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The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.

The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.


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The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.




Alex Smith Retires, And NFL Draft Prep Chat with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

If you've been listening to this podcast for the last month or so, you know that Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) and B/R's own NFL Draft analyst Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) have been doing the Draft Crash Course every Thursday, live in the Bleacher Report app. But we wanted to give them a chance to just chat about every draft-related topic outside of the structure of their weekly show! You'll hear some prospect talk and hardcore Draft prep, of course, but the highlight is all the stuff around the...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 6! Sleepers, with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

You know the drill by now, 33%ers. A new episode of the Draft Crash Course is recorded live every Thursday at 1pm on YouTube and in the B/R App, followed by a podcast version of the broadcast here in the Lefkoe Show feed every Friday leading up to the NFL Draft! Once again, Lefkoe (@adamlefkoe) is joined by our good friend Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) to go through the Day 2 and Day 3 prospects that just might surprise some people during the Draft and beyond. Plus, we can't get through an...


Chris Vernon (The Ringer) on NBA Title Favorites, The Buyout Market, and Grit and Grind Basketball | The Lefkoe Show

Hey 33%ers, we know you're gonna love this guy: Chris Vernon (@chrisvernonshow), co-host of The Mismatch for The Ringer, talks about everything from his start in Memphis radio to his frustration with the NBA buyout market to his interesting theory on Ben Simmons' recent struggles. It's NFL offseason, and the NBA playoffs are just around the corner, so it's time to stock up on your hoops knowledge. But if you're missing the football chats, just remember we are back at the end of this week...


Eli Manning Joins The Pod! Plus Draft Crash Course, Ep. 5: Most Debated Prospects | The Lefkoe Show

We are mere weeks away from the NFL Draft, and your man Lefkoe is once again in the saddle with not one, but two absolute draft wizards to soak up every morsel of information you could possibly need. B/R's own Connor Rogers (@connorjrogers) and PFF's Mike Renner (PFF_Mike) go through some of the most hotly debated prospects in 2021, from top quarterbacks to edge rusher who didn't record a single sack this year. Oh and yes, you did read the title correctly: Eli Freakin' Manning joins the...


StockX Founder Josh Luber on Cards and Entrepreneurship and Lil Rel on Just About Everything | The Lefkoe Show

What an episode we have in store for you, 33%. Anyone who listens to the Lefkoe Show knows that the NFL offseason is when we like to have thoughtful conversations with smart, talented, interesting, unique people with an interest in sports. Today, we've got entrepreneur Josh Luber, who describes the legendary rise of StockX, essentially the stock market platform for sneakerheads. Plus, we've got the absolutely hilarious Lil Rel Howery, known for "Get Out," "Uncle Drew," and more, most...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 4! Workout Warriors, with Connor Rogers and Mike Tannenbaum | The Lefkoe Show

We are back with another edition of the NFL Draft Crash Course, as Lefkoe and Connor Rogers are joined by former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum to discuss the greatest workout warriors of the 2021 draft class. From an edge rusher who basically beat every wide receiver in the three-cone drill to a quarterback that just might become the sneaky-athletic choice for a team that broke out a vault's worth of picks to trade up. So much great info for your draftniks, including some spicy...


Massive NBA and NFL Trades, Plus Legendary Agent Leigh Steinberg On Repping Mahomes and Tua, and How The NFL Has Changed Over The Decades | The Lefkoe Show

Leigh Steinberg has repped everyone, from Troy Aikman to Howie Long to Patrick Mahomes. For Pete's sake, they modeled the character of Jerry Maguire after his career! This man knows the ins and outs of the sports business better than almost anyone on Earth, he can provide a fascinating historical perspective to some of the seismic shifts in the way the game has changed over the years, and he graciously opens up about his own personal successes and tribulations along the way. Plus, Lefkoe and...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 3! Top QB Prospects, with Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

Another week in the books means we are officially one week closer to NFL Draft Weekend! And let's be honest, your team could really use an offensive lineman or a safety, but there's nothing that gets us more excited than a franchise-altering QB. The 2021 rookie class is FILLED with them. Rogers and Lefkoe break down Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Mac Jones, and several more, as well as which teams are jockeying in position to land one of these prized prospects....


Why We Should Re-think Everything About Sports And Sports Fandom, with Adam Grant | The Lefkoe Show

Hey 33%! You're in for a treat today. This one's a little bit different. Lefkoe sits down with organizational psychologist and author (most recently of the book "Think Again") Adam Grant, who applies his interesting research on biased thinking to the sports world. Fans, athletes, and front office members alike can fall prey to certain ingrained modes of thinking, and no matter what your fan allegiance, you'll likely take away some interesting insights about your own professional life from...


Draft Crash Course, Ep. 2! The Most Explosive Players, With Connor Rogers! | The Lefkoe Show

What's up, 33%! We hope you loved last week's initial NFL Draft Crash Course, covering Connor Rogers' top ten players in the upcoming 2021 Draft. This week, we're covering the speedsters. WRs, RBs, and CBs who can absolutely light it up with the ball in their hands or when they're in one-on-one coverage. Rogers and Lefkoe break down some dream (and nightmare) scenarios for where these talented college players could end up, while of course including a bit of NFL free agent frenzy talk to...


Leore Avidar (CEO of Alt) On The Future of Card Collecting and How the Industry Is Changing | The Lefkoe Show

Welcome back Leore Avidar (@leoreavidar) to the pod for the second time, to talk about his recently-launched new service Alt, which helps collectors buy, sell, and maintain their favorite sports cards. The conversation goes in a variety of directions, but if you're one of the many 33%ers out there making a killing on the sports card market, this is a can't-miss episode for you! And make sure to tune in again later this week for Episode 2 of the NFL Draft Crash Course, with Connor Rogers. See...


Jordan Schultz On March Madness Sleepers, Teams, and Players to Watch | The Lefkoe Show

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for college basketball fans. And we couldn’t think of anyone we’d rather have on than ESPN analyst (and Lefkoe’s former running mate for all things CBB) Jordan Schultz. We’re going to go through his favorite upset picks, which coaches will be the new hot topic for NBA jobs, and some pro comps for the top NCAA players that might just blow your mind. And why not: a little Russell Wilson and Seahawks talk from a diehard Seattle fan. Please give him some...


Draft Crash Course! The Top 10 NFL Prospects, with Andrew Whitworth and Connor Rogers | The Lefkoe Show

Good morning, 33%! We've been teasing it for weeks, and it's finally here: the NFL Draft Crash Course, an 8-part series, featuring your favorite NFL analysts Lefkoe and Connor Rogers, plus a fantastic rotation of guests, breaking down anything and everything you need to know for the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. This week focuses on the top 10 prospects, including the best QBs and WRs available on the board. Tune in every Thursday afternoon at 1pm ET in the BR App to watch it (and comment!!) live...


Roham Gharegozlou (Dapper Labs CEO) On Top Shot, NFTs, and Digital Sports Fandom | The Lefkoe Show

If you're a sports fan with access to the internet (and it's probably safe to say that you are, since how else would you be listening to this podcast right now), then you've heard about NBA Top Shot, which has absolutely exploded over the last few months. So we thought we'd go straight to the source, and have Roham Gharegozlou (@rohamg on social media), the CEO of Dapper Labs and creator of Top Shot, come on to discuss. Whether you're an avid fan of non-fungible tokens or you have no idea...


Shaq Thompson on Charity, Motivation, Ron Rivera, and Panthers Future | The Lefkoe Show

The final interview from our virtual "Radio Row" Super Bowl week has arrived, with standout linebacker Shaq Thompson of the Carolina Panthers. He's got an incredibly powerful backstory that he shares with a candor rarely heard from pro athletes. Plus, he's got some insights on everyone from Ron Rivera to Drew Brees that are not to be missed! Coming up, we're going to be venturing into some NFL Draft coverage, as well as some card collecting, NBA discussions, and NCAA basketball talk. Tune in...


Russell Wilson Trade Rumors, Plus Cassius Marsh, the King of Pokemon and Magic the Gathering (?!) | The Lefkoe Show

As rumors swirl around Russell Wilson, Lefkoe takes stock about the incredible NBA-ification of the NFL in recent years, as stars (particularly quarterbacks) seem to be bouncing around from team to team like never before. And is there anything more fun than a burly NFL player gleefully discussing his hobbies? Cassius Marsh is a major collector on the scene, everything sports cards to Magic the Gathering. He shares some great insights on the emerging collecting hobby scene, and of course...


Emmitt Smith On His All-Time GOATs, Plus A Major Lefkoe Show Announcement | The Lefkoe Show

What an honor to have one of the best to ever step on a football field, Emmitt Smith, join the Lefkoe Show yet again. If you want to hear from a man who has accomplished pretty much everything one can in a football career, and now seems to be enjoying the absolute hell out of retirement, then this interview is for you. Plus! Lefkoe has been dropping hints for nearly a year now about a new topic he'd like to explore on the podcast and beyond, and the time is ripe to start diving in. Hear all...


Instant Reactions To Wentz Trade, Plus Chase Daniel On The Best Coaches And Biting Kneecaps | The Lefkoe Show

Sound the alarm! When breaking news -- let alone Eagles breaking news -- let alone MAJOR breaking news -- hits mid-podcast, you drop everything and you address it. Lefkoe takes in one massive breath, and then exhales about 15 minutes of Wentz/Hurts/Eagles takes off the top of his head that you won't want to miss. Plus, Chase Daniel. Entering year 13 in the NFL. This man has stories for days, and an incredible perspective on what it takes to be successful both personally and as a team at the...


Jalen Mills and Jalen Reagor on Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz, and More! | The Lefkoe Show

We hear from a lot of Eagles fans out there, and we can think of nothing more interesting than hearing two Eagles Jalens rave about a third Eagles Jalen. Jalen Reagor, who showed some major flashes during his rookie season, and Jalen Mills, a mainstay in the Eagles' defensive backfield for the last half-decade, both open up to Lefkoe on this rollercoaster of an offseason they've been having. But of course, they share absolute rave reports about their young QB in Jalen Hurts. Great stories,...


Jamal Adams and DK Metcalf on Pursuing Greatness, Future Goals, and Playing With Russell Wilson | The Lefkoe Show

A couple of Seattle Seahawks superstars on this one, 33%! One of the top wideouts in the game, DK Metcalf, and a record-breaking safety for sacks in a season, Jamal Adams, join Lefkoe as part of our series of Super Bowl Week interviews. Some fantastic stories were shared, of course, but mostly what struck us was their absolute focus on improving and doing whatever it takes to win in the coming years. Any fan of Seattle or otherwise will love these guys! Please share that love for them on...