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Everything you need to know to thrive in the out of home advertising industry.

Everything you need to know to thrive in the out of home advertising industry.


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Everything you need to know to thrive in the out of home advertising industry.






Russell Abdullah on What Samsung is Doing to Advance Programmatic OOH

Today’s podcast guest is Russell Abdullah, Head of Strategy and Planning -Display Division at Samsung Electronics America says that Samsung got interested in digital out of home when it saw how out of home advertising boosted store visits. Here are the highlights from Russell's interview. Review Samsung’s history with out of home. Russell Abdullah, Head of Strategy and Planning, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America Samsung is the #6 most recognized brand in the world…The way...


Rob Jackson: Outdoor is as powerful as ever. When you do it well people talk.

Today’s podcast guest is Rob Jackson the founder and Creative Director of Extra Credit Projects talks about humor, out of home design mistakes and why his firm never tires of doing good. Your firm is marked by an impish sense of humor. We try to get attention…not always humor. You might call it wit…many times its humor. Because we all, especially now, long for that…If you can genuinely strike that in somebody you just might have a chance in them remembering it, talking about it…Humor breaks...


Jonathan Gudai Affirms Programmatic OOH will Double in 2-4 Years

Adomni founder and CEO Jonathan Gudai affirmed his prediction that programmatic out of home will double in 2-4 years on today's Billboard Insider Podcast. Here's a selection of his comments. What happened to programmatic out of home during COVID? How did Adomni respond? Jonathan Gudai, CEO, Adomni In March when the governors started telling people you must stay at home and everyone was hoping it was going to just be for a short while just to flatten the curve a lot of the advertisers...


TG Shaw: The biggest mistake you can make when selling out of home is not knowing your inventory.

Today’s podcast guest TG Shaw, President of Reeves Shaw Media, talks about selling out of home and mistakes people make selling out of home. How did you get into the out of home business? TG Shaw, President, Reeves Shaw Media I grew up in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and when I graduated high school I went to Valdosta State University in South Georgia. And down at Valdosta I majored in marketing and during my senior year we were tasked with putting together a marketing plan for a local...


Lafoy on acquisitions: We’re looking now.

Today’s podcast guest is Scott Lafoy a 35 year out of home veteran and CEO of Link Media Outdoor says Link Media is always looking for acquisitions and it's looking now. Here are the highlights of our conversation. Talk about your career and why you came to Link Media. Scott Lafoy, CEO, Link Media Outdoor I started with Peterson Outdoor in Orlando (which is now Clear Channel) almost 35 years ago. That was my first job out of college. I started off in real estate and quickly moved into sales...


Jim Poage on how to minimize OSHA fines and keep your employees safe.

Today’s podcast guest is Jim Poage, Safety Director at Formetco, Incorporated. Jim discusses how to minimize OSHA fines and what to do to keep your employees safe. OSHA issued 81 citations with $280,000 in fines to Display Advertising companies during the past two years. What jumps out at you. You pointed out that Virginia was one of the leaders in citations. That was really not too surprising because Virginia is a state plan. They are required to have a state program that is equal to or...


Stephen Johnson on Building Your First Digital Billboard

Today’s podcast guest is Stephen Johnson of Waller Outdoor. He talks about what he's learned while building and running his first digital billboard in Waller, Texas. Stephen how did you get interested in a digital billboard. Stephen Johnson, Owner, Waller Outdoor My parents started to work in the newspaper business when I was a little kid.…Years later I got married and my wife worked for them for 10-12 years. One day I was going to the airport and I ran across my first…digital billboard. I...


Smartlink: A Made in America Success Story

Today DJ Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer for Outdoorlink talks about how the company's Smartlink product helps out of home companies cut costs and improve service. Smarklink Founder Dwight Jennings Smartlink is an amazing made in America success story. It started with my father Dwight Jennings. He started in the industry in 1971 when he was right out of college. He was 22 years old. He started as a bill poster for Creative Displays…He was with them for about 15 years…When they sold in 1983...


Joe Mancino on Working With City Hall

In addition to starting and running Chicago-based GreenSigns, Joe Mancino just finished 11 years as Mayor of Hawthorn Woods. On this week's podcast Joe gives tips for working with city hall and running a sustainable out of home advertising business. Tips for working with city hall. Joseph Mancino, CEO I’m going to start off with one that seems obvious but many forget. When you're dealing with city hall and you’re dealing with folks at the counter level the first thing you need to remember is...


Ian Dallimore: Advertisers believe in the data and they’re not cancelling contracts and fleeing for other media.

Today’s podcast guest is Ian Dallimore, sneakerhead, father of triplets and VP of Digital Growth at Lamar Advertising. Ian is excited about the future of out of home. Here are the highlights. Ian Dallimore, Director of Digitial Media Growth, Lamar Advertising How have improved data tools helped Lamar communicate with clients during the covid crisis. Lamar has a large sales force. We have over 1,000 sales reps across the US. So obviously data has played a huge role…One of the tools we’ve been...


Allyson Baker and Ken Klein Update on Out of Home and the Paycheck Protection Program

The government’s fast-moving effort to deliver “Paycheck Protection” relief to small business has created confusion, even headaches. Billboard Insider invited Ken Klein of OAAA and Allyson Baker of the Venable law firm to answer questions and clear the air. Allyson Baker, Venable Law Firm Can I still apply? Yes, but do so quickly. The first $349 billion was exhausted by April 16; about half of the second tranche has been committed. Contact your bank immediately; banks are processing Paycheck...


Jennifer Sloane: “Our industry will be just fine once the economy reopens.”

Today’s podcast guest is Jennifer Sloane, an attorney with more than 20 years experience practicing out of home law. Here are her comments on 4 mistakes out of home companies make in leases, when you have a legal case against your regulatory authority and what the future is for out of home. What are 4 legal mistakes out of home companies make in leases? (1) Not getting a memorandum of lease signed and recorded in the public records. This is very crucial so that a subsequent buyer of the...


Rod Rackley: No one should doubt his or her inner strength and ability to get through this.

Today's podcast guest is Rod Rackley the President of the Out of Home Division of Circle Graphics. Rod answers some of my questions, gives his advice on managing during the COVID-19 crisis and talks about the future of billboard printing. Here are some excerpts from the interview. Rod, chart your career for us. I spent my 20’s in school and working for my families publishing business. I spent my 30’s at Lamar in their corporate office in Baton Rouge Louisiana which is my hometown. At Lamar I...


Matt Schulze on 4 mistakes owners make when they build structures.

Today's podcast guest is Matt Schulze, a partner at Selective Structures. Matt talks about the impact of coronavirus on sign fabrication and the 4 mistakes that operators make when they build structures. Matt you have an entertaining story about entering the out of home business. Matt Schulze, Partner, Selective Structures It is kind of a little crazy. I got in the business in 1991. I was working for a radio station, selling airtime...We were selling live remotes. I sold a live remote to a...


AdQuick’s O’Connor: “The momentum the medium was seeing prior to the virus is going to be accelerated coming out of it.”

Today’s podcast guest is AdQuick co-founder Matt O’Connor. AdQuick was founded almost four years ago to automate out of home ad buying. Matt talks about the impact of coronavirus on automated selling and what the industry and advertisers need to do now to be prepared when quarantines clear. Matt, explain what AdQuick does and how it benefits an out of home company. Matt O'Connor, CEO and Co-Founder, Adquick AdQuick’s mission is to make it easy to buy out of home advertising. We focused...


Richard Rothfelder on coronavirus legal implications and 5 mistakes in out of home leases.

Today's podcast guest Richard Rothfelder of Rothfelder Falick reviews the impact of the coronavirus on out of home contracts and 5 mistakes out of home companies make when they write out of home leases. On the impact of coronavirus on out of home contracts Richard Rothfelder, Rothfelder and Falick Coronavirus has generated a lot of issues in the billboard industry as well as…commerce in general. You are going to find a lot of issues arising with performance of contractual obligations,...


Ike Wingate on what makes a good site and why less can be more when it comes to digital billboards.

Today's podcast guest, Ike Wingate, founder of Wingate Media Group, represents the best of the new breed of young independent out of home operators. Today Ike talks about what makes a good billboard site, why less can be more when it comes to digital billboards and keeping work in perspective. Ike Wingate, Wingate Media What makes you think “that’s a good site.” I look for places that otherwise couldn’t be used for anything else. A little strip of grass between two pieces of property…Before...


Everything you wanted to know about digital billboards but were afraid to ask with Jeff Rushton.

Today’s podcast guest is Jeff Rushton, President and Co-Owner of Media Resources, an integrated digital billboard manufacturer, sign installer and large format printing business with operations in Canada the US and Asia. Jeff, talk about Media Resources and how it got into the out of home business Jeff Rushton, President and CEO, Media Resources Media Resource has been around since 1967…it started as a sign installation business in Canada…now we’re in 37 American States and in all Canadian...


Steve McNeely: The future has never been brighter.

Today's podcast guest Steve McNeely has 30 years experience investing in out of home companies. Steve talks about his newest out of home investment, what he thinks of the public out of home companies and private equity's biggest issue with out of home. Last July you assisted Blackbird Media in purchasing the iconic CNN sign in Atlanta. CNN sign in Atlanta which was purchased by Blackbird Media A gentleman, Chenault Sanders - you did an interview with him 6-7 months ago, his family had...


Steve Haggard – The Billboard Banker

Today's podcast guest is Steve Haggard, President and CEO of Metro Phoenix Bank. He talks about making loans of $1-10 million to out of home advertising companies. Talk about Metro Phoenix Bank Stephen Haggard, CEO, Metro Phoenix Bank We are active with outdoor advertising media lending. We have actually been involved with that asset class since inception. The bank started in 2007…we were founded by local investors, business owners and fortunately some of these business owners happened to be...