Nas, Wutang Clan, 50 Cent, Dead Prez to name a few, advice for youth looking to enter the business, the new edition of her book "Put your dreams 1st coming soon, artist who use media incorrectly, her upcoming feature film project and so much...


Good times in the Bull City with Mark Steele (@whoismarksteele)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) were joined by Bull City's Finest artist Mark Steele @whoismarksteele. We kick it with Mark about life in Durham North Carolina, why Durham is the bull city, what he learned living/working in New York City, having mentor 9th Wonder as a professor, his intro to hip hop, battlin' at cook outs, selling New Edition's Michael Bivins a charger, how he got on ESPN, directing/shooting videos, working with No Malice of The Clipse, Michael Jordan’s presence in...


Queens duo New Gang City use veteran tactics to master the new scene

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with rising new group from Queens, New Gang City (@CmoezGzup) and (@ThaKiddAce). We discussed why they consider themselves the 38th chamber, taking control of their careers early, bringing the north to the south, having 2 parents that DJ, how playing instruments help, marching band discipline, rocking football stadiums, doing well in school breaking the stereotype, running a media site, working smarter, how being siblings has helped in the...


Business Music and Health with Mic Handz (@therealMICHANDZ)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with entrepreneur/artist Mic Handz (@therealMICHANDZ)in between his busy schedule. We discussed his battle with chronic kidney disease, working with hip hop icon Erick Sermon, running a marketing business, role as a fashion designer, owning Snkr Head NYC, launching a new line of urban contemporary fashion "Emerald City", writing video stories and treatments, the Handz on Health foundation, pursing a kidney donor, how to balance life/work with...


Part 2 with artist Big Sence (@bigsence) fighting through adversity

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) continue our talk with star Big Sence (@bigsence) along with Bushwick Bullie. We discuss the division between black and latino artists, the influence of his musician parents, Big Pun's impact, the label that passed on him because he wasn't black enough, producers that you want to work with, the reggaeton factor, the rise of Dominican artists, building with Haitian connects, views on immigration, his favorite Dominican dish and so much more. Give your...


driven for stardom with artist Big Sence (@bigsence) Part 1

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with fast rising star Big Sence (@bigsence) along with Bushwick Bullie. We discussed the journey from Bushwick to Dominican Republic, sending relief to the people of Puerto Rico, the politics of the islands, life in Moca D.R., the education system, family bonding via poverty, learning the importance of adapting to your environment, being a stranger on your own block, cultural elimination, conformists, public school warehousing and more. Give...


Developing business and media with Dove Clark (@FlyLikeDove)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with long time bandwagon starter Dove Clark (@FlyLikeDove). Dove scooped us on building the proper business relationships, discovering Snow tha Product, Dove's dinners, working with Grammy award winning producer Needlz, growing up in the Seattle wilderness, being a dancer at B-boy events, writing for OkayPlayer in it's beginning, how she started her PR company, the turning point in life that changed things forever, the cons of social media...


the Business of artists with Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with Righteous Music Media's Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic). We talked about artist management, discovering Queen Sugar/She's Gotta Have it's actress Margot Bingham (@MargotBingham), relationship with actor/artist Darien Dean (@DarienOnline), the Choklate connection, his brief career as a singer, doing the lecture and guest speaker circuit at colleges, why leasing beats is bad, how movie "Sorry to Bother You' hit home, the intro to Insecure's...


All in with artists Chyna Black (@CHYNABLACK718) and M.Reck (@mreckgm)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with artists Chyna Black (@CHYNABLACK718)and M.Reck (@mreckgm). We talk with them about considering Dentistry before rap, how the two met, story behind the infamous "ashy lips" line, Ninja tactics, creating relationships worldwide with local business owners, how to have a fruitful studio session, the upcoming TV show, how to handle the #MeToo issue, paying tribute to Millie Jackson, having a successful independent media company, role in the new...


actor Stephen Hill (@StephenHillActs) talks Magnum P.I. and the humble lane

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with actor Stephen Hill (@StephenHillActs). We talk about his role in the reboot of Magnum P.I. on CBS, people who have become funny style around him, preparing to shoot episodes every 8 days, Flavor in the Wig connect, the message he received from the original TC, getting used to extra eyes watching him, balancing the humble lane, getting un-followed on social media, escaping crabs in a barrel, staying true to the person he's always been,...


Nadhege Ptah (@Nadhege) of Paris Blues in Harlem (@ParisBluesFilm)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) chatted with filmmaker, actor, writer Nadhege Ptah (@Nadhege). We discuss her latest film "Paris Blues in Harlem" how it came about, taking it around the world via film festivals, and what she wants to do beyond the film itself. We also go in depth on the topics of legacy, generational differences, gentrification, community, entrepreneurship, business education, preparing youth to carry on family business, spirituality, real estate, and more. Give your...


Phlow motion (@Phlowetry)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with rising star Phlow (@Phlowetry). Phlow talked about growing up in Nigeria during the 90's, watching TRL with Carson Daly, how she acquired her style, studying computer science, the connection to producer Teck-Zilla, what she likes to write about, what her show is like, getting to the states and more. Give your ears some entertainment. Then log on to: for what's to come in the future. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav


Isis Kenney on Hip Hop Fine Arts (@HIPHOPFINEART)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with artist/designer Isis Kenney (@HIPHOPFINEART). Isis spoke about: early days at the Hip Hop Culture center and Rapathon, growing up in Poughkeepsie, the jail economy of the city, moving to brooklyn from Poughkeepsie, getting robbed at City College, her first production at 2 years old, making art that highlight political issues, the "the revolution will not be televised" exhibit, the significance of her Chris Brown piece, thoughts on her...


author Alfred Obiesie (@crazedafrykan) of "You made it a hotline" Vol 1

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talk with author/producer Alfred Obiesie of the book "You made it a hotline." Alfred discussed: surviving a coma, his background at Lehman Brothers during the height of the financial crisis, starting out as a producer/blogger, the unique design of the book, 4 criteria to having the most influential lines in Hip Hop, his reasons for picking the particular lyric pieces in his book, his plans to expand the series, why "who's the best" lists need to go...


Blitz the Ambassador gets Diasporadical (@BlitzAmbassador)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) catch up with world artist Blitz the Ambassador (@BlitzAmbassador). Blitz spoke on: his debut performance at the International African Arts Festival, creating your own eco system as an artist, merging the African diaspora globally, traveling worldwide independently - 34 countries in 6 yrs, leveraging the global understanding of Hip Hop, the importance of visual art and doing more film work, his family background in Accra, how hip hop sampling brought...


Amen Ra (@Bam2AmenRa) explains why failure is not an option

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with singer, dancer, and writer Amen Ra. Amen Ra opens up about: the historic origin of his name, his famous father, working with industry producing vet Tony Dofat, dancing in 702 video “No doubt,” being on a worldwide tour with Mary J.Blige, the discipline he learned from being on a worldwide tour, working as a choreographer to the stars (LL Cool J, Joe, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Mariah Carey), his martial arts background, the Trinidadian...


Darlene Ortiz (@DarleneOGOrtiz) is the Definition of Down

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got an in studio visit from B-girl, host, writer, PT trainer Darlene Ortiz (@DarleneOGOrtiz) as well music vet/publisher Paul Stewart (@paulstewart1). Darlene was frank about: her life with Ice T, uprocking in heels, hosting her own radio show, going to prom with her 1st black boyfriend at NBA great Reggie Miller's high school, the infamous Radiotron club, the upcoming audiobook, the relationship between herself and Coco (Ice T's wife), possible film...


artist Paris (@paris_gfr) talks Hip Hop, business, and Pistol Politics

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke to Bay Area veteran artist Paris (@paris_gfr) on a variety of topics. The UC Davis grad broke it down on: building his own publishing company to include movies, books, etc, the letter he got from the FBI, his experience as an FOI member, the diversity as well as imbalance of San Francisco, his uncle Elston Howard the first black New York Yankee, why he chose to study economics, the blueprint he got from his father, why he doesn’t do lectures, the...