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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”

Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”


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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”




Is the Juggernaut Case a good value?

Is the Mystery Tackle Box Juggernaut Bass Fishing Case a good value? Lucy and the guys do the analysis. Plus there's talk about weedless lure innovations and the history of weedless lures. Mentioned in this episode Juggernaut Bass Fishing CaseMystery Tackle BoxCatch Co. Shop Karl'sNorthwest Fishermen YouTube ChannelEveryone's a WinnerSebile Flatt ShadD&S Crank Bait10,000 Fish Head HunterZ-Man MinnowZ, Diesel Minnow & TRD TicklerZBerkeley Power WormPipe Bomb Marlin LureGuides Secret M-80...


The death of a fishing podcast (but not this one)

John, Tim and Lucy mourn the death of the Bent Podcast; Tim shares his latest lure flipping success in which he sold a few lures for large sums of money; plus there's news about tinkering with lures and excitement at Z-Man. Finally there's a new song about lures that you're going to love! Mentioned in this episode: Bent PodcastMeateaterJoe Cermele (Instagram)Hayden Sammak (Instagram)Which lures have caught the most record fishBite-Em Bate Company Marling BaitsAntique Fishing Tackle...


What is the World’s largest collection of fishing lures?

John, Tim, and Lucy wax eloquent about using the right rod with the right lure; a parody book about vintage fishing lures; a lure company that uses stone instead of lead; the World's largest collection of fishing lures; the Juggernaut Bass Fishing Case; Louie's Lures' new soft baits; a commemorative lure from Al's Goldfish; the lure that caught a 67-pound striper; and national coverage of our story about the lures that have caught the most record fish! Mentioned in this episode: Fish Nerds...


The best lure to get stuck in your nose!

This episode includes the best of everything! The best crank baits to fish from the bank; the best lure accident; the best bridge-trout lure; and the best Crappie Hippie/Angie Scott adventure! Mentioned in this episode Drew Cook video on BassResource.comBass Pro XPS Super Shallow Crankbaits Decoy T-shape treble hooksSPRO Fat Papa SquarebillAngie Scott / The Woman Angler & Adventurer PodcastFreedom Boat ClubTop 10 Baits from the Toyota Series pro bass tournament Best Walleye Lures of...


Which lures have caught the most record fish?

Lucy shares which lure types and brands have caught the most record fish; the mysterious history of the Paw Paw Bait Company is revealed; and how having a go-to lure can make a difference--or not. Mentioned in this episode International Game Fish Association Lucy's complete analysis of lures and record fish Paw Paw Bait Company History Fin & FlameFishing 4 the PastMr. Lure BoxPaw Paw GuyCollectors Weekly


Best lures for Lake of the Woods ice fishing!

Tim shares his ice fishing adventure at Lake of the Woods in Minnesota, where he stayed at the River Bend Resort, saw the local sights, and tested gear from Al’s Goldfish Lures and St. Croix Rods, as well as Z-Man and ProCure Bait Scents. Mentioned in this episode Lake of the Woods Tourism BureauRiver Bend ResortAl’s Goldfish Lure CompanySt. Croix RodsAssociation of Great Lakes Outdoor WritersThe Fish Wrap WriterProCure Bait ScentsZ-Man ElaZtechIgloo BarWillie Walleye statueIce Ice Baby...


How much do you spend on fishing lures?

Tim shares the cool lures he found at the Cincinnati Fishing Expo; pro-angler Jim Moynagh talks about his polygraph experience; there's debate about how much anglers spend on lures each year; and Lucy share her investment in the lure company, A Band of Anglers. Mentioned in this episode Cincinnati Fishing ExpoLucy's Directory of Fishing ShowsHawg Tank videoHammertime Lures websiteHammertime Lures Facebook pageLawless Lures websiteLawless Lures Facebook pageBrazalo Custom Lures...


Valentine’s Day Lure Special!

It's Valentine's Day, and John, Tim and Lucy the Lure-matic Computer are talking about heart-shaped lures, lure love poems, how bass see lures, Al Capone, and more! Mentioned in this episode: Bomber Lures historyHeddon HellbenderHeddon HellbenderPromo LuresPhotos of Tim's luresBassVision appBass InsightThe Fuller LabSeeing red: color vision in the largemouth bass3 Big-Time Advantages of Buying Fishing Tackle in BulkBass Pro ShopsTackle WarehouseNational Fishing Lure Collectors ClubNFLCC...


Al’s Goldfish, a $14,000 lure, and just what color is Gitter Done?

It's the 70th anniversary of Al's Goldfish Lures, and John and Lucy chat with the owners of Al's, Jeff and Mandy DeBuigne. There's talk of creating a 27-foot-long lure-mobile; a lure sells at auction for $14,000; Daiwa creates new tackle storage bags; and John attempts to guess what color Gitter Done is! Mentioned in this episode: 1905 Wiggletail Smith Minnow that sold for $14,000Al's Goldfish Lures websiteAl's Goldfish Lures Facebook Page70th anniversary announcementGadabout Gaddis -...


Water-skiing squirrel buzz baits, Wisconsin fishing lures & lure research updates

The water-skiing squirrel shares the life of a rodent buzz bait; Lucy talks about Wisconsin lure history, including the Suick Thriller and Uncle Josh pork baits; and Tim and John chat about two research articles from In-Fisherman magazine, including how bass react to lures. Mentioned in this episode: Cincinnati Boat, Sport & Travel ShowTwiggy the World Famous Water Skiing SquirrelPeacemaker pistolGlasswater AnglingOutdoors Radio with Dan SmallSuick ThrillersUncle JoshMeppsField & Stream 50...


The past, the future and a Z-Man Elaztech update

John and Tim learn Lucy the Lure-matic Computer's origin story; the gang reviews episodes from the past year; after 12 months of fishing Z-Man Elaztech baits, John and Tim give their verdict on cost, quality and effectiveness; ChordaWorm Lures wins the Iowa Innovation Challenge; and an inexpensive lure retriever is shared. Mentioned in this episode Z-Man Elaztech soft baits7 ElaZtech Hacks videoZ-Man GOAT ToadZ lure design process videosBerkley Hit StickList of all 2021 podcast...


Lure Love Christmas Party ep. 11

Come on in and have some fun with Lucy, Crappie Hippie and Tim "Tackle Box" Bete. It is a party like no other!!!


Lure Love Christmas party!

John, Tim and Lucy celebrate Christmas like never before, with several rounds of Lucy's Dr. Pepper Avocado Catfish Dip Nog, a lure trivia contest, the history of red and white lures, several Christmas songs, how not to decorate your tree, and a special gift for you! Mentioned in this episode: Big Ray's: The Alaskan OutfittersGibbs Delta Big Eye Glow Jig Gibbs Delta Cod JigSilver Horde's Coho Killer Spoon Blue Fox Classic VibraxMepps Longcast SpinnerGibbs Delta Mag Squid (6-inch)Ugly Stik...


It‘s sloppa doppa in Maine!

Lucy the Lure-matic Computer spends 27 hours in the car with Tim; dragging the dirty bottom for lake trout; playing the squid game; truck trout and pellet flies; the Kittery Trading Post, and more! This episode is sponsored by: Glasswater Angling Mentioned in the podcast: Bucks, Bass & BeyondFish Nerds Guide ServiceSebago LakeNorth East Troller Spoons Alewives in MaineTrout fish food pelletsStubby Steve pellet baitNubble Lighthouse webcamsSquid attaching a lure videoYo Zuri squid...


Fishing with bird lures: A Turkey Day Spectacular!

Tim, John and Lucy the Lure-matic computer talk turkey about fishing with bird lures and lures made with turkey parts, including maribou, topwater ducks, Muddler Minnows and more. This episode is sponsored by: Glasswater Angling Mentioned in this episode: Glasswater Angling Double Underspin Angle King2001: A Space Odyssey618 FishingCatching Goliath Grouper on a whole turkeyAngler being attacked by a turkeyBerkley Gulp Alive WAPSI Quality Fly Tying MaterialsHistory of the Muddler...


Best fishing lures for kids, inside Crappie Hippie‘s brain and what to yell when you hook a fish

Lucy the Lure-matic computer takes a deep dive inside the 10-year-old mind of the Crappie Hippie to discover the best fishing lures for kids; learn how Tim caught his first fish as a kid and became a fishing guru; and be amazed at Tim's new catch phrase that was inspired by lake trout and the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. This episode is sponsored by: Glasswater Angling Mentioned in this episode: Buy a metal colander on Amazon to build your own thought-wave...


How I got tons of FREE lures (and how you can, too)!

How to get TONS of FREE fishing lures using e-Bay and Facebook Marketplace, plus the best crayfish scampi-scented plastics! From this episode: Boyd's BytesCrawfish Scampi recipeE-BayFacebook MarketplaceFrank Zappa's MontanaThe Water Loo lureAntique Fishing Tackle CollectorsRetro Bassin's Bingo episodeHelp us identify this 24-inch display lure (and get a reward)Glasswater Angling


How to break a crank bait & the Road Runner

Learn how to break a crank bait (and where not to test one); how Delong Lures has risen twice from the dead; how to perform surgery on a Z-Man ElaZtech bait; how Louie's Lures is bringing hand-crafted lures to the forefront; and why the Crappie Hippie is so enamored with the Blakemore Road Runner lure. Serious Angler PodcastLouie's LuresOn the Spot BaitsZ-Man ElaZtechDelong LuresBlakemore Road RunnerRoadRunner Fishin’ Lure


The Infamous River Runt & Does your insurance company sell musky lures?

Was the red carpet at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers award event really camo-colored? Was there really a deer in a kayak? Can lures be sold from a lemonade stand? Does your insurance agent sell musky lures? All this and more as John and Tim talk about all-things lure. Mentioned in this episode: Assn. of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers awardsDeer in a Kayak essayThe Heddon River Runt Identification and Collector's GuideHeddon lure historyWDRB TV videoFacebook groupVance's...


Did the first family of fly fishing use lures?

Tim shares an interview with John Maclean about his fantastic new book, Home Waters; a mini-review of the Strike King Zero stick worm and John shares a news story about Fat Guys Fishing molds; plus Lucy the Lure-matic Computer. Mentioned in this episode Strike King Zero with ElazTechJohn Maclean's book, Home WatersLuhr Jensen Cowbell Trolling luresFat Boys Fishing molds