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Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.

Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.
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Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.








The Big Boo Cast, Episode 143

So. Third time's the charm? Maybe? We initially tried to record this episode a week ago, but my router got disconnected when we had painters at my house and, alas, there was no internet. Then we recorded about four days ago, but something happened to the audio on Melanie's end, and alas, there was nothing to edit. So today, once again, we attempted to record episode 143. We think we did it this time, so let this episode be a testimony to the Lord's strength in our weakness. :-) We talk...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 142

Well, if college baseball isn't your favorite topic, don't worry - because there's a point in this episode where we talk for over five minutes about what is causing the rustling noise in or around Melanie's microphone. It's every bit as riveting as you might imagine. We also talk about Real Housewives, a new Netflix movie we enjoyed, our kids' summertime activities, and an ill-fated trial run with Snapchat. Enjoy, y'all! Show Notes: - Always Be My Maybe - Cheer Squad Sponsor: -...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 141

Well, it's finally SEC Baseball Tournament Week, but the excitement of the most well-run sporting event in America didn't stop us from recording a new episode (probably no one is more surprised by that than we are). As you might imagine, Melanie discusses a new addition to her skin care routine - and we recap several of the shows we've seen lately because apparently we have been watching a LOT of television to cope with the craziness of May. We also express our (maybe) irrational...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 140

Well, we start off as Mamaw and MeMaw this week, here to tell you all about our failing eyesight, but eventually we return to some of our favorite topics: kids' activities, college baseball (at the time we recorded Mississippi State and A&M were about to play a weekend series), and the most wonderful sporting event of the year, the SEC Baseball Tournament. We also talk about why we've avoided any sort of discussion about the current state of the Royal Family (stay tuned for a discussion...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 139

We kick off this episode talking about pillows (yes. pillows.), then hear about Melanie and P's recent weekend of attending polo matches. AS YOU DO. We also talk about one of my favorite nights of watching lacrosse and speculate about what it might be like when our kids graduate and we don't have the sports any more. Our conclusion is that we need to prepare ourselves for all the sadness. Finally, we talk to our friend Lincee Ray about her new book that comes out April 30th - and we spend...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 138

A few days ago we asked the good people of Instagram if anyone had questions for us. And as it turned out, there were questions APLENTY. We spend the bulk of this episode digging into six or seven of those questions, which means we dig into the story of how we met, the reason only one of us records our ads, and the restaurants we love the mostest in Birmingham and San Antonio (also known as the cities where we live). We also talk about what Melanie means (exactly) when she references "the...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 137

Well, we didn't plan it, but on this episode we break down the Enneagram dynamics of our respective families, and OH, ARE WE EVER A STUDY. We also talk about the impressive amount of media we've consumed (no need to judge, everyone) as well as an exciting retail discovery that could very well CHANGE OUR WHOLE LIVES. NOT TO BE OVERLY DRAMATIC. On top of all that, we discuss the music we have in common with our kids and the necessity of training your toes to cooperate with wearing sandals...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 136

On this episode we rehash the Hudson family Spring Break shenanigans, we celebrate the fact that Melanie has finished writing her latest book, and we talk about (another!) new TV show that Melanie and Perry are watching. We also discuss some very exciting news regarding our dear friend* John Mayer. *To be clear, John Mayer doesn't know us from Adam's house cat. *The fact that he doesn't know us is in no way a hindrance to our friendship. Please do enjoy. Show Notes: - Hyatt Centric...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 135

So once again the sound for me (Sophie) is horrible, so I am picking up on the subtle hint that perhaps I need a new microphone. WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED. But actually I don't need a new microphone because sound is fine on ads, just not when Melanie and I record. I don't even understand. WHO AMONG THEE IS TECH-Y? Subpar audio aside, we thoroughly enjoyed catching up in this episode. We talk about college baseball, Melanie's newfound career as a stencil artist, Alex's 16th birthday, and How Is...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 134

Full disclosure: the sound isn't great on this episode - it cuts in and out a lot and who could possibly know why because we do everything the same way every single time but for some reason this time I (Sophie) sound like a gravelly-voiced DJ from the 70s and WHATEVER, STUPID MICROPHONE - but despite the subpar sound, we had ourselves some fun. We discuss our deep lack of understanding re: taxes, we chronicle all the reasons we aren't cooking, and we discuss a couple of things we're really...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 133

If you are intrigued by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as well as charcuterie boards, well - DO WE EVER HAVE AN EPISODE FOR YOU. We also talk about our low-key Valentine celebrations ("celebrations" is a *strong* word, really), discuss the wonder of a harp-playing raccoon, and break down what we love about some Nivea cream recommended by our good friend Jamie Golden. Finally, we share some exciting news (to us) (probably not to anyone else) about some inexpensive jeans *and* a sassy...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 132

We have such a treat for y'all in the first half of this episode: a visit with our dear friend Erin Moon, who regularly brightens our days on Instagram and on The Bible Binge podcast. Erin and I share an obsession related to one of our very favorite musicians, and it seemed like a good idea to have her on the podcast and hash that thing out for posterity. The second half of this episode is a little bit of a catch-up for Melanie and me; we talk about some music I'm loving and a recipe from...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 131

This is the second part of the conversation we started on episode 130, and I have to say that this part is really of no substance at all (but oh, did we have fun). We talk about a new product Melanie loves, an old product Melanie loves again, and my recent descent into a YouTube rabbit hole. We also discuss the books we're working on and actually settle on a title for mine even though we can't say a whole lot about it. So there's some mild vague-ery - but there are also laughs aplenty. It's...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 130

Well, as we often do, we spend a lot of time in this episode talking about our recent experiences in the wild and also the nature. Okay. So it's not necessarily our norm. But we definitely discuss our somewhat out-of-the-ordinary weekend excursions. We also talk about some things we've watched and liked, some pants with which I am SMITTEN, and so very, very, very many sneakers - sneakers we like, sneakers we think we might like, and sneakers we appreciate though we would not wear them. You...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 129

It's our first episode of 2019, and in it we certainly enjoy our fair share of pontificating: about age, about Christmas traditions (CAREFUL IF YOUR SMALL CHILDREN ARE LISTENING), about Melanie's exciting new ice option, and about the National Championship game. We also talk about Melanie's repeat viewing of Friday Night Lights, hear her reaction to Tidying Up, and dig into ALL MY MANY THOUGHTS about Surviving R. Kelly (seriously - if talking about trauma is difficult for you, you'll want...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 128

Travis is here! I feel like that's all we need to say about this episode, really. Because Travis being with us means that we talk about kids and sports and Christmas traditions and concession stand food and our favorite moments of 2018. Basically it's an hour (and change) of talking about everything and nothing with one of our very favorite friends. Enjoy, y'all - and Merry Christmas! Show Notes: - The Cottrell Family Christmas Picture - Angela's Chocolate Gravy Recipe - Pioneer...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 127

So it's only been a few days since the last episode, but here's the second part of the conversation we started on episode 126. We jump straight into a discussion about skin care - which includes an update on some new methods we're trying and Melanie's evaluation of her new products from The Ordinary. It's the skincare deep end, and I think it's safe to say that it's one of our favorite places to be. We also talk about Melanie's recent trip to New England, what we've been watching over the...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 126

Real life has been FULL SPEED AHEAD the last few weeks; between traveling and speaking stuff and keeping up with our people, there hasn't been a lot of time for podcasting. So, this episode is part one of our Official Late November / Early December Catch-up. We talk about my most recent shopping trip with Martha, our respective Thanksgivings, and of course, our Bulldogs and our Aggies. Because I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but my Bulldogs won the Egg Bowl 35-3. And - just a guess -...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 125

Here's the second installment of our 2018 Gift Guide, this time with lots of options for women and men. You could also refer to this installment as HERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS WE LIKE and also HERE ARE THINGS WE WILL LIKELY PURCHASE FOR OUR HUSBANDS. So see? The gift guide serves a lot of purposes. We also do a quick recap of this past Saturday's football games because precious is the day when both the Aggies and the Bulldogs are victorious. We hope you enjoy this episode, and we especially...


The Big Boo Cast, Episode 123 - Part 2

I don't even know, y'all. Somehow in trying to correct something in 123 I deleted the last 10-ish minutes, which was our discussion about Jamie Golden's skincare routine. So please do follow Jamie on Instagram (@jamiebgolden), and please do forgive my besetting sin of not having a *super* strong understanding of Garage Band even though we've been podcasting since BEFORE THE DAWN OF TIME. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!