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TYOK Ep 013: Pre-School Milestones (Part II)

Arianne continues discussing a chapter from her book- Teach Your OWN Kid! Schools Can't Do It Alone- detailing the final five milestones fundamental to a child's growth prior to entering school. She states that the best way to ensure that your child has options and is able to excel in the academic environment is to properly prepare him in the first 3-5 years of life.


TYOK Ep 012: Pre-School Milestones (Part I)

In this episode, Arianne discusses a chapter from her book- Teach Your OWN Kid! Schools Can't Do It Alone. She believes that the only way to give your child an academic advantage is to spend the first 3-5 years of life intentionally preparing him. Arianne encourages parents to maximize those first few years by recognizing various stages of learning and using the appropriate tools to ensure that their child sharpens skills that will naturally present themselves.


TYOK Ep 011: College Prep 101

Paris Woods, Co-Founder and Executive Director of College Beyond, joins Arianne in the Teach Your OWN Kid! classroom to discuss how parents can properly prepare their kids for college. Paris reminds listeners that college prep begins in the womb with literacy and math skills development. She also offers some practical steps for parents of middle and high school students.


TYOK Ep 010: Tune in to Your Kid: Mental Health Matters

Having come to the realization that race and socioeconomic status don't protect children from distress, Dr. Brian Turner believes that it is critical for parents to provide the skills their kids need to navigate crises and trauma. In this episode, Dr. Turner joins Arianne to discuss the importance of young people having access to appropriate mental health services.


TYOK Ep 009: Behind the Scenes- My Life as a Teacher (part 3)

Though a catastrophic storm named Hurricane Katrina altered the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Arianne's hometown, the academic landscape remained the same. In many ways, it actually took a turn for the worse. School leaders were so desperate to maintain their newly formed charter schools that staff was being instructed to do whatever was necessary to pass ill-prepared students along. In this episode, Arianne shares how she navigated during those especially difficult times and...


TYOK Ep 008: Behind the Scenes- My Life as a Teacher (part 2)

In this second installment of a three-part series, Arianne reveals how she was physically threatened by a junior high school student during her third year of teaching. She shares how, after being made to teach in a classroom setting for which she had not been trained, she finally decided it was time to make some changes. Arianne suggests that the teaching profession is not for the faint.


TYOK Ep 007: Behind the Scenes- My Life as a Teacher (Part 1)

In this episode, Arianne invites the TYOK Podcast community behind the scenes into her life as a teacher. She reveals how she spent her first year overwhelmed and overworked. The task of motivating students who believed themselves to be "failures" and the frustration of being paired with a mentor who no longer had the passion to teach prompted Arianne to declare that she would leave her beloved profession within five years.


TYOK Ep 006: Ask the Teacher! Classroom Accommodations & Busywork

Arianne uses this episode to answer listener-submitted questions about homework. From California to Mississippi, parents asked advice on what to do if 'busywork' is being assigned and how much help should be provided to the child during the homework process.


TYOK Ep 005: "I Feel Like I'M in School!" Homework Blues

Do your kids get so much homework that you feel like YOU'RE in school?! In this week's podcast episode, Arianne helps parents just like you get rid of the Homework Blues.


TYOK Ep 004: We're Married Now! Effective Communication within the School Community

In this episode, Arianne suggests that the relationship between the school leaders and the families that make up the school community is a marriage- a partnership. As with any marriage, there are proactive measures that must be taken to ensure that the lines of communication remain open and uncluttered. According to Arianne, a healthy school community marriage requires commitment from all stakeholders and is centered around the core value of providing the kids the tools necessary to win.


TYOK Ep 003: Finishing Strong- Study Strategies for the Spring Semester

In this episode, Arianne uses the new year to pause for reflection. She suggests that since the Fall of the 2017-2018 school year is gone, that this second half is a prime time for behavioral review and adjustments. Arianne offers strategies that teachers and parents can use to help their kids develop the kind of study habits that will ensure that they finish the school year strong.


TYOK Ep 002: YOU Are Your Child's First Teacher

In this episode, Arianne discusses seven principles to help parents understand the importance of embracing their role as their child's first teacher.


TYOK Ep 001: Welcome to the TYOK Community!

Arianne Craig Jolla, (Author, Speaker & Educator), hated teaching so much that she started her own school! The Teach Your OWN Kid podcast is an extension of the book Teach Your OWN Kid: Schools Can't Do It Alone, which was released in August 2017. The TYOK podcast is a continuation of Arianne's effort to develop stronger partnerships between the school community and the community's families. Enjoy this introduction to the TYOK community!


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