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Podcast | #30 Courtney Tipping on Having Faith during Hardship

This will actually be the final episode in this season. Make sure to hang around until the end so I can tell you what’s coming. This week my guest is Courtney Tipping. She told me at the beginning of our conversation that God is good and each day is a new day. I didn’t even […]


Podcast | #29 Jamy Bechler on Becoming an Adoptive Dad

This week’s guest is Coach Jamy Bechler. He’s a professional speaker, leader trainer, and executive business coach and former college basketball coach. We chat about his journey to being an adoptive dad and some of his misconceptions along the way including what type of child he requested the social worker find for him and his […]


Podcast | #28 Naomi Quick on Waiting during Adoption

This week I bring you another super hero of a mom. Naomi quick has 6 kids under 8–all homeschooled. Let that sink in. Six little humans under age 8 who are home All. Day. Long. Naomi writes at her blog She’s also an author and speaker. We chat about how she judged me the […]


Podcast | #27 Krista Rowland-Collins on Down Syndrome

I’m a week late to World Down Syndrome Day. No excuses. Regardless, what this week’s guest, Krista Rowland-Collins, is doing is still important and relevant. She is loving on families as they welcome their children with Down Syndrome into the world through a project called Adele’s Over the Rainbow Baskets. Honestly, the misconceptions that Krista […]


Podcast | #26 Blythe Royaards with Lost Sparrows

My guest this week is Blythe Royaards. She and her husband, Eric, are on the board for an organization called the Lost Sparrows whose goal is to stop the flow of orphans into institutions in Bulgaria through education and support of birth families and the recruitment of foster families. She’s a super mom who is […]


Podcast | #25 Patrick Corkum on Organic Church

This week I invited my husband, Patrick, to share the mic with me. We sat down to chat about our church journeys, misnomers about the Catholic faith, and why we’re pursuing a smaller, organic church community. Thanks for those of you who asked questions via FB before we recorded. Also, he gets the prize for […]


Podcast | #24 Lisa Qualls, One Thankful Mom, a Birth Mom, and an Adoptive Mom

Lisa Qualls is the founder of the One Thankful Mom blog. She is a writer and speaker with the unusual chance to have experienced all 3 parts of the adoption triad–birth mom, adoptive mom, and foster child. We’ve connected over so many similarities over the years but she’s far more gracious, wise, and compassionate than me. […]


Podcast | #23 Tricia and Aunt Tess on Poverty Solutions

This week I’m welcome my BFF Tricia back to the show and this time she brought her fairy godmother Aunt Tess. we talk about some really important issues like whether or not Santa’s workshop is underground or above ground in the North Pole. But seriously, we had a passionate, yet civil conversation about poverty solutions […]


Podcast | #22 Kristin Taylor, my new Enneagram One friend

This week’s guest, Kristin Taylor was nominated by #17 Kathleen Guire. We had a super fun conversation because it turns out we have a lot in common including our Enneagram numbers and how we don’t separate white from colors when doing laundry. I mean what more could you ask for in a friend? I think you’re […]


Podcast | #21 Rena Rosen on Being Kind

Meet Rena Rosen. She’s the founder of Art of Compassion, an organization dedicated to a higher level of acceptance, appreciation, and understanding of physical differences among parents and children in our community. During our conversation she shares about what is was like to grow up with a noticeable physical disability and how she’s using her story […]


Podcast #20 | Jenn Ernest on What Not To Say

Jenn Ernest and I have been friend for forever (see proof above). She has walked through pregnancy loss, secondary infertility, adoption, breast cancer, and she’s parenting a child with limb differences. That’s a lot of situations where people tend to say all the wrong things. During our conversation, Jenn gives practical advice on how to […] The post Podcast #20 | Jenn Ernest on What Not To Say appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #19 If You Only Knew Stories

I’m thrilled to welcome two fellow members of the launch team for Jamie Ivey’s new book, If You Only Knew. They responded to a crazy invitation I offered to tell their “if you only knew” stories. I know what they share will connect in the deepest places of our hearts and souls where light was meant […] The post Podcast | #19 If You Only Knew Stories appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #18 Summer Kugel of AbleFinder

Imagine a world where people with disabilities and their caretakers could find instant community and break that feeling of isolation. That’s that Summer, the founder of AbleFinder, has set out to do. She also has some other brilliant ideas to make the process of getting services easier. You’ll love how her story has drive her […] The post Podcast | #18 Summer Kugel of AbleFinder appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #17 Kathleen Guire on Adoption, FASD, and Sex Trafficking

Kathleen Guire is the founder of the Whole House Blog. She also recently released her first novel, Defining Home, meant to increase awareness about the tragedies of slavery and sex trafficking. She had wise words to share about FASD, self-publishing, and how she keeps her large family organized. Related Links Episode #2 with Bethany Kaczmarek […] The post Podcast | #17 Kathleen Guire on Adoption, FASD, and Sex Trafficking appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #16 Abbie Flanagan on Youth Advocacy

This week, Abbie Flanagan, teacher turned public defender, challenges us to look at juvenile defenders with more compassion and optimism. She gives great book recommendations (below) and a great life hack you won’t want to miss! Book Recommendations The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson Author Malcolm Gladwell Youth Advocacy Organizations […] The post Podcast | #16 Abbie Flanagan on Youth Advocacy appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #15 Hope Forti on Foster Care

Hope Forti is on a mission to change the face of foster care recruiting and support. She’s going edgy, yet honest. We chat about the shame of ending a placement and our opinions on birth parents. If you’re not a foster parent, no worries! We chat about you, too 😉 Foster Together Colorado website | FB […] The post Podcast | #15 Hope Forti on Foster Care appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #14 Tricia on Education and Mommy Slacker-ness

Tricia is back! Join the late night nonsense as we talk about homeschool versus public school and the reason our friendship might end. Plus you’ll hear all about what we’re NOT accomplishing in life right now and a life hack that you might just be able to pull off before Christmas. I’d love for you […] The post Podcast | #14 Tricia on Education and Mommy Slacker-ness appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #13 Monica Reynolds on Adoption and Marriage

This week Monica and I chat about the things that blindsided us when we adopted, the hardest thing our marriages have survived, and how her local school system is failing her daughter right now. Connect with Monica on her blog, Instagram, or check out her new podcast–Collared Chicks. If you want to check out that […] The post Podcast | #13 Monica Reynolds on Adoption and Marriage appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #12 Amari, The Traveling Fro

What is not to like about a gal whose blog and Instagram is branded The Traveling Fro? My guest this week, Amari, is living my dream life…one where you see a travel deal and you just take it. She took a trip every month this year and made it to Milan for under $450. I […] The post Podcast | #12 Amari, The Traveling Fro appeared first on The Cork Board.


Podcast | #11 Reccia Jobe on Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Reccia is an expert equine professional in the Natural Lifemanship model. She is dedicated to helping individuals and families end destructive relational patterns that create generational trauma in families and societies. My conversation with her was inspiring and challenging and so relevant to everything I feel like God is trying to teach me. We use […] The post Podcast | #11 Reccia Jobe on Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy appeared first on The Cork Board.