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The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.

The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.
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The Players Podcast! Adam Lefkoe brings you the true NFL podcast going under-the-helmet and off-the-field through real conversations with players and insiders, as only Bleacher Report can do. Recapping the biggest news, previewing NFL gambling, and ALWAYS supporting the Homies, 2-3 times a week.




NFLN's Kyle Brandt: Hard Knocks, Guy Fieri, Playboy Mansion & More

ENERGY OVERLOAD as Lefkoe and Brandt break down the new season of Hard Knocks with the Oakland Raiders (7:30), rank NFL QB's as potential stepdads (17:45) and look back at Brandt's wild ride through media. From his time on the Real World (51:00), to "Days of Our Lives" (38:40) to The Jim Rome Show (42:00) to Good Morning Football on NFL Network (47:20), Brandt has some great stories and he shares them all. Make sure you hit up Brandt on Twitter (@KyleBrandt) and let him know that he's...


Hilarious Spice Adams Interview and NFL QB Hunger Games Rankings

The Internet LEGEND Spice Adams joined the Lefkoe Show to talk about his incredible meme laugh, his journey through the NFL and he does a hilarious imitation of Ray Lewis using Outkast lyrics. (Interview starts at 40:00) Before the interview, Lefkoe and Ingber break down Lefkoe's NFL QB Hunger Game Rankings and unleash five new WHOA, Big Offseasons! Enjoy homies and don't forget to hit up Spice on social (@spiceadams) and let him know that you appreciate his time spent on the Lefkoe Show....


Nate Burleson: Behind the Scenes of OBJ, Megatron & Life

Nate Burleson IS the next big TV star. He finally came to the studio and brought that SERIOUS energy that's been powering his rise. He shared stories about the REAL Odell Beckham Jr. (21:30), the REAL behind-the-scenes issues between Calvin Johnson and the Lions (8:45) and was incredibly candid about his experiences with TV and media (32:20). Homies, I implore you to hit up Nate on Twitter and IG (@nateburleson) and share the love of the 33%. He's going to come back again...let's make sure...


Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl TE Austin Hooper

From inside the Falcons WR meeting room to the halftime locker-room of the Super Bowl, Austin Hooper takes the Homies on a journey in today's episode. Hooper breaks down the specimen that is Julio Jones, the joy of making a Pro Bowl roster and the thrill of playing at his hometown Oakland Coliseum. Hooper is 100% one of the homies and I hope everyone will shower him with praise on social. HE DESERVES IT! Hit him up on Twitter (@AustinHooper18) or Instagram (@ahooper81) and share the love!...


Alge Crumpler & Lefkoe Predicts the Future

Twins!! Lefkoe has long said that his Pro Player Comparison is Alge Crumpler and the two FINALLY got to meet! From being drafted the same year as Michael Vick (8:15) to playing on the Patriots at nearly 300 pounds (16:45), Alge shared tons of stories that the homies will love. The best part? Lefkoe and Alge reminisced over the famed Brian Dawkins hit in the NFC Championship game (11:45). Also, Lefkoe brought out the crystal ball and predicted NFL storylines that you'll read about this week....


Whoa, Big Offseason RETURNS and All-Pro Safety Kevin Byard

Buckle the F*** up Homies! Whoa, Big Offseason is back! Lefkoe unloaded the clip on some of the best stories this offseason. Also, All-Pro Safety Kevin Byard of the Tennessee Titans sat down for an in-depth interview that you'll love. Byard shares what it's like to celebrate on the Dallas Cowboys' star, the experience of facing Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady and builds the perfect NFL secondary. Hit up Byard on Twitter (@KB31_Era) and let him know that we appreciate him bringing the 33%! Hope...


Superstar Trainer Reveals NFL Players Dominating Offseason Workouts

Travelle Gaines is arguably the best trainer in professional sports. Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, Saquon Barkley, Jimmy Butler...Gaines' client list is unparalleled. He tells Lefkoe the truth about Todd Gurley's postseason disappearance, takes us inside the mind of the workout warrior AB and shares tons of stories about the NFL's elite from his weight room. Homies...he'll also train you for a week for free! Take the #EatLikeAHomie Challenge: Eat healthy for 33 days, track your results and...


Ted Ginn Jr: I'm the Fastest NFL WR

Former Top-Ten pick Ted Ginn Jr. is entering his 13th NFL season and he sat down with Lefkoe for a lengthy interview. Ted believes he's still the fastest WR in the NFL, that Beyonce cost him a Super Bowl while with the 49ers and that Sean Payton and Drew Brees are the best duo in the NFL. Hit up Ted on Twitter (@TedGinnJr_19) and let you know that you appreciate his efforts on the show. Real talk, your messages mean a lot to these guests and it really is helping to grow the 33%! Appreciate...


Inside the NBA's Ernie Johnson is the GOAT

The Greatest Studio Host in TV history, Ernie Johnson, joins Lefkoe for an hour-long conversation about the Emmy-winning show, his journey to the top and the lessons learned along the way. Ernie also gives his review of Lefkoe's sweaters and is officially sworn in as the 33%'s "Sports Grandfather". Since Ernie jokes about the Goat emoji...head over to his Twitter (@TurnerSportsEJ), tell him he's the Goat and that he killed it on @LefkoeShow. You guys are the best...thanks for always...


You've Been Traded: All-Pro Kelechi Osemele

An enormous contract, no sacks allowed for an entire season...All-Pro Kelechi Osemele was then traded from the Raiders after one season. In a candid in-studio conversation, Kelechi takes us inside the issues of the Raiders locker room, the boom of Nigerian-born athletes in the NFL and weighs in on the predictable voluntary camp outrage aimed at Le'Veon Bell. Homies, hit up Kelechi on Twitter (@KOseven0) and let him know that you appreciate him! He totally brought his 33%...he almost broke...


A Magical Conversation with Martellus Bennett

Best-Selling Author and Super Bowl Winner Martellus Bennett joins Lefkoe in-studio! From spiritual pilgrimages with Tom Brady's friend in Japan to remaking the movie Kazaam, it's a wild ride that also has a purpose. Martellus' newest book, Dear Black Boy, is a letter of encouragement to all of the black boys around the world who feel like sports are all they have. Check it out on Amazon. Also, hit up Martellus on Twitter (@MartysaurusRex) or IG (@martellusb) and let him know that you loved...


NFL Gambling Roundtable: Warren Sharp and "Krack"

Warren Sharp and Bill "Krack" Krackomberger make up one of the more formidable wagering duos in the world. Sharp is an analytics wizard that specializes in the NFL, Krack is a professional gambler that's been breaking down winners for 25+ years. The duo was featured in the Showtime docuseries "Action". In this interview they look back at their biggest wins, losses, betting principles that everyone should abide by and some 2019 NFL Futures. Make sure to show Sharp (@SharpFootball) and Krack...


Giants select DANIEL JONES?! David Diehl In-Studio

Two-time Super Bowl Champion David Diehl stepped in-studio and had an honest conversation about the surprise pick of the NFL Draft...Daniel Jones. Lefkoe and Diehl also broke down their favorite NFL Draft picks, the future of the Chiefs without Tyreek Hill and the future of the Dolphins with Josh Rosen. Tweet at the homie @davediehl66 and share the love! Appreciate your 33%! via Knit


Final Draft Roundtable with Stick to Football

NFL Draft Eve is here and the madness has already begun. Frank Clark traded to the Chiefs! (1:00) Where will Josh Rosen land? (15:00) We dive into the best Smokescreens of NFL Draft Season (34:50) and took our aim at some popular Draft Prop bets (50:20) Make sure to check out the Lefkoe Show X Stick to Football NFL Draft Show on Thursday night at 7:50pm EST! We'll be streaming on YouTube, Twitter and of course, the B/R App. Appreciate you homies! Hope your team drafts your favorite player!...


NFL Draft Appetizer with Isaac Nauta and Quincy Williams

HOMIES! Big Week! We're closing in on the NFL Draft and I wanted to get some pods to you early! Wednesday morning, we're going to have a roundtable with the Stick to Football guys...will be awesome. Today, a quick conversation with Georgia TE Isaac Nauta and Murray State LB Quincy Williams. The funniest part...I realize that Quincy is Quinnen Williams' brother halfway through the interview (facepalm). Hit up Isaac (@inauta18) and Quincy (@GoCrazy13_) and let them know about the 33%!...


Russell Wilson's Bed Voice and Josh Allen Interview

A jam-packed episode of the Lefkoe Show features Connor Rogers of Stick to Football updating us on NFL Draft buzz, a deep dive into Russell Wilson's Barry White impersonation after getting a contract and a great interview with possible top-5 pick Josh Allen. Hit up Josh on Twitter (@JoshAllen41_) and let him know that you loved the interview. 33%, y'all are the best! Please share and send in your best Russell Wilson impersonations! Love you guys! via Knit


*NSFW* Bart Scott Returns!

Due to popular demand, the Mad Backer returns to the studio to chop it up with Lefkoe. They discussed the one NFL player that scared Scott, took an inside look at the Rex Ryan defense and Bart shared more hilarious stories from his playing days. Hope you guys enjoy the show...let Bart know what you think! (@BartScott57) Please share and review Homies...Appreciate your 33%! via Knit


Rodgers vs. McCarthy|AB vs. JuJu|Guests: Ty Dunne & C.J. Prosise

Finally back from Minneapolis, WE GOT DRAMA IN THE NFL! The phenomenal B/R writer Ty Dunne joined the show to "unpack" his reporting on the Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy divide. A staunch supporter of AB this offseason, Lefkoe weighed in on the recent AB/JuJu drama. ALSO, Seattle Seahawks RB C.J. Prosise joins the show to talk about Seahawks twitter and update us on his health! 33%, y'all are the best! Appreciate you! Comment, Subscribe and share! ✊ via Knit


Best Trash Talker in NFL Draft: Johnathan Abram

Homies! It's Lefkoe. I've been in Minneapolis since Thursday covering the Final Four but I HAD TO DROP SOME HEAT. I'd like to introduce you to the top Safety in the NFL Draft, Jonathan Abram out of Mississippi State. He flies around the field, is a monster with the hit stick and is one of the best trash talkers I've ever witnessed. He's officially my favorite player in this draft. Hit him up on social and share some of that 33% love! On Thursday's show I'll be sure to breakdown the wild...


Pat McAfee In-Studio! NFL Royal Rumble

The Legend Pat McAfee has RETURNED to NYC to team up with Lefkoe for 86 minutes of MADNESS. They planned Jim Irsay's 60th Birthday, recorded their audition tape for Monday Night Football and held an NFL Royal Rumble for the ages. Pranks, Stories and much more make this one of the most entertaining episodes yet! Apparently, TONS of you guys actually read this description as I've received 100's of Hamburger messages. Y'all are hilarious. However, Salvador Ibarra was the first person to hit me...