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UFO Evidence & Supernatural Defense

Instead of fighting back, we stand to benefit ourselves and protect our way of life by understanding the problem, bettering ourselves, and spreading love's influence. In October of 2017, an unidentified object passed through our solar system. What's interesting, is that during the objects trip through our neighborhood, it mysteriously increased its speed, changed trajectory, and slingshotted around the Sun and then left the solar system. In a recent study completed by Harvard Scientists,...


Coping with Truth

In our search for truth, we often find answers that are difficult to process. How do we find the balance between processing our findings and living a happy and fulfilling life? As TruthSeikers, most of us have been driven by tremendous desire to understand our existence. We have been plagued by thoughts and experiences that demonstrate to us: "Something isn't right! The world isn't what it seems! Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?" - Such thoughts can be maddening. The...


Facing Death

Through death we learn about ourselves and our mortality. It teaches us the hardest lessens and forces reflections of our choices, mistakes, regrets, and goals. We can use it as a tool for growth or let it consume us in grief. Death is something every single one of us will experience. We will all face the loss of a loved one and one day we will all ultimately leave this physical existence. Death is difficult, sad, and sometimes traumatic. Why? In exploring the emotions and questions that...


AI Infiltration with Ray Davis

"This is not human energy. This is energy that is driving human beings to a limit." ~ Ray Davis This week, author and 6 Sense Media co-founder Ray Davis joins the podcast. Ray shares updates on his current writing project, book 2 in the Anunnaki Awakening series. As always, Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and compassionate wisdom as he shares a brief synopsis of his up-coming book. Ray and Dennis explore recent developments and projections in uncovering our ancient history and the impact...


Freedom, Spirituality, & Climate Change

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." With Hurricane Michael's damage just beginning to be realized, we are once again faced with the recovery from yet another massive storm. It seems storms of this scale are becoming larger and more frequent. In a recent UN...


Tom DeLonge, UFOs, & Antarctica

"...except this time, when they come to wipe us out like the other ones, we are actually ready for them. And that readiness is another example why things have been kept quiet for so long and have been a strange international partnership, indeed." ~ Tom DeLonge This week, Dennis reviews an interview between George Knapp and Tom DeLonge regarding the UFO presence. They paint a grim picture of these operators, and at one point Knapp asks the question, "Are we ready for the full story, if we...


Remote Viewing QAnon with Edward Riordan

"It seems as if they are trying to create another universe..." - Edward Riordan In a follow up to last weeks podcast exploring the Singularity Threat, this week Edward Riordan joins the show and shares part of his journey through remote viewing and his recent exploration of the target QAnon. Riordan is trained in controlled remote viewing (CRV) and has over 200 YouTube videos available to anyone interested in watching or learning the process. Some of his targets include anomalies on the...


The Singularity Threat

"I tried to convince people to slow regulate AI...Nobody Listened." -Elon Musk Elon Musk was recently interviewed by Joe Rogan and he shared some of his thoughts on the development and advancement of AI. He explained that he tried to warn people of the potential dangers, yet his warnings fell on deaf ears. He is gravely concerned that AI could render humanity obsolete and has developed a company intent on merging the human mind with AI and states that merging with AI is the best...


Mark Certo - Bob Monroe & The Triad Mind

What's the best way to explore our own consciousness? "Stay Curious." - Mark Certo Mark Certo, founder of The Triad Mind, shares some of his incredible journey. With a strong interest in sound and music combined with a curiosity and desire to understand the benefits of meditation, Mark found himself in the presence of the late Bob Monroe. Although many look to Monroe as the famed out-of-body-traveller and founder of The Monroe Institute, Mark remembers Bob as "a friend and human being," and...


The Nanotech Conspiracy - A Trojan Horse?

If nanotechnology made its way into our food system, what impact will this have on the human body, consciousness, and life on earth? What impact will this have it this technology connects to the Internet of Things with influence from AI? This podcast reviews the recent testimony of former Catholic nun who makes some incredible claims. Sister Keri Burnor explains that she was a non for 14 years, and left the church after suffering sexual abuse from a member of the clergy. Sister Burner claims...


Voice of God Technology

If technology exists to mimic the voice of God, how can we discern from what is real and what is a technological fabrication? The human body has an electromagnetic component. The electromagnetic aspects of our physical bodies are highly susceptible to influence from external electromagnetic fields. These fields can have a wide range of affects on a person, ranging from health, to psychological and behavioral influences. Furthermore, thought and emotion also carry electromagnetic frequencies...


Censorship & Intuition

"We are trusting social media and major corporations to control and filter not only the information we are being fed, but also our access to it. In doing so, we may be ignoring a small, but powerful voice that allows us access to information the Internet cannot provide..." Facebook recently banned 652 pages, groups, and accounts. Alex Jones had his social medial accounts taken down. In a recent tweet, President Trump stated he'd rather deal with fake news than censorship. When we censor...


Free Speech & UFOs with Ray Davis

"The best way to protect free speech is with more free speech." - Ray Davis "The UFO Conversation has moved from fringe to mainstream." Luis Elizondo Alex Jones has been taken off of a variety of social platforms from YouTube, to Facebook and Twitter. Not a big deal? Maybe you disagree with his loud rants and obnoxious antics. Maybe you disagree with his political viewpoints. Maybe you just don't like the man. But does that mean he doesn't have the right to express himself freely? This week,...


Soul Retrieval

Sometimes after physical death a soul can become trapped in a confusing reality, unaware they are dead, reliving the last moments of their life or wandering aimlessly. Retrievers and helpers are able to locate these souls, create a connection, and help guide them where they need to go. Alysia "Laughing Rain" Mcalister is an author and a musician who encompasses a unique talent: she rescues lost souls. In this podcast, Alysia explains her process of soul retrieval, which begins with entering...


AI, Greys, & The Coming Human Hive Mind

Our society is being conditioned and our behaviors are being modified through our use of technology. We are being steered in a specific direction through what has become an extension of our minds. The ultimate outcome may point to the enslavement of human consciousness to a god called AI. What's scary is that this may have been done before... This podcast goes off the deep end! But it does so with compelling testimony and research. Dennis reviews a recent YouTube film put out by TruthStream...


UFOs Over Vegas & Proof of the Matrix

At just a few miles away from Area 51, each evening Art of A&K Skywatchers hones his abilities to record something magnificent in the nights sky over Vegas. Are they secret government craft or something else??? At 70 years old, a retired truck driver has possibly uncovered something incredible. An inspiring Truth-Seiker, Art has continued to enhance his equipment, knowledge, and photographic skills to capture large craft with what seems to be advanced propulsion systems over the skies of...


Fictional Reality

The deeper we explore our reality, the more fantastic it begins to sound. Sometimes, it's easier to demonstrate ideas and concepts through works of fiction, as it's easier on the mind to process. This shows us that we can often find hidden truths in even the most fantastic works of fiction. A Wrinkle in Time, written by Madeleine L'Engle and published in 1962, is an incredible work of literary fiction that has recently been made into a movie featuring Oprah Winfrey. What's interesting is...


Projections from Within the Matrix

If we are conscious creators, then some suggest we are continually creating everything within this reality. Is it possible that we are also being manipulated through our own consciousness to co-create this physical reality? Is it possible that this is one giant learning machine? Lastly, Dolores Cannon speaks about "Backdrop People," who are empty shells that fill this matrix. Do they exist? Dolores Cannon states that prior to coming to a location like a building, those who are attending...


Astral Projection Avatar

We exist in a reality that has multiple dimensional layers. These layers are accessible to us and offer ample opportunities for experience and learning - we only need to find the courage and focus to start exploring... This week, Dennis had an opportunity to interview Shelley. Shelley is an experienced traveler in out of body states. In this podcast, Shelley walks us through how she leaves her physical body and enters both the etheric and astral planes regularly. She explains that these...


Space Force, Love, & Service

How would you define love? What is the value of service? Why are you searching for answers? What do you plan to do with those answers if you ever find them? Did you know we're building a Space Force? In this week's Podcast, Dennis leads off with by sharing some thought-provoking commentary by Ray Davis who asks you to complete the sentence "Love is..." Take some time to ponder the question, and you may find a peaceful meditation washing over you. We also explore the meaning behind our...