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Video Games presents Press Pass, a sometimes-weekly podcast where we discuss the latest happenings in the games industry! The team is made up of Marc Lynch, Kyle Holt, Melissa Kay, and Hunter Bond. For the live episodes, tune in to presents Press Pass, a sometimes-weekly podcast where we discuss the latest happenings in the games industry! The team is made up of Marc Lynch, Kyle Holt, Melissa Kay, and Hunter Bond. For the live episodes, tune in to



Description: presents Press Pass, a sometimes-weekly podcast where we discuss the latest happenings in the games industry! The team is made up of Marc Lynch, Kyle Holt, Melissa Kay, and Hunter Bond. For the live episodes, tune in to









The world's not in great shape, so this episode is a bit cozier, a bit more informal. Melissa cute-shames her Animal Crossing villagers, Kyle prepares for the post-apocalypse with Wasteland 2, Hunter actually manages to forget that the world's on fire for a minute, and Marc gives up on having a regular intro.


Courtroom to lumberyard

The main them of this episode is... legal battles! Despite the drudgery, Kyle, Hunter, and Marc try to keep things light with talk about how Sweet Bandits is the only dev to release a game in Amazon Lumberyard and details on the new NERF line coming soon. Don't forget about the highlighted game Cowboy Yakuza and our question of the week!


And then there were 3

Melissa returns to join Kyle and Marc and discuss Ooblets 2020, League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics (of course), and butt-smacking children. Stay tuned for the highlight game (Conglomerate 451) and the question of the week (or just visit the shownotes at


Sleeping with Atari

Hunter and Marc get into more discussion about the next console generation, as well as some surprising decisions out of Blizzard and Atari. And of course don't forget the upcoming Animal Crossing release, that's in there too!


Left for devs

With Hunter and Mel still missing, Kyle and Marc dive into some Xbox Series X speculation and get back into the topic of game delays and crunch time. There's also news about L4D3... kinda. And League of Legends' popularity continues to grow! Don't forget to check the question of the week and send in your answers!


2 for 2020

It's time for a two-fer! Kyle and Marc pull double duty for the errant Melissa and Hunter to talk about Pokemon and game subscription services. There is also a game giveaway and the beginning of a new draw! Tune in for the question of the week and to hear about this episode's highlight game, Filament!


Reading the Riot act

There's a new BioShock game in the making along with a new development studio, and Riot is once again in the news with a settlement for its gender discriminatio lawsuit. There's also in interesting brand mashup with League of Legends and Louis Vuitton. Finally, can you guess how much Pornhub traffic comes from game consoles? We have some info there for the lighter side!


The ham jam

With just three agenda items, Hunter, Marc, and Kyle still manage to stretch this episode for a full hour with talk about Nintendo's creative team, weird features and patches, and the difference between Gigantamax and Dynamax. Find out what Marc thinks of The Riftbreaker and find out why cows are wearing VR headsets in the latter half of the show, along with what Hunter really thinks about turkey for dinner.


The 411 on 311

The show starts off on a silly note with everyone recounting what everyone else has been playing (to mixed results)! In the news we had a surprising story of justice, a tale of redemption, and two expansions to much loved games. Stay tuned for our highlight game of the week, the lighter side, and of course, our question of the week!


Blizzard warning!

There's lots of news out of Blizz Con 2019 but first the team absolutely needs to talk about The Outer Worlds. There's also a new League of Legends champion for Season 9 and Hideo Kojima has some things to say about American reviewers. Stay tuned for the question of the week as well as the highlight game and a little bit of lighter side!


Outer wild worlds

There's a lot to dissect in this episode of Press Pass. Hunter takes the host chair and leads the team through discussion about whether a sitcom about eSports would be a good idea and musings about what Blizzard will talk about at Blizz Con. There's also Death Stranding news and a follow-up to the Enchanted Portals story. Stay tuned for talk about Secret Neighbor and two stories for the Lighter Side, as well!


Honk pass

The League of Legends 10th Anniversary celebration is the main topic of discussion in this episode of Press Pass. The crew gets side-tracked between talk about all of Riot's new projects and then moves into more Untitled Goose Game shenanigans.


Spooky slots

Silent Hill lives on in a way only Konami could do it while Fortnite went down after its black hole event. Blizzard and China are in the news, but the most important question is: have you ever wanted a cat that shoots lasers? Listen in and stay tuned for the question of the week!


The villain we need

Hunter, Kyle, and Marc ham it up with news of a best-selling Untitled Goose Game and folly in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. There's a shake-up over at ArenaNet too, with the president jumping ship for smaller pastures. Wendy's has a tabletop RPG and EA rolled a Big Oops for its FIFA 20 Global Series. Stay tuned in for the question of the week and highlight game Alluris!


10,000,220,000,000 hours

Kyle, Hunter, and Marc get caught up on September news and look back at the month's Nintendo Direct before getting into E3's plans for 2020 and beyond, the news of an arrested suspect from the WOW Classic DDOS attacks, and updates to Google Play Pass. Stay tuned for the Lighter Side and this episode's highlight game and make sure you answer the question of the week!


Tell another tale

Hunter, Kyle, and Marc come together to recap PAX West 2019 and the many games that were played there. There's also news pertaining to Telltale's old licenses, a new collection of Disney titles for nostalgia seekers, and a bunch of SNES titles being added to Switch Online. Check out the latest episode of Press Pass!



The team takes on a lighter agenda in this week's episode. There are some follow-up stories to events that were discussed on previous shows, including what came of the ban on DayZ in Australia and the aftermath of the Respawn mess on Reddit. There are two questions of the week in this episode so stay tuned for both of them!


Press X to Respawn Reddit

In the news this episode, we had a few leads jumping ship from big developers to pursue other opportunities as well as an apology from Twitch to Ninja. There are also changes planned for DayZ to make sure it can be released in Australia and there was a bit of a kerfuffle on Reddit surrounding Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment. Hunter, Kyle, and Marc dig into it with some deep discussions about market exclusivity and the days of old school gaming.


Everything is awful

It's a heavy-news kind of episode as Melissa, Hunter, and Marc talk about Walmart's move to limit violent displays in-store, Nexon's decision to close down two offices in California, and the messy break-up between Ninja and Twitch. The Ooblets developers are also facing their own abuse at the hands of upset consumers.


Reunion Transmission

Nate Hales and Aenne Schumann join the Press Pass team for a good ol' Press2Reset family reunion to celebrate Press Pass's 200th episode and also unofficially record the 200th Transmission for Reset Transmission. The team gets into P2R's origin stories and the changes in their lives since it all started eight years ago.