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Fictional Reality

The deeper we explore our reality, the more fantastic it begins to sound. Sometimes, it's easier to demonstrate ideas and concepts through works of fiction, as it's easier on the mind to process. This shows us that we can often find hidden truths in even the most fantastic works of fiction. A Wrinkle in Time, written by Madeleine L'Engle and published in 1962, is an incredible work of literary fiction that has recently been made into a movie featuring Oprah Winfrey. What's interesting is...


Projections from Within the Matrix

If we are conscious creators, then some suggest we are continually creating everything within this reality. Is it possible that we are also being manipulated through our own consciousness to co-create this physical reality? Is it possible that this is one giant learning machine? Lastly, Dolores Cannon speaks about "Backdrop People," who are empty shells that fill this matrix. Do they exist? Dolores Cannon states that prior to coming to a location like a building, those who are attending...


Astral Projection Avatar

We exist in a reality that has multiple dimensional layers. These layers are accessible to us and offer ample opportunities for experience and learning - we only need to find the courage and focus to start exploring... This week, Dennis had an opportunity to interview Shelley. Shelley is an experienced traveler in out of body states. In this podcast, Shelley walks us through how she leaves her physical body and enters both the etheric and astral planes regularly. She explains that these...


Space Force, Love, & Service

How would you define love? What is the value of service? Why are you searching for answers? What do you plan to do with those answers if you ever find them? Did you know we're building a Space Force? In this week's Podcast, Dennis leads off with by sharing some thought-provoking commentary by Ray Davis who asks you to complete the sentence "Love is..." Take some time to ponder the question, and you may find a peaceful meditation washing over you. We also explore the meaning behind our...


Harmonic Burdens of an Empath

Our energetic frequency is in a continual harmonic dance with the energetic frequencies of everyone we meet. Sometimes our energies are harmonious with those around us. Sometimes our energies are in conflict, and sometimes our energies work to seek a balance between us, creating a new frequency entirely. Have you ever walked into a room and found your mood immediately changes just because of the people in the room? Have you ever met someone and immediately felt as if you've known them your...


Fear, A Gatekeeper & A Teacher

Fear may be one of our greatest inhibitors. It keeps us locked into a state stagnation and can serve to limit growth, progress, and movement. However, fear may also serve as one of the greatest and most essential teaching-tools ever brought into existence. FEAR! We all have it, and have experienced it throughout our lives. We have common fears: death, public speaking, spiders, etc. And we have more personal fears: rejection, body image, loneliness, etc. But what purpose do they serve? Do...


Intuition, UFOs, & The Search for Truth

More information has been leaked from the Pentagon regarding the Nimitz UFO sighting. They are maneuvering at incredible speeds and may also be submerging beneath the surface and demonstrating the ability to remain invisible. George Knapp recently released more information he came across regarding what has come to be known as the Nimitz UFO or Tic-Tack UFO incident that occurred in November of 2004 between the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group and several UFOs. The documents state that craft was...


Drones & Smart Meters

We are being forced to accept smart meters in our homes... But are they safe? Drones are becoming autonomous... But are they safe? In this episode, Dennis shares his connection between intuition and a notice advising his home was scheduled to be outfitted with an electric smart meter. Are they dangerous? Are there connections to this technology and cancer? Jeremy Johnson, former Silicon Valley civil engineer and a "safe technology advocate" states that this technology does pose a threat to...


ET & AI - Are They Here???

Is it possible that advanced ET life chose to transcend their physical bodies by housing their consciousness in a digital reality? If so, would they then be able to traverse space and time to infest our own digital networks? The search for UFOs and extraterrestrial life has gained momentum over the past year since the confirmation via the New York Times of the Pentagon's acknowledgment that UFOs are in-fact real. At the same time, we are witnessing the birth of AI as we move towards the...


Reiki & Energy Work

We have an energetic component to our bodies - an electromagnetic field that runs through us and surrounds us. This field is directly connected to our intuition. It is also directly connected to our health. If we continually neglect this aspect of our being, we are ignoring a critical aspect of our own wellness... This week Dennis shares his experience of a Reiki session he had with former guest, Rose, the Happy Medium of ZenErgy Day Spa. Dennis shares the power of the energy-work today,...


Moses, Corey Goode, UFOs, & AI

The Farsight Institute recently targeted Moses & The 10 commandments for a Remote Viewing project. What they revealed presents strong similarities to the claims of Corey Goode. Could this be an indicator revealing a cycle of UFO manipulation over the human race dating back to biblical times? This show may challenge some paradigms. But its important to review the evidence as its presented. The Farsight observed Moses in contact with an advanced being - one described as having the head of a...


AI Surveillance, Evolution & Time

What are the consequences of our consumer-driven society intently focused on convenience over privacy? As AI develops along with the need for intelligence agencies to know everything about everyone, we have opened the doorway to not only our locations, likes, and dislikes, but quite possibly to our inner-most thoughts and desires. This rendition of Pandora's box which we've opened may leave us vulnerable in ways we're only beginning to imagine... In a recently published Forbes article...


Dangers of Useful Tech & Manipulations for War

As technology evolves, we are becoming more and more dependent. But some of these advancements are a scary threat to freedom and individual liberties. Our vulnerability to deception and manipulation has increased exponentially and is being utilized against is in a variety of ways... Recently in China, a man was captured at a music concert amongst a crowd of 60,000 people. How did they catch him? Through a pair of sunglasses and a system of cameras that employed facial recognition software....


The Atacama Discrepancies - Who do we Believe?

We are on the brink of great changes in this world - but we need to be cautious in the sources we trust and in our evaluation of all evidence presented (and hidden). In 2003 a tiny 6 inch skeleton was discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This tiny being had an elongated skull and gave suggestion and hope that a previously unidentified species of humanoid had been discovered. Whether ET, human, or something else, it promised to be an exciting journey. The being was eventually taken...


Conflicts in Disclosure

There are questions that aren't being asked, while a story is being crafted to lead the public down a path that cold have dangerous outcomes... As we continue to explore the recent confirmation by the mainstream media and Defense Department of the existence of UFOs, the story continues to present more unanswered questions. This week, we explore an interview with former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, credited with creating the Aerial Threat Identification Program funded through the...


The UFO Disclosure Deception

Tucker Carlson of FOX acknowledges the existence of UFOs as potentially one of the biggest stories of his lifetime, yet he fails to ask the (obvious) and most important questions... In a recent interview with former Pentagon counterintelligence agent, and To The Stars representative Luis Elizondo, Tucker Carlson admits he once labeled people believing in UFOs as "wackos." He then goes onto identify the current disclosures of the UFO presence as "first-hand accounts by very sober people who...


Cataclysms, Happiness, & UFOs

We are continually bombarded with fear-based stories. Although some of those stories may be valid, we need to ask ourselves: when the end comes, will we be proud of the lives we've led, or will we hold regrets from the limits we allowed based on our fears? The End is near! The End is near! Nuclear war. Global Warming. Civil Unrest. EMP blasts. Famine. Revolution. Russia. Trump. Ebola. Plague. Terrorism! There is so much to be afraid of, its amazing anyone leaves their homes anymore. Should...


AI & Immortality

Within the next 30 years, we will have the technology to live forever... But there is so much we don't know about human consciousness and our souls. What impact will this have on humanity? What dangers might we face? Futurists, Engineers, and Scientists are sounding more and more confident that within the next 30 years, the world (and humanity) will look very different. With advancements in robotics, and rapidly developing software, the world is preparing to give birth to the singularity -...


Meditation, School & Guns

Once again, we watch in horror as yet another school shooting unfolds. Yet once again, we continue to have the same, divisive argument that serves to move us away from a solution and towards more turmoil. Let's look at the cause of this problem, and stop focusing on just the symptoms. School shootings have been an unfortunate growing trend in America. Since the beginning of 2018, there has been data circulating stating that as of February 15, 2018, there have been an alarming 18 school...


Mushrooms & Dreams - What Can We Learn?

Dreams and mushrooms may both be networks of communication, allowing us to learn and receive vital information, yet they often go ignored... During last week's podcast, Dennis explored the words of Colonel Corso's book, The Day After Roswell. In it, Col. Corso suggested that the silicon chips recovered from the Roswell Crash may have been the seeds planted by an Artificial Intelligence intent on expanding it's occupation. We don't have to look far to see the infestation of technology and...