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Talk of the towns: the key battleground of the next election

Towns used to be great places to live with a strong sense of community, thriving high streets, lots of green spaces and good local amenities. But while our cities are booming, the towns have become left behind. Too often our towns have ageing populations, a lack of jobs and opportunities and boarded up shops. And there is growing anger that political parties don’t understand their residents’ needs, ambitions and frustrations. In this week’s Ayes to the Left podcast Labour MP Lisa Nandy...


Are workers getting a fair deal?

This Saturday will see tens of thousands of people march through London to demand a new deal for workers. The TUC rally has been organised to highlight how millions of people are stuck in low-paid, insecure and part-time jobs. Ahead of the gathering the TUC’s Frances O’Grady talks to Jason Beattie and Mark Ellis about why they called the march, what they hope it will achieve and why the Government needs to act. She explains how work is no longer the way out of poverty. The changing...


The new working class

There are millions of voters out there who have been ignored, abandoned and misunderstood. But they could hold the key to winning the next general election. They are, according to Claire Ainsley, the new working class. This new demographic is different to the traditional working class. They are people on low to middle incomes, working in insecure and low paid jobs such as catering and retail and more likely to rent than own their homes. This new working class is multi-ethnic and...


14: Theresa May pays the price for the Windrush fiasco

We have seen the best and worst of politics this week. There has been the Home Office shambles on Windrush and the searing debate in the Commons on anti-Semitism. The issues may be cause to despair but amid the gloom we have seen Parliament at its best: MPs speaking from the heart, holding power to account and engaging in honest debate. In this week’s Ayes to the Left podcast Jason Beattie, Nicola Bartlett and Dan Bloom pick through a difficult few days for both Labour and the...


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