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Ep 16 Dialleo Burks

Dialleo was a true freshman my Senior year at Eastern Kentucky. He went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys as well as several NFL Europe, XFL and Arena teams. He also coached in the Arena League, was Athletic Director at Lafayette High School (Alabama) and finally went back to Georgia to become the head coach at his Alma Mater of LaGrange High School.


Ep 15 Keith Elias (NY Giants)

Keith Elias was an Ivy League dynamo as a running back for the Princeton Tigers. He ran his way right into the NFL with the NY Giants and the Indianapolis Colts. Now, Keith works with the NFL in helping newly retired players transition from the pro game to the "real" game, life.


Ep 14 Collette Smith - The First Black Female NFL Coach

What happens when your opportunity presents itself a little past your prime? You take hold of it none the less! This is what happened when Collette V. Smith didn't get the opportunity to play football until she had already established a successful real estate career, in her forties!


Ep 13 Eric Davis

In 1980 the Cincinnati Reds drafted a kid in the 8th round from Los Angeles named Eric Davis. By 1984, Eric Davis had grabbed the spot light from Major League Baseball and earned the nickname, “Eric The Red”. And in 1990, Eric Davis helped lead the Cincinnati Reds to a World Series Championship.


Ep 12 The Young Fellas

On this week's episode I switch it up a bit by talking with two young men preparing for the freshman year in college. Eric Wills (Moeller HS, Cincinnati, Ohio) will be attending the Air Force Academy. Devin Leary (Timber Creek HS, Sicklerville, NJ) will be playing for North Carolina State. I talk with both athletes about their high school journey and their expectations at the college level.


Ep 11 Dr. Jen Welter - The First Female NFL Coach

Dr Jen Welter, like millions of female football fans across the country, fell in a love with a sport that has always denied her. Being on the sidelines with pom-poms just wasn’t going to cut it. So instead of doing what’s expected, she blazed her own trail. She played the game she loved. She learned the game she loved, and became the NFL’s first female coach.


Ep 10 Ken Dunek

I had met Ken Dunek at the Eagles Alumni games but I didn’t really get to know him until we had some time to talk at the Eagles Super Bowl Celebration. Ken played during the Dick Vermeil reign in Philadelphia and he also played under Jim Mora in the USFL for the Philadelphia Stars. Now, Ken is the owner of Jersey Man and Philly Man Magazines. A successful print publication in this digital age. He has created a franchise for business networking that is grounded by his ability to establish...


Ep 09 Quintin Mikell

Quintin Mikell played safety for the Eagles from 2003 - 2010. He has had a unique book of experience during his time with the Birds. His rookie year in 2003, he played in the NFC Championship game vs Carolina. He was at ground zero during the Terrell Owens vs Donovan McNabb drama. Finally, he had a heavy dose of perspective back in 2006, when he went home to New Orleans to see the devastation of Hurricane Katrina first hand.


Ep 08 Ron Carpenter

Ron Carpenter was a DB/WR from Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. He tore his knee 2 weeks before the start of camp in his senior season. While sidelined, the Princeton Vikings won the 1987 Ohio State Football title and were one of the top football teams in the country. Ron walked on at Miami of Ohio and went on to have a stellar career for the (then) Redskins, culminating with an MVP trip to the Hula Bowl. Ron signed as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings and eventually became a...


Ep 07 Allen DeGraffenreid

Allen DeGraffenreid was a soccer and track star that wasn't involved in football until his Junior year at Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. He wasn't even sure about the rules of football but he could kick the ball out of the end zone. Allen walked on at Ohio State and soon his 6' 2" frame and his sub 4.5 speed got him recognized as a formidable return man and wide receiver. When it was all said and done, the walk on kicker had made his mark at Ohio State and earned a spot in the...


Jared Ka'aiohelo

Jared Ka’aiohelo was my fullback and friend during our championship run with the Scottish Claymores back in 1996. He had played with the THEN Houston Oilers and after 2 years with the Claymores, signed on with the Colts. Jared was lucky enough to be coached by the legendary John Stucky and when his playing days were done he followed suit as a strength and conditioning coach. His resume includes the Oklahoma Sooners, Rice Owls and helping the 2007 Kansas Jayhawks go 12-1 and win the BCS...


Ep 05 Fred Barnett

Fred Barnett was one of our offensive leaders during my time with the Eagles. Even back in 1993, Fred was a renaissance man with his fashion style and world travel. So, on an African Safari in Kenya, he decided to have a 5 hour wedding ceremony, with the Massai tribe!


Ep. 04 Scott Couper

Scott Couper was one of my teammates in Scotland during my time in the World League. At 6 foot and 160 pounds, he was ridiculously undersized to be playing wide receiver with other athletes that had been on NFL rosters. Unfazed by the size difference, Scot went on to play 10 years with the Scottish Claymores. He even played with the Chicago Bears for an exhibition game in Dublin, Ireland. Scoops showed everyone that even though he was undersized, his heart was the size of Texas.


Philadelphia Eagles Draft Party

Markus talks with fans at the Philadelphia Eagles Draft Party. They tell stories of what they did the moment they realized the Eagles had won Super Bowl LII! The stories did not disappoint!


Ep 03 Willie T

William Thomas (Willie T), was one of the first vets I became true friends with during my time with the Eagles. We were the "nerds" on the team before that term became popular. We reminisce about our time in training camp and of course we discuss the most infamous play in NFL history. The Tuck Rule Game.


Ep 02 Vince Papale

Vince Papale is the real life "Rocky" of Philadelphia! His journey took a few more twists and turns than the movie may have showed. In spite of his notoriety, Vince is still a family man devoting time to his wife Janet, his son Vinnie and making sure you remember his father.


Ep 01 Prelude

Former Philadelphia Eagle Markus Thomas offers a pre-game look at The Pro fan Podcast.