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Diana and Hal Stevenson on running an independent out of home company.

Diana and Hal Stevenson own Grace Outdoor, a South Carolina headquartered company with 300 billboard faces in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. On the Billboard Insider podcast they, talk about the importance of sales, being independent in a world dominated by the big three, cloud-based tools for managing your out of home business, and why you need to pay attention to Duke Energy Diana Stevenson On the importance of sales I view Grace Outdoor as a sales organization....


Jim Matalone on Starting and Running Ashby St Outdoor

This week's podcast guest Jim Matalone talks about starting, running and selling Ashby St Outdoor, an out of home company with 1,908 faces in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Talk about the formation of Ashby Street in 2011. Before Ashby St I had been running Next Media Outdoor which was owned by a radio platform…while we were building an outdoor platform and growing value the radio platform was slowly declining. From that experience I learned that I needed to go out of my own and...


Mike Norton on running a family-owned out of home company.

­­­ Today’s podcast guest is Mike Norton, President of Norton Outdoor Advertising, an independent out of home company with 900 traditional and 14 digital billboard displays in Ohio. Mike represents the third generation of Nortons to run the business. Mike sits OAAA Board of Directors, Digital billboard and Innovations committees. Mike gives tips talks about running a family-owned company and steps you can take to minimize operating expenses. Mike Norton, President, Norton Outdoor...


Sean Reilly on Lamar’s Corporate Culture

On this week's Billboard Insider podcast Lamar CEO Sean Reilly talks about the search for a new OAAA CEO, Lamar's corporate culture, sustainability, programmatic out of home, Landmark Infrastructure, tariffs and what keeps him awake nights. You head the OAAA committee which is searching for a replacement for Nancy Fletcher. How’s the search going? Sean Reilly, CEO, Lamar Advertising Let’s start with the fact that you can’t replace Nancy Fletcher. She is an incredibly effective face of and...


Max Drachman says the deal market is “incredibly strong.”

The out of home deal market is "incredibly strong" says out of home investment banker Max Drachman on this week's Billboard Insider podcast. Max has more than 10 years experience in out of home dealmaking with Kalil & Co. Here are some highlights. Your firm Kalil is also a large Radio, TV, and Tower dealmaker. How does out of home compare to those mediums? The business model in TV has completely flipped…It wasn’t that long ago when these networks…used to pay television station owners to...


Scott Wells on the benefits of independence, a new board and next year’s priorities.

On this week's Billboard Insider Podcast Clear Channel Outdoor Americas CEO Scott Wells talks about Clear Channel Outdoor's spinoff from iHeart, the benefits of independence, the new board and priorities for next year. Clear Channel Outdoor Americas consists of the United States and the Caribbean with revenues of $1.2 billion and nearly $600 million in cashflow (ebidta). Explain the recent Clear Channel Outdoor spinoff from iHeart. This is something that people in the industry have been...


Ian Dallimore: “Our medium has the ability to tell a story every day and now even every minute.”

This week's Billboard Insider podcast features Lamar Advertising's Director of Digital Growth Ian Dallimore. Ian talks about what needs to happen for programmatic buying to increase, how an out of home company can effectively use social media and a not-to-be-missed session at next week's OAAA 2019 show. Here are some excerpts from the 25 minute interview. Lamar CEO Sean Reilly thinks programmatic can contribute $8-10 million to revenues this year. What has to happen for the programmatic buy...


Paul Wright says out of home values are 10.5-11 times cashflow

This week’s Billboard Insider podcast features Paul Wright, the top out of home valuation expert in the United States. Paul’s firm appraises billboards, billboard leases and billboard easements. Paul talks about out of home values, a tax case that could hurt values, Landmark Infrastructure and what he thinks of Clear Channel, Outfront, Lamar and Link Media Outdoor. Here are some excerpts from the 29 minute interview. Paul Wright, Co-Founder, On the current M&A...


Jonathan Gudai: automation can double the digital out of home ad spend.

This week's podcast guest is Jonathan Gudai the Founder and CEO of Adomni the online platform which automates digital billboard buying. Gudai talks about how automated buying can grow out of home revenues, barriers to automation, how Adomni helped UFC sell 15,000 tickets in 4 days and whether automation comes to static billboards. Here are some excerpts from the 30 minute conversation. How big is the digital out of home market today and how much is automated? I’m on the board of directors of...


Geopath’s Kym Frank on Geopath’s New Measurement System

This week's podcast guest is Geopath President Kym Frank. She talks about the mistakes which other media channels have made, new features of Geopath's Insights Suite, autonomous cars, privacy, the death (or not) of ad agencies, hyper-targeting and Dr Zizmore... Some highlights. Features of the new Geopath system When we first headed down this path there was this feeling that the tool was more focused on national buying and planning. I think now that it's in front of everyone…they realize the...


Melody Roberts on Principles of Good OOH Design

This week's podcast guest is Out of Home Creative’s Melody Roberts. Melody discusses out of home design principles, common design mistakes, how digital and static design differ and how to effectively use a designer. Click below to listen to the podcast on your computer or to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or one of the other podcast providers you can click on any of the links shown below. Here are some highlights of the 22 minute interview. Melody Roberts, Out of Home Creative What are...


Nancy Fletcher on the Thomas Case, Women in OOH and Mentors

This week’s podcast guest is Nancy Fletcher who retires at the end of this year after a 40-year out of home advertising career, which includes nearly 30 years as President and CEO of OAAA. Here are highlights of our interview. What have been the industry’s biggest accomplishments over your tenure? Over these last almost 30 years the industry has reinvented itself. Today it’s data rich, it’s measured, it has an exciting variety of out of home formats that are digital or static, and in that...


Chris Cowlbeck of the IBOUSA

This week's podcast guest is Chris Cowlbeck. Chris is General Manager for Look Billboards an out of home company with more than 100 traditional faces and 5 digital billboards in Oklahoma. Chris is also General Manager of the IBOUSA a networking group which promotes the interests of independent billboard operators in the United States. We had a wide-ranging 30 minute conversation. What does the IBOUSA do and how does it help out of home companies. Chris Cowlbeck, General Manager, Look...


John Weller on the Out of Home Debt Markets

Today marks the debut of the Billboard Insider podcast. Our first guest is John Weller, co-publisher of Billboard Insider and a co-owner of Billboard Loans, LLC, an out of home lending fund. John talks about out of home lending, what he thinks of the leverage of Lamar, Outfront and Clear Channel Outdoor and where we are in the lending cycle. John Weller In one word how would you evaluate the leverage of the three public out of home companies. Let’s start with Lamar. Consistency. The reason...