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Join us a we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of streaming services

Join us a we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of streaming services


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Join us a we take a look at the latest happenings in the world of streaming services




047: Streaming and COVID-19 Week 2

Another week has passed and the focus continues to be the effects on the streaming industry as the coronavirus continues to put more people in lockdown. What are the latest films breaking the theatrical windows? Why is the European Union asking major providers to reduce the quality of content seen by customers? All of that...


046: Streaming and COVID-19

It has been a busy news week regarding everything happening in the world. However, the entertainment industry and streaming more specifically is having its own reaction. Tony and Dustin are here to break down the small amount of news from the past week and discuss what the current worldwide pandemic means for the world of...


045: Quibi Skepticism and Disney Television Studios

For the second episode released this week, we dive into a couple of different topics. First, what is Disney Television Studios and what does it mean for content on Hulu or Disney+? Quibi is less than a month away from launching but will the recently announced free trial be enough to sway the skeptics? What...


044: Fx on Hulu Launch and Quibi Raises More Money

After some technical and health delays, we bring you all of the latest news about the streaming services and the content on them. The main highlights from the week include FX on Hulu launching, Quibi raising even more money and an interesting licensing deal that Peacock landed. All this and more as Tony and Dustin...


043: The Future of ViacomCBS and Streaming

The Streaming Wars may not be heating up, but the format of the show is under fire. We launch our new format and discuss everything from the world of streaming from the past week. What does the new Top 10 list on Netflix mean? What does the future hold for Disney+ shows that are deemed...


042: IMDB TV and 2020 Content to Look Forward To

New things are on the horizon for the streaming services and the podcast. This episode we discuss what IMBD TV is and what a new licensing agreement means for it. The team also discusses some content coming in 2020 they are looking forward to before heading into details for the new direction of the podcast....


041: Subscriber Counts and WarnerMax

After a week off, the sho is back with a bunch of new subscriber counts for a variety of different services. The other big news from the past two weeks was that WarnerMedia is creating a new film division called WarnerMax which will be creating films for HBO Max. What does that mean for the...


040: Disney+ Announces Release Schedule

A couple of new things sprouted up this past week as Adam Sandler and Netflix extended their deal and Disney+ announced release time frames for some of their most anticipated series. Join Dustin and Tony as they discuss all of the content news from the past week on this episode of The Streaming Wars. Netflix:...


039: Is Intellectual Property the Key to Success?

The slow trickle of news continues, but brings some interesting discussions. Should Netflix consider lowering their prices to keep US subscribers from leaving? In the world of streaming, is intellectual property the key to success? And why is HBO Max so important for AT&T’s future? All this and more as Tony and Dustin discuss the...


038: Apple Lands Another Former Premium Channel Exec

A slow week has brought in a few things to discuss. The main big news is that yet another former premium channel executive has signed an exclusive deal with Apple. And if you thought we have discussed all of the streaming services that exist, then you don’t know about Tubi. Check out the latest episode...


037: Netflix Changes the Game

A slow week means there is only a little news. However, Netflix makes up a big portion of the news as it released its latest quarterly earnings report and shared some interesting new ways of counting views for projects. Tony and Dustin discuss all of that and more in the latest episode of The Streaming...


036: Studio Ghibli and Netflix Plus Peacock’s Content

NBCUniversal has revealed their service and with that comes some new content. Outside of that, there were a few more announcements out of the Television Critics Association and a major international deal between Netflix and Studio Ghibli. Check out the latest episode as Tony and Dustin discuss the latest content news from your favorite streaming...


035: Peacock Details Revealed

Over the past week, there were a number of things to discuss. Between new deals made with various companies along with some updates for HBO Max out of TCA, there was a decent amount. The biggest news, however, was the investor presentation that NBCUniversal held to reveal all of the major details for the upcoming...


034: Content News from TCA

One week has passed and if you didn’t know the Television Critics Association held an event for the networks which meant there was plenty of content related news announced. So which service had the most news? Or which service had the best news? Find out as Dustin and Tony discuss all the latest content news...


033: Quibi’s Uphill Battle

The big news from the past week was a closer look at Quibi as they showed off the service at CES last week. So what do Tony and Dustin see as the problems for the service launching this April? Take a listen and find out as they cover the ins and outs of the uphill...


032: FX on Hulu, Disney+ in 2020, Mandalorian and Witcher Review

It’s been three weeks and while there wasn’t a ton of new content announced during the holidays, there was a pretty consistent trickle adding to a decent size amount to discuss. The highlights include Netflix making more international moves, the 2020 slate for Disney+, FX on Hulu, and our review of the first seasons of...


031: Mergers, Partnerships, and Potential Deals

Three weeks have passed since our last episodes focusing on news regarding the services and while it was still relatively slow, there is plenty of talk about mergers, partnerships and potential deals. Tony and Dustin take a look at all the major news from the past few weeks as we head into more announcements coming...


030: Survival of the Niche Services

Our last topic episode focuses on the different niche services and how they can survive in such a crowded market. What makes some of these services work even if their parent company has a larger service which offers even more content? And why do companies find the need to continue to find a service for...


029: Our Favorite Content in 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, Tony and Dustin take a look at some of their favorite content they watched from the past year. While some are the new seasons or projects from 2019, there were plenty of projects that the two saw for the first time in 2019. You can help to support this...


028: Why are Licensing Deals Important?

Have you ever wondered why shows like Friends, The Office, and Seinfeld demand half of a billion dollars? What makes a service shell out that much and are they actually spending that much? Dustin and Tony lay out the importance of these deals and why streaming services seem to be fighting for the rights of...