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This show shares the science of happiness (i.e., positive psychology) with you in an easily digestible form so that you can easily use it and apply it in your everyday life. Our aim is to have you grow into your best possible self!

This show shares the science of happiness (i.e., positive psychology) with you in an easily digestible form so that you can easily use it and apply it in your everyday life. Our aim is to have you grow into your best possible self!
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This show shares the science of happiness (i.e., positive psychology) with you in an easily digestible form so that you can easily use it and apply it in your everyday life. Our aim is to have you grow into your best possible self!




Forest bathing, taking in your natural surroundings

Forest bathing...it’s not taking a shower in nature, it’s taking in the atmosphere of the forest. Learn some of the benefits and how to get the most out of your nature experience. [00:00] Intro [00:52] A forest bathing “how to” [02:38] Slow down [03:12] It’s about the journey [04:36] Physiological benefits from nature [06:21] Other nature benefits [07:53] A bit of aromatherapy: Smell some nature [09:57] Urban parks [11:15] Plants [12:06] Touching nature [14:00] Listen to nature


Nature, a natural remedy to make you feel better

Want a natural remedy with no frills, no chemicals, no additives? Best of all, it's free. Being in nature can make you happier and can even do some great things for your body. [01:50] Noticing nature [04:15] Why can nature make us happier? [04:45] Biophilia hypothesis [05:55] Stress reduction theory [09:16] Attention restoration theory [10:51] Combine nature with social interaction and exercise [13:00] Urban parks also are a part of nature! [15:18] The perils of noise...


Zest, finding the spice in life

Zest is being energetic, enthusiastic, and excited about your life and things in it. Learn how zest can help you in your career and how to cultivate zest. [00:52] What is zest? [02:27] Zest and happiness [02:45] Those that are zestful, are more likely to be satisfied with their work [04:50] Zest and work commitment [06:40] Zest and healthy ambitious [08:06] Zest combats burnout [09:06] How do we cultivate zest? [12:07] Be adventurous


Self-care, it's not #treatyourself

Self-care isn’t sitting on your couch, watching Netflix, and eating a pint of ice-cream. Self-care involves challenge yourself, improving yourself, and doing some things that you don’t want to do. [00:00] Introduction [03:55] Self-care is refueling [05:34] Self-care is a habit [06:53] Self-care by challenge [08:44] Self-care by self-improvement [10:30] Benefits of self-improvement: You’ll take feedback better [12:19] Self-care by working on your passion


Creativity, how light that creative spark

There are many ways to be creative, it's not all about painting a picture. Learn how to flex the creative muscles in your brain! [00:34] What is creativity? [02:07] Everyday creativity [02:43] Why do we have negative stereotypes about creative people? [04:10] Creativity and happiness are actually correlated [05:20] Broaden and build theory of emotion [06:20] How can I put this to use? Flex your creativity muscle! [08:00] Creativity at work [09:40] How to foster creativity and keep...


Humility, seeing yourself as you truly are

“Humility is not handsome people trying to believe they are ugly and clever people trying to believe they are fools." -Buri [00:00] What is humility? [00:00] Ingredients for humility [00:00] The hot sauce study! Humility can make you nice & tolerant. [00:00] Intellectual humility [00:00] Cultural humility [00:00] Social humility


Self-talk, tell yourself something nice today!

What you say to yourself matters! How can we change what we say to ourselves? How can this help us? [00:35] What is self-talk? [02:00] There’s many kinds of self talk, but not all are good. [02:51] Too much self-critical self-talk is bad [04:15] The windshield and rear view mirror metaphor [05:45] A high level of self-reinforcing self-talk is good [06:48] Study: how positive and negative self talk can impact stressful situations [10:47] Super positive self-talk CAN be harmful if you...


Emotional intelligence, understanding yourself

Emotions can be good and bad. Learn some steps on how to understand your own emotions so that you aren’t a slave to your own emotions. [00:36] Intro [01:15] Emotions are good [01:45] Emotions are bad [02:24] Emotional intelligence helps keep you in control [03:40] What is emotional intelligence? [07:54] But I suck with people, can you even increase your EQ? YES! [10:07] Emotional intelligence and coping [13:43] Social relationships and emotional intelligence


Social curiosity, you can create charisma

We should be curious about what other people have to say, and about what other people think. You don’t have to agree with them, you just have to be genuinely interested. Let people share their interests, hopes, dreams, and desires with you, it can make a world of a difference. [01:08] Intro [01:16] What is social curiosity? [02:40] Social curiosity helps you understand others better [04:16] Social curiosity can help you in conversation too [08:13] Why does social curiosity matter?...


Curiosity, unleash that childlike wonder

Curiosity will help you thrive and flourish in life. Find out why, and how to unleash your childlike wonder. [01:00] Intro/story [03:23] What exactly is curiosity? [03:51] Types of curiosity: Curiosity can be driven by many things. [09:30] Travel and curiosity [10:44] Curious people are happier [14:27] Curiosity leads to personal growth [15:39] Kids and curiosity [16:47] Curiosity helps you leave your comfort zone [17:45] Curiosity and goal attainment [19:26] How do I become more...


Patience, it will make your day better

You can easily become more patient. In this episode, there are multiple science based tips and tricks on how to become more patient in your everyday life. [00:00] Intro [00:50] What is patience? The character strength of patience. [02:46] What are the benefits of being patient? [04:48] How do I become more patient? [10:12] Patience and your goals [13:32] What else can I do to become more patient? Making time drag by less. [14:48] Can you be too patient?


Hope, it's not passive...you're responsible for creating it

Hope doesn’t appear out of thin air. It’s something you create for yourself by finding a viable pathway, and taking at least one tiny step to get to what you want. [01:00] What is hope? [02:33] What about false hope? [05:10] Why does hope matter? [07:15] Hope will help you think positively [08:48] Hope in the face of failure [12:07] Hope and illness [14:24] How can I have more hope?


Strengths, why not focus on what you’re already good at?

Why are we so hung up on what we aren’t good at? Why not focus on what we are already great at? I’ll talk about 24 strengths you could be using, and some science proven ways to foster those strengths. [00:20] Introduction [02:52] Using your strengths is important [04:42] Study: My Weaknesses Will Go Away, but My Strengths Are Here to Stay. [06:53] 24 strengths [09:57] Why these 24 strengths stick with you wherever you go. [12:13] Are some strengths better than others? [13:10] What are...


The UNhappycast...it's okay to feel upset

When bad things happen, you should feel upset. Don’t turn that frown upside down...right away. You heard that right. Science shows suppressing negative emotions is bad for you. Learn the science of negative emotions, and why being okay with feeling bad doesn’t contradict anything about positive psychology. Rather, there’s a harmony between the positive and negative. [00:00] Intro [01:54] Study: Avoiding negative emotions = less happy [05:12] Negative emotions are like pain [05:32] Study:...


Courage, how to put your fears to good use

Courage means doing something despite your fear. Courageous acts don’t have to be grand, you can be courageous everyday of your life. [00:00] Intro [00:34] What is courage? [03:16] 4 dimensions of courage [06:22] Values & beliefs shape courage [07:00] Travel and courage [11:00] Our previous courageous acts shape the story we tell ourselves [12:15] Recalling previous experiences facing fears makes you more likely to face fears again [14:25] Courage may be stronger for things that are...


Journaling, an easy way to gain insight

Journaling can help you understand yourself and your life. What hidden stresses are you carrying around that you could let go of? What positive things can you write about? Learn the benefits of journaling, why it works, and how to journal in this episode! [00:45] What is journaling? [02:24] Why does it matter and how does it work? [03:46] Self-reflection and insight [05:04] Insight, but not self-reflection, is related to subjective well-being [07:10] How can journaling provide...


Reciprocity, you get what you give

Reciprocity, aka you scratch my back I scratch yours. The secret to being liked is to like. The secret to happy employees is the appreciate them and fulfil your promises. The secret to good friendships is sharing vulnerabilities. [00:00] Intro [01:00] The secret to being liked is to like [03:42] There is no rule people have to give back [04:51] Reciprocity at work. [06:04] Dan Ariely’s study: Shredding your work [09:01] Perceived psychological contract violation [12:50] Reciprocity...


Self-esteem, it’s okay to love yourself!

A high self-esteem and being able to love yourself doesn’t make you a narcissist. In fact, there’s many benefits to having a high self-esteem and many disadvantages to being narcissistic. [01:54] What is self-esteem? [02:30] Self-esteem is not narcissism [03:15] Story time: Self-esteem and middle school science projects [06:03] Study: Self-esteem and reading magazines [07:40] Self-esteem and happiness [08:47] Study: Self-esteem and presenting your true self, flaws and all. [11:02]...


Procrastination, how to stop the thief of time!

How do we stop procrastinating? I'll share some step by step instructions on how to reduce your procrastination. [01:20] What is procrastination? [02:30] The car study: Unconscious thought and decision making [06:43] The job applicant study: further proving unconscious thought [08:10] Active and passive procrastination [12:29] Activity: Engage in productive procrastination [14:10] Activity: start for 10 minutes only [14:48] Activity: How to make any hard and complex task...


Listening and the incredible power of understanding

Listening is a skill that is often overlooked, or a skill we think we don’t need to learn. However, by the end of this episode you’ll probably realize you aren’t listening as well as you could be. With listening comes understanding, I’ll talk about a couple studies that show why understanding is key to human connection. [01:20] Intro to listening and why it matter [06:10] SOLER listening [09:10] Don’t try to listen with an intent to reply [10:19] Be okay with silence. [11:25]...