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Praying Points Your Family To A Better God

When we asked the wives of the Dad Tired community what they thought was one of the best ways a husband can be the spiritual leader of their home, without question, the number one answer was "To pray with us". Wives desperately want their husbands to lead them and their kids in prayer. The truth is, however, most guys don't pray with their wife and kids. Some feel awkward, some have no idea how, and some are fearful of what their wife might want to pray about; worried that it could lead to...


Creating A Marriage & Family Plan (with David Robbins of Family Life)

In this week’s episode, Jerrad sits down with David Robbins, President of Family Life to discuss how to live on mission as a family, the best advice for a young husband, and how to get away with your wife to plan for the future. If you’re in need of both practical and solid theological truth regarding your role as a husband and father, this episode is for you.


Discipling Your Kids Like Jesus

Feeling stuck on how to lead your family in a family devotional time? You’re definitely not alone. Most Christian dads desire to be the spiritual leader of their home, few know where to begin. The thought of planning out a whole family devotional time can feel intimidating. On this week’s episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he walks dads through a Biblical framework of discipleship and what the scriptures have to say about family devotional time.


How Every Man Can Be A Hero

In this week's episode, we aren't specifically talking about how to be a better husband or father, but rather, how Christian men can step up to protect the vulnerable children caught in the trap of human trafficking. Join host Jerrad Lopes as he interviews the President of Agape International Missions Don Brewster, to talk about how every man can step into this issue and become a hero. His suggestions on how to eliminate the problem may surprise you.


In The Midst of a Struggling Marriage

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during someones marriage counseling session? Well, today is your chance. One brave couple sat down with host, Jerrad Lopes, to discuss the struggles of their marriage. Listen in to what Jerrad had to say.


Quality vs. Quantity (with Rhett Walker)

Being away from your family can be hard and no one knows that better than this week’s guest, Rhett Walker. As frontman of the Rhett Walker Band, a lot of his time is spent on the road. His advice to any man who has to be away from his family for work is when you get home, “don’t try and be super dad or super husband, just be back.” Walker shares with host, Jerrad Lopes, his down to earth, practical advice for making time with your family more about quality when it can't be about quantity....


Two Things Every Christian Man Should Be Praying For

As Christian husbands, dads, and men, what kinds of things should we be praying for? If you're feeling stagnant in your relationship with Jesus, this podcast is for you. Join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks about the two things every Christian man should be praying for. Episode Sponsor: Yumi (


How Christian Families Should Approach Cultural Holidays

Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you should know why. Join host Jerrad Lopes and his wife Leila as they talk about what their family does on Halloween and what you should consider.


Balancing Work & Family Life with NFL Star Alfred Morris

NFL star running back, Alfred Morris joins Jerrad on today's Dad Tired episode to talk about balancing work and family life, dealing with temptation, being used by God at your place of work, and the importance of praying with your family.


Building A More Peaceful Home (with Adam Mabry)

Author and Pastor Adam Mabry joins Jerrad on this episode of the Dad Tired podcast to discuss what healthy rest looks like for the tired and busy dad. ​If you're feeling weary… wishing life were more sustainable… searching for a way to rest without feeling guilty… suspecting that you'd enjoy godly rest if only you knew what it was… look no further.This warm, realistic, humorous interview about Adam's book (The Art of Rest) will show you how rest is different to what you thought it was, and...


What's Really Behind Your Stress?

Dad Tired: Helping Men Lead Their Family Well Season 3 | Episode 1 How come sometimes as dads we can have the most patience in the world with our kids, and yet the next day the most simple things set us off? Do you sometimes feel like you’re turning into a grumpy old man? Do you feel like since you’ve had kids that your fuse has somehow grown shorter? The truth is, you’re not alone. And the good news is, you don’t have to be doomed to a life grumpiness. The Gospel can even give our...


Spiritual Leaders Are Wise Decision Makers

Each decision we make affects not only our lives but also the lives of our family. As we encounter circumstances that require us to make a decision, we want to hear God’s voice guiding us, but how do we know if it’s God’s voice we hear or our own inner voice? Join host, Jerrad Lopes as he discusses how learning scripture helps us to learn about God’s character and in turn to recognize His voice in our lives. Reading your Bible isn’t just about learning to live better lives, it’s about...


Practically Loving Your Family The Way Christ Loves The Church

As Christian men, we are constantly being told to love our wives and family the way that Christ has loved the church. But, what does that actually look like? How do you love your wife and kids practically when you are talking about jobs, laundry, sharing toys, and being a neighbor? In this episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks about what it looks like to have the words "Just as Christ" impact every part of your life. If you haven't already, please support and subscribe to the Marriage...


When Your Kids Are Exposed To Wickedness

It is impossible to completely protect your kids from the wickedness of the world. So what do you do when your kids become exposed to things they should never be exposed to? Join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks about his own family and how they deal with the reality of protecting your children from the sin of the world. Episode Sponsor: The Marriage After God Podcast (Subscribe here:


But A Mist

During a recent conversation with his wife about cancer, Jerrad had a strong realization. Listen to him process in this episode of the Dad Tired podcast. Also- if you haven't checked out the Marriage After God Podcast, go over there and subscribe now!


When God Shows Up Unexpectedly

In this episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he shares an unexpected event he had with his dad. If you've ever dealt with any kind of family issues, this episode will be helpful for you.


Leading Your Family Well

In this episode of the Dad Tired Podcast, join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks about what it looks like to lead your family well, and the surprising reasons you probably aren't doing it.


Numbed by Shame

BONUS EPISODE: In this summer bonus episode, Jerrad gives an update on the Dad Tired ministry and shares how God responds to our shame.


Summer Plans

On this episode, host Jerrad Lopes gives an update on the Dad Tired ministry for this summer. Mentioned in this episode: 15% off all orders from Use PROMO code DADTIRED


The Most Important Thing You Can Be Doing

Growing up, many of us had a vision for where we would be in life once we reached our 20s, 30s or even our 40s. But when we reach those milestones in our lives it’s rare that we feel reality has lived up to our vision. Somehow, we thought we would feel more adult, would feel settled in our careers and would have some idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up. However, the most important thing we can be doing, the one thing that makes us a success, is raising little disciples of Christ....