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BONUS: Where We Go From Here

BONUS EPISODE: Jerrad takes a few minutes to share his honest thoughts about the future of Dad Tired.


Long Term Conclusions in Short Term Seasons

In this episode of the Dad Tired podcast, join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks about making long-term conclusions about life in short-term seasons of life. Sponsors: Marriage After God & Faithbox


How To Pursue Your Wife's Heart (even in busy seasons of life)

In this incredibly vulnerable episode of the Dad Tired podcast, host Jerrad Lopes is joined by his wife as they talked about what it looks like to pursue the heart of your spouse. The deeper you get into the episode, the more vulnerable it becomes. This is a must-listen episode for both the husbands and wives.


In The Eye of The Storm (with Ryan Stevenson)

Ryan Stevenson is taking the Christian music scene by storm. Join him and host Jerrad Lopes as they talk about his journey as a musician, dad, and husband.


An Emptied Marriage (with Jonathan Pitts)

Just days after celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary, Jonathan tragically lost his wife to unexpected heart failure. In this interview, join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks with pastor Jonathan Pitts about his journey of loss and what motivated him to write his book, "Emptied: Experiencing the Fullness of a Poured-Out Marriage. This week's sponsors: Faithbox: KiwiCo:


Leading Your Family Toward The Same Goal

Sometimes as Christian dads, it can be confusing when it comes to leading our family. What exactly are we supposed leading them toward? In this episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he discusses the goal of every Christian family, and practical ways to lead your family toward that goal. This week’s sponsors: Blinkist: Faithbox: Marriage After God: Family Teams: promo code DADTIRED


Native Tongue (with Jon Foreman from Switchfoot)

In this week's episode of the Dad Tired podcast, Jerrad sits down with Switchfoot's lead singer, Jon Foreman to discuss culture, fatherhood, being a pastor's kid, and compartmentalizing our faith. Jon also shares what his motivation was to write his the band's newest album, Native Tongue, which has topped the Amazon Music charts at #1.


Building Character vs. Correcting Behavior

As Christian dads, it's easy to get stuck in a pattern of simply correcting your child's behavior. In this episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he walks father's through what it looks like to parent our children like God parents us; slowly, intentionally, and always with the goal of getting to the heart of the issue.


The Skill of Fatherhood (with Jefferson Bethke)

What would it look like to raise children who saw themselves has part of a multi-generational team, sent out by God to be used for his redemption of the world? Are these the type of children you’re currently raising? Do you have a plan to instill this type of thinking into their hearts? The truth is, it’s not easy. It doesn’t come naturally for most of us. And, it takes a ridiculous amount of intentionality as a father. In this episode, join Jerrad Lopes and Jefferson Bethke as they talk...


Does Jesus Care About My Child's Education? Part 2

In the second part of this two part series, host Jerrad Lopes is joined by his wife Leila to discuss how to approach education as followers of Jesus. In this episode, the pair shares how they decided on homeschool and answer commonly asked questions around the subject. Sponsor: Marriage After God Podcast


Does Jesus Care About Your Child's Education? Part 1

Does Jesus care about your child's education? Does the Bible have anything to say about it? Should you put your kids in public school, private school, or homeschool? Join host Jerrad Lopes as he covers the topic of how to educate your children in this part one of a two part series. Today's Sponsor: Hello Fresh


Cry Like A Man

What does it mean to be a man? Is there a different between how the world defines manhood vs. how the Bible defines manhood?In this episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he interviews author and leader Jason Wilson on the topic of Biblical masculinity. Podcast Sponsor: Marriage After God Podcast, Blinkist, YUMI


When God Hasn't Answered Your Prayers (and Parenting A Special Needs Child)

When his oldest son was diagnosed with severe autism, pastor Jason Hague found himself trapped, stuck between perpetual sadness and a lower, safer kind of hope. This is the common struggle for those of us walking through the Land of Unanswered Prayer. Life doesn’t look the way we expected, so we seek to protect ourselves from further disappointment.But God has a third path for us, beyond sadness or resignation: the way of aching joy. Christ himself is with us here, beckoning us toward the...


Praying Points Your Family To A Better God

When we asked the wives of the Dad Tired community what they thought was one of the best ways a husband can be the spiritual leader of their home, without question, the number one answer was "To pray with us". Wives desperately want their husbands to lead them and their kids in prayer. The truth is, however, most guys don't pray with their wife and kids. Some feel awkward, some have no idea how, and some are fearful of what their wife might want to pray about; worried that it could lead to...


Creating A Marriage & Family Plan (with David Robbins of Family Life)

In this week’s episode, Jerrad sits down with David Robbins, President of Family Life to discuss how to live on mission as a family, the best advice for a young husband, and how to get away with your wife to plan for the future. If you’re in need of both practical and solid theological truth regarding your role as a husband and father, this episode is for you.


Discipling Your Kids Like Jesus

Feeling stuck on how to lead your family in a family devotional time? You’re definitely not alone. Most Christian dads desire to be the spiritual leader of their home, few know where to begin. The thought of planning out a whole family devotional time can feel intimidating. On this week’s episode, join host Jerrad Lopes as he walks dads through a Biblical framework of discipleship and what the scriptures have to say about family devotional time.


How Every Man Can Be A Hero

In this week's episode, we aren't specifically talking about how to be a better husband or father, but rather, how Christian men can step up to protect the vulnerable children caught in the trap of human trafficking. Join host Jerrad Lopes as he interviews the President of Agape International Missions Don Brewster, to talk about how every man can step into this issue and become a hero. His suggestions on how to eliminate the problem may surprise you.


In The Midst of a Struggling Marriage

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during someones marriage counseling session? Well, today is your chance. One brave couple sat down with host, Jerrad Lopes, to discuss the struggles of their marriage. Listen in to what Jerrad had to say.


Quality vs. Quantity (with Rhett Walker)

Being away from your family can be hard and no one knows that better than this week’s guest, Rhett Walker. As frontman of the Rhett Walker Band, a lot of his time is spent on the road. His advice to any man who has to be away from his family for work is when you get home, “don’t try and be super dad or super husband, just be back.” Walker shares with host, Jerrad Lopes, his down to earth, practical advice for making time with your family more about quality when it can't be about quantity....


Two Things Every Christian Man Should Be Praying For

As Christian husbands, dads, and men, what kinds of things should we be praying for? If you're feeling stagnant in your relationship with Jesus, this podcast is for you. Join host Jerrad Lopes as he talks about the two things every Christian man should be praying for. Episode Sponsor: Yumi (